Mulsim dating

Some dating sites only allow you to communicate with the matches they send you, while others will let you chat with anyone on the site. A few others things you may want to consider include whether there is a mobile app, the different methods of communication offered by the site, how many photos you can include in your profile, and the cost of a ... Muslim families are often very close, so when you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, you will typically spend a lot of time with their family. There is a chance that you might not be immediately accepted if you to not follow the Islamic religion. Muslim couples find love on dating apps during lockdown and get married. Faima Bakar Sunday 20 Sep 2020 10:21 am. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article ... Muslim Dating in the US. For the 80% of American Muslims who rate their religion as ‘very important’ to their daily lives, 1 finding a suitable partner can be tricky. After all, when you identify as single Muslim, ‘dating culture’ doesn’t always appeal: it’s not necessarily the best way to find someone who is serious about love. Muslim dating sites have made it easier than ever for single Muslims to date within their faith and find a partner who sees the world in the same way. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best Muslim dating websites for singles. Whether you’re seeking friendship, casual dating, or marriage, these single Muslim dating websites can offer you a ... Muslim dating is a term that has risen as the world has become more globalized and secular. While Muslim dating is considered a controversial topic, many Muslims are beginning to wonder whether the idea of dating is such a bad thing. Traditionally, the concept of dating while Muslim was frowned upon and was actually considered taboo; however ... Muslim muslim dating sites uk offer a safe and friendly space where muslim singles, based in the same location, can meet and interact with each other. These sites are where south, companionship, love, romance town commitment are all tantalizingly possibilities.

Possible replacements in the government

2019.10.20 13:00 Flayfel Possible replacements in the government

Let's try to identify the people who would be fit to take charge if the current government resigns. If possible please include their ideology and any past results they have. If we get to vote for a new government we should be able to make an informed decision so let's pool together the info we have. My input so far is:

Charbel Nahas:

IDEOLOGY AND BACKGROUND: A renown economist who has written extensively about the Lebanese economy (specifically debt) and worked with the world bank and the UN. He is a progressive reformist who is dedicated to workers' rights, and elevating the disenfranchised.
Minister of telecom (2009): Nahas supported the part-privatization of the telecom sector to a consortium of companies while ensuring that the government and the Lebanese public retains a stake. Nahas proposed a number of changes to the draft budget law that would reduce the burdens on employment and on income, as well as increased investment in a modern public transport system in Lebanon. He has also insisted on a number of methodological changes, including the elimination of all off-balance sheet expenses. During Nahas' tenure, a number of measures to reduce the cost of mobile phones for less advantaged citizens were introduced. Among other things, the cost of purchasing a prepaid mobile phone line was reduced from $100 to $25, a collect call mechanism was introduced, as was a "family and friends" measure, which reduced prices for prepaid cellphone subscribers. He also worked on the implementation of 3.9G and installing a fiber optics network.
Minister of Labor (2011): Nahas focused on improving the rights of foreign domestic workers, on increasing the minimum wage in Lebanon and on granting health care to all Lebanese citizens. He argued that such measures are necessary to achieve greater social justice in Lebanon. Nahas put together a reform package during the fall of 2011, which had as its objective to ensure periodic adjustment of wages, in accordance with the legislation that is already in force, to redistribute revenue from renter to productive services (by increasing taxes on real estate transactions), and to reinvigorate the role of the unions. Nahas' proposal included creating the basis for universal health care in Lebanon. The package was rejected by the Shoura Council. Later Two decrees were suggested by the Council of Ministers that would increase the minimum wage by a small amount and add a transportation allowance. Nahas was pressured to sign it but he refused and resigned in 2012.

Ziad Baroud:

IDEOLOGY AND BACKGROUND: A lawyer who insists on being non-aligned and has inn return been favored by both sides of the political spectrum. He has remained in the social middle-class despite two terms as a minister. During his mandate as minister of interior, Baroud was credited for pushing forward a culture of responsibility and openness where he made himself easily accessible to all Lebanese citizens eager to share complaints and/or opinions, and was widely present in day-to-day activities of his subordinates. Baroud is currently preparing his doctoral thesis on the subject of "Decentralization in Lebanon after the Taif Agreement", a topic that is one of his main subjects of expertise as well as one of the major lobbying points of his political agenda.

In March 1996, Baroud founded along with other activists the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE), an independent, nonprofit organization specialized in the study of elections and electoral laws' impact on democracy. In 2004, Baroud was elected Secretary General of LADE to lead a group of more than 1,300 domestic electoral observers during the 2005 elections.In 2005–2006, he was commissioned (along with 11 other people [6 mulsims 6 christians]) to study the dire issue of the 2000 electoral law and propose a change. The commission met for nine months and delivered a 129-article draft law for comprehensive electoral reform to the cabinet on 31 May 2006. The 129 articles detailed a myriad of reforms including lowering the voting age to 18 years, implementing an electoral list quota of 30% female candidates, an assessment of absentee balloting for Lebanese abroad, and the implementation of comprehensive and tight regulations for political campaigns and their financial spendings, among other things.
Two consecutive terms as Minister of Interior: Baroud occupied one of the toughest and most high profile jobs in the country and was able to set a very high record of positive changes within many of the country's sectors.
Under his mandate, in the first year alone, the Ministry of Interior raised the number of traffic officers from 593 to 1,800. 87% of motorists started complying with traffic lights. 32,323 illegal motorcycles were confiscated. A decline of 77% in car thefts was recorded. All of the above were records in the history of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM).
Baroud released a circular facilitating the registration of NGOs. The number of NGOs approved under Baroud rates as one of the highest in the history of the Interior Ministry.
Baroud issued a circular in February 2009 decreeing that every Lebanese citizen was now free to cross out his/her religious identity from all official documents, and replace it with a slash sign (/) if they desire.
Baroud was also credited with overseeing Lebanon's best-managed round of elections to date in 2009, which he orchestrated in one day instead of the conventional four weekends, a record in Lebanese history. This has earned him the First Prize of the prestigious United Nations Public Service Award where Lebanon was ranked first among 400 government administrations from all over the world by the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN).
He resigned in 2011 after skirmishes that occurred in a one-day public showdown between different loyalists of the country's two conflicting parties of 8 March and 14 March. He famously stated that he had just "witnessed, along with the Lebanese people, the breakdown of the Lebanese state" Baroud also said that he tried for three years to serve the country, but that there was no longer a reason to do so since the Constitution was being trespassed.

I will try and update this list as I find more people that seem interesting. In the meantime please suggest others and let's have a discussion about their policies and how we think they would lead us in a post-warlord corrupted rehabilitation governance.

Li Haqqi

I read about Li Haqqi's campaign for the 2018 elections. They are a group of independents that ran on a platform based on the implementation of civil rights in order to achieve larger economic, political and environmental goals. A big part of their platform is obviously removing the sectarian divisions that plague our country. Briefly, the platform can be summarized into 10 points:
They presented 11 candidates to represent the Chouf area. The candidates are all experienced professionals with some kind of social reform background. Here are three of the candidates to give you an idea:
Rania Adel Ghaith: Lawyer and Legal Advisor. She has been involved in many popular movements since 2011, especially concerning the abolition of the sectarian system. Founding member of the Committee of Lawyers Defending the Protesters, Founders of Hakki Campaign in Shouf and Aley - 2016.
Mohamad Sami Alhajjar: He worked for a long time in Khatib and Alami Company and then established his own engineering office in Chouf. One of the most prominent projects: extending from the West Bekaa to the south to irrigate all land 800 meters high. Head of the Qaroun Dam Department for two years studied how to tackle pollution in Qaraoun Lake and develop successful solutions for its disposal.
Ghada Eid: She holds a master's degree in journalism and media from the Lebanese University. Bachelor of Laws, Experience in Administrative Law. During 15 years, she presented a program on Al-Jadeed about corruption. She has written investigations and articles in more than one Lebanese and Arab newspaper and magazine. In 2006 she was named the most influential woman in Lebanon.
This is all abreviated and there is much more information on their policies and candidates on their website, but it is in arabic. Here is a link for those who are interested:
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2017.10.16 15:32 governmentofindia A very very brief socio-political history of India's most controversial state

Let's talk about Kerala. Yes, probably the most controversial state after UP on RANDIA at the moment.
Ok, typical randia discussion on Kerala goes like this:
(a) Some high HDI/progressive move by the government or the people. (b) An instance of violence, usually political. (c) Some religious matter, usually relating to muslims in the state.
Now the above topics may evolve into many things, not our concern at the moment for this topic.
But, all these threads will usually have one or four people who will claim:
(a) Ae but look at the violence by the commies yaa!! So hacking, so killing much horror!! a.1 Ae look almost all people there are muslim commie liberals yaa!!! Jai Shri Ram!!!
(b) Ae look ya, the commies made all the industry go away! No Ambani or Adani from Kerala be! No Industry happens there!!
(c) No jobs in Kerala because of no industry, hence all them suck sheikh cock.
I have been hearing this for the last few years I have been on Randia, I used to get pissed off reading it. But now I realise those guys are right. Given that, most of these Randians are (a) Upper Caste privileged barely read a proper book in his 20s. This person has no understanding of society, politics or economics, even if they do, they are unable to connect it to history and its practicalities. (b) A dude in his 20s who has become politically conscious from the year 2013-2014. Wasn't political before it. Has no understanding of anything except great leader gonna bring bling to the nation.
Anyway, sorry I digressed a bit. So boys here is a short history lesson for you.
Kerala before the British arrived, heck even before the colonials arrived was three/four separate kingdoms sub divided into further fiefdoms. It was an agrarian economy, land was held by few, while "tenants" worked the land. In normal words its called feudalism, but here it was mixed with brutal caste system. I believe Vivekananda once called Kerala a madhouse or something to that effect with regards to caste.
Anyway, our average Kerala man was a farm labourer who did not have title to the land he worked to grow food. He had to pay rent in cash or kind to the landlord. To top it, he was denigrated, humiliated, treated like shit because he fell low on the caste order. (Read up on Caste in pre colonial and post colonial Kerala, very interesting, I didn't realise it was so complex.) There were some reformers like Sri Narayana Guru, who fought against caste discrimination. (though I don't agree with his ways).
Anyway, years of oppression, exposure to outside world, little bit of literacy, freedom movement in India, set a nice pot of tea a brewing there. And voila by 1937 you had the first official Kerala unit of the Communist party in the state. Though popular struggles by the peasants were on more than decade before this for independence and other thing.
Then India got independence, and in 1956 after the states were reorganised Kerala was formed. Even at this point Caste is very much highly prevalent, feudalism still exists. Bad scenes. Lands are held by upper caste families Hindus, Christians and Mulsims. Average holdings would be in the range of 2000 acres and even 200,000 acres according to some reading material I had read, but this could be the most elite of elite.
1957, Kerala elects a communist government to power. Commies come stress on education and health and so on and so forth. But the most important thing they did was, land reforms. India was going through a phase of land reforms post independence, communists enacted a law banning tenancy. Land was redistributed, given to the tenants and small farmers with a ceiling limit of 14acres I think. In an agrarian economy, land is the means of production, giving it to the tenant without rent, gives him the freedom to work his land and earn an honest living without having to pay rent(extortion) like he had to. Which gives him a chance to educate his kid at the newly built school by the government, which does not discriminate on caste or religion. Oh and even college too.
Now, on the other hand, the communists are strong, they enact strong laws which protect labour, they have strong unions. These were made to protect and support artisans and other ancillary workers working in the coir industry, pottery, fisheries etc. To ensure they got minimum wage. These ensure that your daily wage labourer, and other workers are not deprived, they also educate their kids.
Lets say we're in the late 70s and 80s
But as they say, any enterprise has to grow, egos have to be satisfied, there are bad apples. So the commies or parts of them spread these to whatever little factories existed, historically, I can't think of many heavy industries which existed in Kerala. Most are state owned, as a drive to industrialise, as Sir Nehru wanted to. Now commies made some unreasonable demands, probably. Some factories shut or moved out.
Now due to general prosperity, health and education population has increased and are educated. They need jobs, but Kerala being primarily an agrarian economy with small landholings to start from post land reforms, and divided among heirs over the years, can only support so much.
Additionally, being a small state, hilly and mountainous on the east, and the heavily populated coast on the west there is no land per se available for heavy industries which can be acquired without displacing a lot of families dependent on farming or fishing from their lands. Given the density of population in the state, its a huge number for any land in the state.
So, people being educated, can speak english with heavy malayalam accent and can type due to private local tying schools come to Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities. At the same even Arabs start a calling, requiring many for driving, office, plumbing, electrician, yada yada yada. And thus was built the Arab Kerala remmittance economy. Oh and the nurses to US, GCC and other places.
But kids, things aren't that simple. There are industries in Kerala, without mentioning obvious tourism one. There are some heavy industries, light industries. Look HMT, Appollo Tyres, some other tyres, rubber, spices, small tools, rare earth, electronics, IT, service, not to mention gold, finance and textiles. Aur ha there if you want famous entrepreneurs like Ambani and Adani, I can't help you. I don't know if that VGuard owner, Muthoots and many other discreet millionaires would do. Oh also check out that Lulu. Not bad for agrarians I say.
Now coming to the violence, well most of the violence in Kerala is in this district called Kannur. They are a different kind of people. Badla lena zaruri hain as per culture. Theirs is a different culture, huge emphasis on honor, more than Haryanvis. Also violence in Kerala, any form, is reported to the police promptly, which leads to the loud and shrill accusations of "HIGHEST CRIME RATE!!!!" That apart I recommend you read these two articles.
(a) (b)
Now I am not apologising about commies or the violence, or social progress and diversity. Problems exist everywhere, for the people of Kerala it feels as if they are being asked to prove their Indianness and at the same time being branded as degenerates. When the same accusers seem much worse off. Ciao.
PS: Fun fact, if one were to read God of Small Things, by Arundathi Roy, one would think that she is anti communists.
I may have gotten some things wrong here regarding the dates and chronology.
Recommended readings:
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2016.02.21 22:46 removalbot 02-21 21:46 - 'Yeah I wish they had interviewed more people. I would really really love to have absolutely conclusive information about the opinions of muslims worldwide. I agree that 38,000 interviews is not sufficient when talking about 1,1...' by /u/llammmmma removed from /r/europe within 7-12min

Yeah I wish they had interviewed more people. I would really really love to have absolutely conclusive information about the opinions of muslims worldwide. I agree that 38,000 interviews is not sufficient when talking about 1,150 million people. They only interviewed 1200 in Bangladesh for example. I can only assume/hope that they gathered the survey candidates in a representative manner. In which case the results are still of interest. It was carried out by PEW research who I think are one of the most respected research companies.
I'm sure there is probably far better data out there but I've not come across it so far. As I saw, I'm not sure we should disregard the results completely. It was conducted by a leading research company and they must have attempted to make it representative.
Anyway, I did a quick google to see if there were any obvious alternatives but I didn't quickly find any that compared.
I found this though
It's a series of different surveys. It's not really covering the same things and it's not global which is what we were looking at.
One that I noticed said that 0% of 500 UK muslims surveyed thought that homosexuality was ok.
[link]1 _-_Homosexuals#United_Kingdom_2
That's not really very good. It means their opinions do not come from the country (Britain) but instead they come from their religion. None of them have assimilated British attitudes in regards to homosexuality.
But for me I think it's not ok to be intolerant to homosexuals. It should not be OK for these prejudices to be promoted in any pocket of society. I'm not saying that it should be illegal to have these ideas but I think it says a lot about the intolerance of Islam and I do not see why we should be tolerant/sympathetic to intolerant people. That maybe sounds strange. But if I was gay I would not be happy to see my country opening the doors to crowds of people who would kill me if they thought they'd get away with it. Because their religion says I should be killed. I certainly think that Germans are goign to get a shock if they think that the immigrants are going to be as tolerant as Germans are.
And we know that contemporary Islam preaches many other beliefs and attitudes that are basically incompatible with modern western liberal democracies. And I don't see the religion changing to bring itself up to date. there's no reformation movement that I'm aware of. If anything I see Islam becoming more fundamentalist.
I dont think the same is true for christianity.
I know there's a lot of muslims in western countries who call themselves moderate muslims. I even saw some youtube clips of a "gay Imam" who was performing 'marriages' of lesbians in California. But this isn't islam. Muhammad would have them killed I think. Many moderate muslims seem really ignorant of what they're supposed to believe and what their opnions are supposed to be. I subscribe to /exmuslim which often shows some of the nonsensical contradictory beliefs that some 'moderate muslims' talk about. Things like "I'm a mulsim but I don't have a problem with homosexuals".... then you're not a muslim. I think they're muslim in the same way as someone might say that I'm Christian. (technically I was born christian but I have zero belief in any god/gods)
And I dont know much about lutheran/calvinist sects. I'm not a religious scholar. I don't like Christianity, I'm allowed to say that. I was raised in a society which was just recovering from really oppressive and divisive protestant/catholic sectarian divisions (Scotland) and really I do not want to see such religious influence controlling any part of my society again. Seeing intolerant opinions in Islam, and seeing them embraced and reinforced by the Grand Mufti's and scholars make me very very nervous that Mosques should not be places with preachers. People should not be encouraged to develop these backward religious beliefs. They definitely should not be taught to people.
I like the look of Islam far less than I like Christianity and I do not see the drive to reform Islam that is necessary.
And I dont see the dilution of these beliefs either. Unfortunately in Britain we also have things called "Faith Schools". Which mean that Jewish, Christian (catholic) and Muslim schools are set up by churches, synagogues and mosques and they are funded by the state and they teach children "in a faith setting".
Its indoctrination of the next generation and it's segregation of communities and even sexes.
Richard Dawkins made a programme about Faith schools.
Heres the part where he went to an Islamic school - if you prefer to jump to the Islamic school then fast forward to 6 minutes.
I saw your other reply halfway through writing this, and I agree with what you say to an extent. But I do expect that religious leaders should be of a good character. I don't want people worshipping violent paedophiles. I understand that this is a poor way to dismiss Islam and good people can interpret their religion in a positive way. but I also do not want Islam in my society the same as I do not want that kind of unscientific and frankly "totalitarian" belief systems. Any religion that you cannot leave is dangerous. We've seen things like honour killings in Britain. We should not allow these religions to spread these views. But they are part of the religion. . I should write this in a more considered way but it's getting late and I really should go to bed!
I hope some of this made sense. I'm too tired to fix it.
Nice talking to you.
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2015.11.20 21:41 tabledresser [Table] Greetings!! I am a moderate muslim. Today i hope to spread some awareness and answer any questions you guys have AMA!!

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Date: 2015-11-20
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How do you deal with the ignorance you must encounter regularly given the media bias towards your beliefs? I am a fairly calm person and love dialogue and having discussions especially when people are willing to listen. I can tell right away when a person is a fox news "theytokkkourjobbsss" kind of person or if someone is truly trying to learn and get enlightened. Usually with the FOX news type of people i dont even bother trying to explain my self becasue their minds are so made up that nothing will change their views towards muslims. If someone is being sincere and truly wants questions answered I love sitting down and doing the best i can to asnwer all his questions. I never get insulted and i listen to everythign they have to say. Thankfully most of the poeple i have met are pretty awesome!!
If you could scream one thing into the face of people who don't understand your choice, what would it be? Have you ever been pressured towards extremism? I have never been pressured to extremism because i truly never met an extremist. I also come form a very laid back family where i was taught the basic be a good person lessons. I do have some muslims friends who do not liek the other sect of Islam so i guess that is somewhat extremist, however, i am alwasy debating with them and constantly trying to explain that NO ONE in this earth deserves to be oppressed no matter what their religion/race/size of ballsacks. LOL in all seriousness though this was an excellent question!
Favorite ethnic food? My favorite ethnic food is a Palestinian dish called "maklouba" literally translates to "upside down" It is basically a spiced rice with chicken or beef compressed together to look like a cake! It is delicious!
Do you genuinely feel it's helpful to use terms like 'moderate Muslim'—as though you occupy a reasonable place on a sliding scale which leads to the global imposition of Sharia Law? Don't you feel that terms like that effectively accept the mainstream, racist portrayal of Muslims in the West? How expansive is your definition of 'Muslims'? There are those who seek to exclude those they dislike from sanctioned Islam. Shi'ite true believers will claim that Wahhabism is not Islam, and there are liberal Muslims who try to include Christians and Baha'i people in their faith. It's common to hear politicians who are courting the domestic Muslim vote insist that Daesh supporters and members are not real Muslims. Do you think this is useful or even accurate? I do not like the fact that muslims these days have to add the term "moderate" infront of their identity to reduce the paranoia that most westerners have when it comes to Islam. I do think that adding this term does have a racist portrayal of muslims int he west. Thanks to the media though it is hard not to do that now.. especially with Islamophobia being at its peak right now.
Your understanding of Sharia law is somewhat sketchy, There are many of muslims in muslimcountries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malasia, and most of the eastern european countires that do not follow a "sharia law" . This concept is completely man made and it did not come up till years after our prophet's death. Just like any other religion , you will have people who believe their sect is better than another sect. You will also have people who beleive all of the sects are good as long as they beleive in the same god and what not. My defination of a muslim is any person who follows the five pillars of islam is a Muslim (you can look those up champ!).
Were you raised Muslim, or did you convert? I was born and raised Muslim. I was born in the UAE but my background is Palestinian.
What is your stance on gay relationships and why? To give you a simplified answer, Personally i am against the idea of having gay relationships but i will not stop anyone from doing it.
Regarding the sushi question, would it not depend on how the fish is slaughtered in order for it to be halal? Nope, we do not need to do any ritiual slaughtering for any sea creature. The halal slaughtering ritual only applies to ground animals. (only ones that are permissible for muslims to eat)
EDIT: this is a great video that shows how the ritual is done!
Link to
What field of electrical engineering are you working in? fiber optics? electronics? did you go to school for it? what degree? I do mostly controls and Power. Yup i got my Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. It took me 5 years to get it. 4 of studying and 1 year of CO-OP.
"Moderate" Muslim indeed. Indeed!
Do you worry that too much exposure to homosexuals might tempt you to become gay? If homosexuality is a choice, could you choose to have anal sex with a guy? Hell yea! i would be sucking that dick all day long though!
So how old were you when you decided to be straight? Old enough!
So it's willpower that stops you? Am i receiving or plowing?
When you heard those cartoonists got murdered for drawing Mohamed, what was your first thought? Did they deserve it for not following your ridiculous rules? Did they deserve to die. Absolutely NOT! In the Islamic religion we treat all our prophets the same .. that includes Jesus PBUH. The gusy who got upset at the mohammed drawings are some of the biggest hypocrites to walk the earth. If they truly are that mad at a drawing of Mohammed they should do the same when a picture of Jesus is drawn or is made fun of in TV shows and what not.
At what times do you need to follow a prophet's name with 'Praise be unto him?' Thanks for the AMA and thanks for trolling the trolls too, you're awesome. We have to say it every time we mention their name. Also PBUH stands for "peace be upon him" and not "praise be unto him". We do not worship the prophets for we only believe in ONE God.
I saw that you do not think homosexuals should be punished. What does your holy book say, and why do other muslims say they do not deserve to live? My book Condemns it. That is a fact and i will not try to change that fact to make my religion look pretty. Just like any OTHER religion people are going to have different ways of taking the context. No where in the Book does it say to kill them though so people within the muslim communities have discussions about that. I stick to what i said and that is I do not think Homosexuals should be punished. In the slamic religion to sentence someone to death there has to be 4 witnesses to what ever the person is being tried for. Some argue that this is impossibel unless the people decide to make a Porno or have sex on the beach or something.
What is your opinion on Ex-muslims and are you aware of anyone in your community who have been persecuted for leaving religion? People who decide to leave the religion are usually looked down upon. I personally do not know anyone who has been persecuted for leaving the religion but i do know that some countries will kill you if you decide not to be a muslim anymore (Pakistan, probably Saudi). Most mulsim countries will not persecute you though.
This does not happen very often though. Despite all the negativity the media is portraying towards islam, it is still the fastest growing religion.
I have a handful of I guess "mildly" Muslim friends lol. I listened to an interview on CNN (I know American news stations are going off about the whole thing so I'm not saying I completely bought this) but they interviewed a Muslim man who said that most Muslims to your face will say that they are peaceful, but in reality support the violence that is going on. He said most of it comes from "taking back Muslim land". I don't know if you saw the interview I'm talking about. I honestly don't think I buy what he said at all. Can you share your thoughts on this? Thank you for doing this btw! Do you think your "mildy" muslim friends are out to get you? I bet you dont because most likely they are not! Islamophobia is at a maximum right now due to all the media filtering. Remeber the Media only shows what is intertaining for people. If they show you what muslims actually do, no one would be watching the news. You will be surprised to learn that most of us are just trying to work and provide for a family! The muslim population of the world is currently sitting at 1.6 billion people. If we truly were not peaceful people you would start seeing death rates sky rocketing! What "muslim land" was he talking about? If anything Muslims are fighting each other and not other non muslims.
Edit: Link to interview I saw:Link to To sum things up, i assure you we do not have any Illuminati agenda!
Islam-related death rates are skyrocketing if you count all of the victims of extremist Islam. Think about all the victims of ISIS. Is that not enough of a "death rate" for you? They are skyrocketing because there is a civil war happening at this moment. Why did they not sky rocket 10 years ago? why now? In any war there is going to be lots of people getting killed. Rememeber though Most people who are getting killed are MUSLIMS. ISIS is killing more MUSLIMS than NON-muslims. Also the amount of non-islamic-related deaths in the middle east Exceeds the amount of Islam-related deaths by a long shot!
I hear muslims are expected to pray 5 times a day. What do you do if you can't pray when you're meant to, or forget? Do you just treat it like a spiritual smoko break? Can you make silent prayers? Great questions!
What you heard is correct. We are expected to pray 5 times a day. If we miss a prayer we can make it up whenever we have time that day. Each prayer takes about 5-6 minutes to perform so it doesnt really get in the way of much. You should have a good reason to miss a prayer though, it is always best to perform them in the correct timings.
Our silent prayers are called "dua" you can literally do this anywhere and anytime.
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Single Muslim Dating Islamic Muslim Singles, Shaadi, Marriage, and Dating Introductions Onlin... If you're young, single and Muslim, finding love is getting increasingly difficult. Qualifications, height, job prospects and even complexion are high on the... Being Muslim: The Rise of Muslim 'Dating' Apps (Documentary) - Duration: 32:28. The Muslim Vibe Recommended for you. 32:28. Five muslim couples get real about dating, engagements, weddings and relationships. Watch Brides on The Scene: Subscribe to the all-new B... Find your muslim partner in this big beautiful world. Muslims of 2 worlds, is a new modern app, that will help muslims in the west to find their life partner... What's it like to date a Muslim if you are a Non-Muslim? 👕My T-Shirts - Support and become a Member of my Channel -...