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Need some dating advice

2020.07.12 19:33 IsarraKirkland Need some dating advice

Hi I am a 23f, non-dutch, who has been looking to date a girl for some years now with no luck. I tried most dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Her, Badoo, Happen, OkCupid etc. I had no luck. I am a gamer so I spend most of my time indoors so I prefer dating sites/apps. I would be willing to go out and find lesbiens if I knew where to look. I tried the gay bars in the city, mostly only have old people or are empty. I tried the gay student association as well but most people there are dutch and they seemed to already have formed a community so I found it hard to get inside their group. Any advice to where I can find single lesbiens or bisexual women in Groningen, online or offline?
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