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John Smoltz can’t forget the time Yankees fans roasted him for playing the accordion. ... “I’ve been to old Yankee Stadium,” Smoltz said to his broadcast partner, veteran play-by-play man ... Joe Buck doesn’t care that his broadcasting partner is an Atlanta Braves legend. With Baseball Hall of Fame right-handed pitcher John Smoltz sitting only a few feet away from him, Buck was just ... Roger Lusby, Andrew Smoltz, and Taylor McDermott Frazier & Deeter’s Business Beat: Andrew Smoltz and Taylor McDermott, United in Gaming. United in Gaming Co-Founders Andrew Smoltz and Taylor McDermott join this edition of Frazier & Deeter’s Business Beat to discuss their community-centered gaming platform, how the pandemic has accelerated the growth of the gaming industry, and their goal ... Mark DeRosa and John Smoltz of the MLB Network are as psyched about the 2018 postseason as you are. courtesy photo MLB Network. Retired Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz and his broadcast buddy ... John along with his wife and six children lives in Smoltz’s house; a mansion which the pitcher built in 19.7 acres at 700 Foxhollow Run in the gated Greystone Community. He was still devastated by his divorce with his ex-wife, he pledged to take some time off to get in touch with himself and stay away from any relationships. Shaw Sports Turf partner and former Atlanta Braves pitcher, John Smoltz, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Smoltz, best known as part of a dominating pitching rotation which included fellow Hall-of-Famers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, had a career which lasted from 1988-2009. Ben Clemens: I’m Joe Buck, and this is my partner John Smoltz. 4:31: Ben Clemens: Wait, no. 4:31: Ben Clemens: I’m Ben Clemens, and Dan Szymborski will be joining me. 4:32: Ben Clemens: Come see round 6 of hitters vs. Globe Life, it’ll be a blast… that won’t quite clear the wall. John Smoltz is set to join Buck starting Saturday, when they call the Dodgers-Giants game at 3:05 p.m. (St. Louis time) on Fox Sports 1. ... Joe Buck (above) had the same partner, Tim McCarver ... John placed an autobid at 7:00pm with a maximum amount of $200. John is winning at $150. Jill placed a bid for $200 at 7:30pm. John's bid is increased to $200 by our system. John wins because he committed to the amount earlier than Jill. The list shows both John and Jill at $200 so we can see what prompted John's bid to increase. (John Amis / AP) Joe Buck gets a ton of grief for his play-by-play, but he’s much better at his job than his broadcast partner. I’m not sure why John Smoltz is considered the top color ...

Baseball Postseason and the Two-Man Booth

2016.10.20 14:53 phitter72 Baseball Postseason and the Two-Man Booth

My Great Aunt Edna always used to say, "If you don't have something nice to say about someone, come sit and tell me."
Last night though, I think it dawned on me...maybe Joe Buck isn't the worst. Despite the fact he'd rather watch the Bachelorette than a baseball game, i think that his call of the NLCS has been buoyed by two things: (1) John Smoltz is awesome as a colorman and (2) there are only TWO PEOPLE in the booth.
In watching the ALCS, on the other hand, I find Ernie Johnson to be a capable play-by-play guy but Ron Darling is offputtingly overbearing and Cal Ripken just seems to add little interesting insight.
But maybe the three-person booth is just too much of each broadcaster trying to get their voices heard and not enough of letting the game speak for itself.
Sorry Aunt Edna, but I think the two-man booth has made Joe Buck much more palatable as a play-by-play guy.
Please baseball, assuming Joe Buck gets the nod for World Series coverage, keep it a two-man booth and partner him with John Smoltz.
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