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Dr. Phil checks in with his most-talked about guests to find out how they're doing now. 15 Sep. Tue, 12:00 pm. A Wife Goes Missing: Is Her Husband to Blame? (Season 13, Episode 161) OWN. Watch full episodes of Dr. Phil and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.com Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's show draws on his 25 years of experience in psychology, sociology and observation. Beginning his TV career as the resident expert on human behavior on Oprah Winfrey's daily talk show, Dr. Phil continues to deal with real issues in his blunt style. Dr. Philip Kannel, DO is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Alton, IL and has over 45 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Des Moines University College Of Osteopathic Medicine medical school in 1975. He is affiliated with OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kannel to book an appointment. Dr. Phil has galvanized millions of people to 'get real.' Find out more about him and his show. Dr. Phil full episode: A “Dr. Phil” Catfish Investigation: “My Mom is... Dr. Phil meets Candice, who says she is 100% convinced her mom, Lois, is being scammed… Watch now Select your location from the list below to find out what time and channel Dr. Phil is airing in your area! Canadian viewers: Click here for local listings. Dr. Phil provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. Learn more about him and the Dr. Phil show. Depois de ter conquistado milhares de espectadores e batendo records de audiência um pouco por todo o mundo, “Dr. Phil” está SIC MULHER. O talk-show do Dr. Phil McGraw aborda as mais variadas questões relacionadas com a psicologia e o comportamento humano, como seja o casamento, o divórcio, as relações familiares, a dependência da droga ou a educação dos filhos. Dr. Phil - S18 Ep. 212 Join Dr. Phil McGraw as he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and other various forms of mental illness.

The Power of Clarity

2020.04.17 02:55 GuillaumeGoulet The Power of Clarity

Clarity. How important is it? I think it’s THE MOST important law of writing for persuasion.
Think about it. How could anyone possibly side with your opinion, buy your product, or sign up for your newsletter if they don’t understand what you’re saying?
Proper words, fonts, and structure are essential to keeping your readers interested.
Don’t know if your writing is clear and concise? Here’s a quick checklist to go through.

Are you using jargon?

We’re all guilty of this at one point or another. We use “sophisticated” words to sound smarter. And believe me — it doesn’t make you sound smarter. Truth is, smart people laugh at those who do this.
I mean come on — would Oppenheimer use the word “grandiloquence?” (Look that word up for a laugh)
Some people use jargon without noticing. Poor souls. To a technician, the abbreviation “HDR” might make sense — but their customers don’t get it. And because they don’t get it, they don’t wanna buy.
So how do you avoid jargon, then?
Here’s an easy way: read your writing and ask yourself, “can a seventh-grader easily understand what I wrote?”
I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t a seventh-grade reading level a bit too simple?”
It isn't.

How are your sentences and paragraphs structured?

How long should your sentences be? Should you be writing really long sentences instead of short ones without really needing to like this sentence? Or small ones like this?
It depends.
Short sentences, like the one above, help keep your writing snappy. Longer sentences add rhythm to your writing.
But be careful.
Some writers will tell you to trim every sentence down to short, snappy sentences. But try to read the next paragraph and tell me how it flows.
“One day Phil and Leon went to the canal. They were going fishing. There seemed to be no-one else around. They chose the best place. They started to get out the rods. Then there was a loud splash. Then there was a scream. Phil and Leon looked up. They saw something moving in the water. Then they saw a hand waving. Someone had fallen in the water.”
Terrible? Yeah, I thought so too.

What fonts are you using?

c4u y0u r34d th1$?
Now without throwing up, imagine reading an entire paragraph with a font like that.
Make it easy for your readers — use fonts like Helvetica, Bakersville, Roboto, Arial, etc.


Clarity is essential to writing persuasively. It’s required to have people read from top to bottom.
There are a lot of factors that play in clarity — but the most important ones are:
  1. Using non-technical words (bespeak —> indicate) and write at a 7th-grade level,
  2. Give your paragraphs rhythm by writing sentences in different lengths, and
  3. Use fonts like Helvetica, Roboto and Bakersville.
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2020.04.17 02:53 GuillaumeGoulet The Power of Clarity

Clarity. How important is it? I think it’s THE MOST important law of writing for persuasion.
Think about it. How could anyone possibly side with your opinion, buy your product, or sign up for your newsletter if they don’t understand what you’re saying?
Proper words, fonts, and structure are essential to keeping your readers interested.
Don’t know if your writing is clear and concise? Here’s a quick checklist to go through.

Are you using jargon?

We’re all guilty of this at one point or another. We use “sophisticated” words to sound smarter. And believe me — it doesn’t make you sound smarter. Truth is, smart people laugh at those who do this.
I mean come on — would Oppenheimer use the word “grandiloquence?” (Look that word up for a laugh)
Some people use jargon without noticing. Poor souls. To a technician, the abbreviation “HDR” might make sense — but their customers don’t get it. And because they don’t get it, they don’t wanna buy.
So how do you avoid jargon, then?
Here’s an easy way: read your writing and ask yourself, “can a seventh-grader easily understand what I wrote?”
I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t a seventh-grade reading level a bit too simple?”
It isn't.

How are your sentences and paragraphs structured?

How long should your sentences be? Should you be writing really long sentences instead of short ones without really needing to like this sentence? Or small ones like this?
It depends.
Short sentences, like the one above, help keep your writing snappy. Longer sentences add rhythm to your writing.
But be careful.
Some writers will tell you to trim every sentence down to short, snappy sentences. But try to read the next paragraph and tell me how it flows.
“One day Phil and Leon went to the canal. They were going fishing. There seemed to be no-one else around. They chose the best place. They started to get out the rods. Then there was a loud splash. Then there was a scream. Phil and Leon looked up. They saw something moving in the water. Then they saw a hand waving. Someone had fallen in the water.”
Terrible? Yeah, I thought so too.

What fonts are you using?

c4u y0u r34d th1$?
Now without throwing up, imagine reading an entire paragraph with a font like that.
Make it easy for your readers — use fonts like Helvetica, Bakersville, Roboto, Arial, etc.


Clarity is essential to writing persuasively. It’s required to have people read from top to bottom.
There are a lot of factors that play in clarity — but the most important ones are:
  1. Using non-technical words (bespeak —> indicate) and write at a 7th-grade level,
  2. Give your paragraphs rhythm by writing sentences in different lengths, and
  3. Use fonts like Helvetica, Roboto and Bakersville.
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2020.02.10 04:47 charliegriefer Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (February 10 - February 16)

Week of: February 10 - February 16
This is a weekly thread of some of the goings-on in and around the Phoenix metro area. Feel free to subscribe to our public Google Calendar of meetups and events as well.
This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Such a list would be large and unwieldy. If there is an event that you don't see posted here, please add a comment below. In the comment, include the event, date, time, cost (if any), and location. A brief description would also be dandy. Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
Don't see anything of interest? Click on any one of the dates to be taken to a comprehensive listing of events for that day over at the Phoenix New Times' web site.
If you organize or know of a meet-up that you'd like to promote, please PM the mods and we'll look into getting it added to the calendar. We'll post these events up to six weeks out. At that point, we ask that you ping us again. This just helps to ensure that the events stay fresh and no defunct events appear on the calendar.
With that said, the moderators of Phoenix (including but not limited to their families, friends (ha!), pets, and possessions) are not responsible for errors in these listings. Please take the time to verify the date, time, location, and cost of an event before you head out.
Monday February 10
Tuesday February 11
Wednesday February 12
Thursday February 13
Friday February 14
Saturday February 15
Sunday February 16
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2019.11.02 16:01 fewfiet [Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] 2 Nov 2019

Hi! Welcome!
Similar to last week’s edition this week we’ll only get to enjoy seven day’s worth of social media together, but I think this version is bigger and better than last time! I thought perhaps I pull this together a bit earlier, but there was just so much to work with this was the earliest I could manage. There are some themes that are beginning to emerge, although sadly rider’s moms don’t really feature this week, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your mommy fix, at least until the next edition. But there are still plenty of doggies and plenty of love so look forward to those as we begin our journey through the past week in the lives of the pro peloton as told through their social media posts..
Wout Van Aert’s Recovery
The past few weeks we’ve seen Froome, Mezgec, Pozzovivo, and others recover from injury and while many of these riders have demonstrated their health and then moved on to other aspects of their lives Wout Van Aert has decided to document every single step of his recovery. From planks to walking on a treadmill he’s really giving us the blow-by-blow. Finally he recently leveled up with some pretty big strides on the treadmill! Forza Wout, you’re almost there!
The King
The Giro de Rigo is coming up soon and thus many pro riders are visiting Rigoberto Uran for promotional reasons including Sergio Henao, Daniel Martinez, and Sergio Higuita who needed a police escort as he entered the house while being filmed by Rigoberto who was just chilling on the couch. He really is the coolest. Oh, and regarding the Giro de Rigo, or I guess Colombia in general, it might be best for Vincenzo Nibali to keep his distance if he knows what’s good for him.
Alex Dowsett went on vacation in the West Indies, apparently staying on a rather large yacht.. I thought pro cyclists didn’t earn high salaries. :thinking: He also went snorkeling and saw a shark. Even if they get paid more than I expected, don’t forget that cyclists are just like you and me, they too can have bad luck with flight connections (I couldn’t find his complaints to Quantas on social media, but I did find Daryl Impey’s complaints to his mobile phone service provider. Yes, different, but.. Kind of the same.)
Riders don’t just have trouble with flights and phones but their partners can experience the same issues we do at Starbucks, or even the riders themselves! Who is Megan Bernal anyway?
Fabio Felline’s doggo seemed to be longing for some vacation time. Or maybe he was just jealous of Fabio’s snorkeling adventures and otherwise relaxing time in the tropics.
Nicholas Roche was giving Rigoberto Uran a good run for coolest pro cyclist this past week, but... I think he has to do a little more to unseat the king. He’s not giving up his throne without a fight, training both strength and lung capacity.
Noemi Ferré and Sepp Kuss played pick up sticks, drew on bar walls, and walked around while on vacation.. Maybe I’ve discovered another cycling couple!
Wout Poels asks us #whereiswout but unless he’s just sharing a red herring I think it’s pretty obvious he’s in Mauritius.
Letizia Paternoster and her track teammates were also on a wonderful beach vacation, or so they wished. At least Letizia was trying to bring the beach vibes as she modeled these Nike sandals.
Giovanni Lonardi was on a weeklong beach vacation with some mates in the Dominican Republic and there was just too much to talk about so here is a bulleted list:
After we saw Marta Bastianelli impressed by some beastly tortoises a few weeks ago I guess Bob Jungels just had to go on vacation to see them for himself. Who knows, maybe he reads SSMSE.. Hi Bob! Hang on to those drinks!
Dylan Groenewegen spent the week on a tropical vacation mostly just relaxing but also getting up to some more active fun out on the water and maybe even in the bedroom later last night, although I don’t have proof of any “activities”, I’m only speculating.
Simone Velasco visited Cuba which looks like fun.
Tadej Pogačar was also away on vacation, with Urška Žigart.. Another cycling couple??? I should really work for TMZ or something.
Phil Bauhaus was somewhere a bit more tropical but I don’t know much more than that. (Please excuse the screenshot quality. Sadly there wasn’t so much to this one, so I didn’t find it interesting enough to go back for a better one.)
Mavi Garcia was also in a beautiful tropical location this past week practicing her martial arts.
And Steven Kruijswijk also put in some time at the beach, probably fleeing the first snowfalls out of pure fear.
Tao Geoghegan Hart and Hannah Barnes met up with George Hincapie during an American vacation.
In addition to his iconic beach pictures Nicholas Roche was part of the NBA attendance crew this past week along with Floortje Mackaij and Dylan Van Baarle, even if they were on the other side of the country with Coryn Rivera and Nate Labecki (I’m not sure if they count as another cycling couple considering he hasn’t ridden professionally since 2012).
Poor Chris Froome, everyone else was on the beach or some tropical locale or visiting friends and watching NBA but he was… visiting Wall Street. He did share some classic nighttime traffic from Times Square, as Onur Balkan did in Turkey (although sadly the geotag is covered up in my screenshot).
Dylan Van Baarle and Floortje Mackaij’s vacation finally came to an end and as they returned to home sweet home.
And while connecting through the States on his way home Alex Dowsett reminded us all that they really love Halloween over there which brings me to…..
A bunch of international professional cyclists celebrating Halloween around the world!
Robert Gesink went with what might be the most Day of the Dead-themed of costumes of this whole section. Good for him to resist the pressure to go as a sexy nurse.
Nairo Quintana played contractor earlier this week, and looked huge doing it, but for Halloween he appears to have… gone as a goblin to a mall? Weird choice.
Chloe Hosking went on a costumed ride without much of a costume but got her act together later to go as… an Australian?
Sam Bennett dressed up with his partner (maybe?) in a couples Mr & Mrs Smith costume and they pulled it off rather well! He also went shopping and some other festive tolks. But later he went bobbing for apples and for some reason needed to show off his tan lines over the course of the night.. Weird party.
Barbara Guarischi partied with Davide Villella, Dario Cataldo, and Sofia Bertizzolo who was getting a bit fresh even at the start of the evening.. I don’t have any evidence of what happened next.
I can’t tell if Pauline Ferrand Prevot was dressed up but she was certainly with two scary characters, even if I’d be a bit more creeped out by the lurker, all alone in all orange in the background.
I don’t know what he was wearing (although someone else did go with this scary costume, but Mike Woods was certainly up to some creepy activities on Halloween. That “funhouse” might want to look into a bit of rebranding..
I’m also not so sure what Sergio Higuita’s costume was. But that looks like a pretty serious knife Laura is sporting..
And, the last in this short interlude of uncertainty, I’m also not so sure if this is a costume or if Mauro Finetto and Alessandro Fedeli just like wearing lipstick in dark alleys. I think it is probably a costume.
Tao Geoghegan Hart went as a generic olde tyme person with Hannah Barnes and Alexis Ryan. Apparently they all decided to celebrate in America, which makes sense given what Alex Dowsett told us about how seriously they take the holiday.
But the most American of this section is certainly the reigning US champ Alex Howes, who went with his partner and pup as hallowweenies, and found an octopup out who really didn’t look that enthused (not that Alex’s buddy looked to be enjoying it any more than the other doggo).
2020 Races and Offseason Training
Iván Garcia Cortina seemed upset at the loss of the California races from the 2020 calendar, as did Toms Skujiņš, Coryn Rivera, Leah Kirchmann, George Bennett, and probably many more. And oddly, the new addition of a race in Saudi Arabia to the calendar didn’t seem to ease George’s pain. Niki Terpstra also had some opinions on the race calendar moving forward, suggesting to perhaps… move it forward.
This past week we also saw the route announcement of the Tour of the Alps and some pro riders were in attendance. Elena Pirrone nailed a promotional post on Instagram but what happened to the post on twitter? Why did she link the old race account (which is now suspended fwiw)? Or if it was an automatic repost from Insta, why did it try to link the old account? Robots man…
Puck Moonen claimed to be taking some pictures for Instagram while out on a group ride, but these were the closest I saw throughout the week… she lied (or I just missed them, which is unlikely)!
Maybe Bora decided to hang on to the more dedicated sprinter for 2020 because it seems as if while Sam Bennett was out partying Pascal Ackermann was training even if it was a bit of an alternative approach. Or at least they picked the more willing corporate shill.
Michal Kwiatkowski seems less than impressed with his new training partner this week, Łukasz Owsian. If Froome would just come back from his corporate robot obligations and ride with poor Michal, things would be better.
Nathan Haas went on a forest ride and they caught a few itchy bits. I just hope they don’t leave a rash.
Do you think Trek cycling is looking forward to 2020 and another year of turning #data into doing with @splunk? Or am I getting the wrong idea?
Primoz Roglic took his mini human on an autumnal walk while Robert Gesink was happier to keep track of his mini me indoors. Someday both those minis will be 30 and eating breakfast like this, but for now they’re eating whatever their parents give them.
Bigtime congratulations go out to Sacha Modolo and his wife Valentina, for bringing their very own mini human into the world this past week!! As I pointed out one of these past weeks he may have been a little bit distracted this past season, and justifiably so. He’s certainly showing that he’s a loving father, big love to him and his family as they get to spend time together this offseason!
Was Rohan Dennis doing a bit of subtle marketing or is his dog really just the coolest? And I might question whether it is really a great idea to refer to your child as having gone full idiot box regardless of whether you include yourself in that category. The kids are so innocent! They have time to learn to resist television!
Similarly, is Chris Froome suggesting that his child had a horrific cycling accident caught on video which he shared to the world? To be fair, there likely wasn’t much room to pass between that open door and the net, what did Chris expect would happen?? I wish you a speedy recovery mini human!
We can love or hate Mark Cavendish all we want for his exploits, or lack thereof, on the road but he sure seems like loving, doting father with a pretty cool kid. Wait.. is that another subtle piece of marketing for Oakley??
Obligatory pictures of Demi Vollering’s dogs from this week, even if they’re theives they’re still cute! But this is not a dog, unless it is a really big dog.
In fact, that last one looks a bit more similar to Niccolo Bonifazio’s brother, depending a bit on which one of the asses he is.
In addition to fulfilling his daughter’s wishes for more pumpkins, Niki Terpstra was already out training for next season’s cobbled classics but he should keep both hands on the handlebars for his own safety.. Nobody wants to end up like Froomey’s son!
And he wasn’t the only one getting in the spirit of autumn as Anna Plitchta also brought home a big ol’ pumpkin!
Puck Moonen did share some inquisitive doggos this week, even though I’m still not sure what she was grammin’ on that ride.
Dylan Teuns proposed on Planche des Belles Filles and she said yes! Do you think he’d pick 29 October over 11 July as “best day of the year”? I sure hope so!
Marco Canola saw a bear at Naturlandia. Two in fact. While there he also thought of his past and future teammate Damiano Cima, who happened to have gotten married this past week! Awwwwww… Damiano seems to have gotten Davide Martinelli pretty good while opening the bubbly! Bastardo.
Imerio Cima was looking like a boss (although as usual, he was outdone by Rigo). And you may notice his new team even wished him a happy birthday...now you might think this was a mistake, as he was likely dressed up for his brother’s wedding the day he posted that, BUT his birthday was this past week so Gazprom weren’t totally wrong.
Damiano wasn’t the only cyclist getting married this past week as Lotta Lepisto and Joonas Henttala tied the knot (how many cycling couples are there???) and then promptly cycled away! The best part about their wedding? Lotta’s McDonald’s wedding day lunch! Gotta save for the honeymoon somehow!
Ok, I’m getting a bit sick of the love between Elena Cecchini and Elia Viviani at this point. It’s just a bit much friends. Get a room!
An update from last week: I was initially concerned that Davide Cimolai would have another week of loneliness without sharing any human companionship and eating alone but he found some friends! On Halloween he got dressed up in appropriate “scary” clothing and went out with some friends for dinner and some fun and apparently also caught a show :eyes: . But it wasn’t just one night, he also shared this meal with a friend.. Unless he was just double glassing.
Diego Ulissi and Valerio Conti, another couple?? Probably not, but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in that picture.
Odds & Ends
Simon… you’re a week too late with golf posts, we’ve moved on to full on vacation and halloween mode now. Shake my head my head.
An Androni masseuse must have seen an opportunity while Fausto Masnada is away in Innsbruck (with pup in tow! and Mattia Cattaneo was out to celebrate Halloween as he (with others) went to steal their koms around Bergamo, although Cattaneo is somewhat skeptical they’ll be able to and is waiting for further news.
Michael Matthews seems upset at… something? Did someone steal his bike or just knock over a pole? I’m not really sure what is happening here (it wasn’t a video so you’re seeing what I saw, except in the Instagram story the kangaroo was punching the air, which was kind of cute). He should probably just look back at his idyllic time in Portofino to remember the better times.
Egan Bernal appears to have treated himself to a new car, which is apparently “basic”, although it isn’t a BMW so I’m not sure what he’s on about. What else could we expect from someone who body shames ex-cyclists. Typical Megan.
Trek announced new uniforms with Lizzie Deignan and Giulio Ciccone in attendance and afterwards Lizzie had to pay for the pleasure of riding home next to the loo while Giulio had to.. What? Have dinner with Zlatan Ibrahimovic?? That doesn’t seem fair at all!
Chloe Dygert really thinks Gary Sutton is cool even if I might question his choice in footwear.
Safety first for Demi Vollering! To be honest, I’m almost surprised there isn’t a sly @oakley snuck in there somewhere. Watch out on the roads too Demi!
Gianluca Brambilla went on a gondola ride through Venice, which looks much more relaxing than when I’ve seen the canals packed in the summer months. I hate to spoil his fun but someone might want to tell him that’s not a Range Rover.
Who is this person riding in INEOS kit with Dylan??
Meanwhile Ylber Sefa appears to be really proud of his Candy Crush achievements! I didn’t even know anyone still played Candy Crush..
The Jumbo Visma riders seem to have amphibians (or lizards? Or both?) on the mind with both Primoz Roglic and Dylan Groenewegen sharing these creatures in their stories.
Meanwhile Roman Bardet’s best life appears to be cycling by a field of cows rather than the beach life the others in this run down have pursued. Maybe practicing magic in Japan just wasn’t his thing or Primoz Roglic’s either. Although it does seem like Roglic is taking cycling a bit too seriously, showing up in full kit for this recreational ride, there’s even a pensioner there! Emilia Fahlin is challenging Chris Froome for the most boring of off season activities while cleaning out her wardrobe. It might be interesting to see what’s in there but the actual act of cleaning it out? Zzzzz
I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of SSMSE! If you happen to have those tabloid or gossip column contacts please put me in touch. And keep sending in things you see for me to add to the next edition (thanks to u/BegoniaInBloom for some great tips from this past week!).
tl;dr - Here’s a “summary” that someone was actually paid to write.
Edit --- Shaking my head that I overlooked the obvious nairoingreen connection in Quintana's costume.. he's just on another level to me.
Edit2 --- Formatting.
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2019.10.15 05:13 Carebarehair Who killed Shani Warren?

On the 18th of April 1987 the body of 26 year old Shani Warren was found on the bank of Lake Taplow in Maidenhead, England. Her mouth had been gagged with a blue scarf, her hands were tied together behind her back with jump lead cables, her feet were tied together with rope. She was wearing high heel shoes and was found on the muddy bank of the lake. She had drowned in a foot and a half of water.

The Home Office pathologist, Dr Ben Davies, performed an autopsy and found that she had died of drowning. However, he also discovered that she had been sexually assaulted; she had a strangling mark around her neck, which had probably been made with a car jump-lead; a jump-lead had been used to bind her wrists and ankles; and she was gagged. And yet Dr Davies concluded that she had committed suicide.

At the inquest, Shani’s mother insisted that her daughter was not suicidal, a psychiatrist who had examined her diaries agreed, but Dr Davies – who had earlier been removed from the approved list of Home Office pathologists and then reinstated – insisted that this was a case of suicide. Faced with such a conflict, the coroner recorded an open verdict, and little more effort was made to trace her attacker.

Shani had gone missing the day before. Shani had cut the grass at her home in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, She had placed the grass cuttings into black bin bags, before loading them into the boot of her car - an almost brand new Vauxhall Cavalier. She told her parents she was taking the cuttings around to her uncles. She had also bought some flowers for her boyfriend and a bottle of Champagne to celebrate paying off her new car. That was the last time she was seen alive.

Her car was examined shortly after her death and it was found to have a faulty gear box. This meant it couldn't be driven in either first or second gear - yet her parents testified that it was a brand new car and she had driven away without a problem on the day she went missing.

A knot expert concluded that it would've been impossible for Shani to tie the knots behind her back, especially when using car jump lead cables. However one month later he changed his mind and said it might be possible after all.

The inquest returned an open verdict but the Police treated it like a suicide.


Shani was a secretary for a manager at "Micro scope" - an "intelligent computer systems" manufacturer. Micro scope was taken over by GEC-Marconi four weeks after the date of Shani’s death at a cost of sixteen million pounds. It was the first such acquisition in seven years for GEC-Marconi.

GEC-Marconi was a major, high tech, electronics company, and the UK's only supplier of torpedos. In the 1980's Marconi was working on top secret weapons projects for the British and American Governments, especially the Strategic Defense Initiative (the so called "Star Wars" project). During the 1980's, between 22 and 25 scientists died, some in very suspicious and bizarre circumstances. All the scientists were in some way connected to Guidance missile systems. Nearly all were connected with Marconi, yet nearly all their deaths were ruled suicide or accidental.

The first death occurred in March 1982. Dr Keith Bowden, a senior computer scientist, who had been contracted by Marconi to work on a top secret programme. drove his car across a dual carriageway and plunged off a bridge, down the embankment, into an abandoned rail yard. He died instantly. The police said Dr Bowden was speeding, and the coroner found high levels of alcohol in his system, so it was ruled an accident.
Dr Bowden had attended a social gathering that evening, but everyone there agreed that he hadn't been drinking. His wife and Solicitor hired an accident investigator to examine the wrecked car. He found that someone had swapped the normally pristine tyres on Dr Bowden's Rover and replaced them with a set that were old and almost threadbare.

April 1983, Lt Colonel Anthony Godley, went missing. Godley was head of work study at the Royal College of Military Science. They had a close working relationship with Marconi. Godley has never been found.

Three years later in 1985, Marconi Radar expert and Draughtsman, Roger Hill died from a shotgun blast to the chest - it was ruled suicide.

A few months later, Jonathan Walsh died after falling out of his Ivory Coast hotel balcony window in West Africa. He had been complaining for months that he was being watched and followed, and that his life was in danger. His death was ruled an accident.

One year later in August, Vimal Dajibhai, 24, a computer control systems scientist. Working in Marconi's Stingray torpedo department, Vimal phoned his wife to tell her he would be late home, then he drove to Bristol (135 miles away) and jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Dajibhai was found with his trousers around his ankles, and a small "needle sized" puncture wound on his left buttock. His death was ruled a suicide although the Coroner did mention his concern about the death. Vimal had handed in his notice to Marconi and only had four days to go before he left. His family and friends say he was looking forward to starting his new job in London.

Six weeks later, Arshad Sharif, 26, another computer scientist who worked on satellite guidance systems at Marconi, also travelled to Bristol, tied one end of a rope to his neck, the other end to a tree, then jammed his foot on the accelerator of his car and decapitated himself. The day before his death, Sharif had been acting oddly and was seen paying for accommodation in a rooming house (popular with Aerospace employees) with a bundle of high denomination bank notes, although none of these notes were found post mortem. A relative summoned to identify the body noticed what appeared to be a metal rod was lying on the floor of the car next to the accelerator. Had it been used to wedge down the pedal? The Bristol Coroner wasn't happy with the coincidence of these latest two deaths, especially when it was discovered both men were working on "Cosmos", an underwater missile, guidance system, but he eventually recorded a verdict of suicide.

A few months later, around Christmastime 1986, Dr John Brittan was lucky enough to escape with only minor harm when his car suddenly and inexplicably, veered across a busy road and he ended up in a ditch. A few weeks later, in January 1987, after returning from a top secret trip to America, Dr Brittan was found dead in the garage at his home. He died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. His death was ruled suicide.

Two weeks later, the body of Richard Pugh was found at his flat. Pugh was a computer expert for the defence industry but it is not known if he was connected to Marconi. Pugh was found with a plastic bag over his head. A thick rope was coiled around his body, and four times around his neck. His feet were bound together with rope. His death was ruled an accident through sexual misadventure.

At the same time Pugh died, Avtar Singh-Gida, an employee of the British Ministry of Defence, who worked on a number of Marconi's top secret programs, vanished from his home in Loughborough, England. He was feared dead but he was found in Paris' red-light district, fifteen weeks later. He had no memory of where he had been, or what he had done in that period. He returned to work and refuses to discuss what might have happened.

Still in early 1987 (February), Peter Peapell, a Metallurgy expert working for Marconi was found dead in his garage. Like Dr John Brittan, he died from carbon Monoxide poisoning. His wife stated that they had gotten home from a pleasant evening out. Peter went to put the car away and she went to bed. He was found the next morning with his body jammed under the car in an unnatural position. His death was ruled open.

In the same week, Marconi Engineer, David Skeels was found dead in almost exactly the same circumstances - in his garage. He died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This time a hose pipe had been affixed to the exhaust. Skeels was sitting in the front seat. His death was ruled a suicide.

A few days later in February 87**, Victor Moore**, another Marconi employee died from a drugs overdose. His death started an investigation by M.I.5 - although it remains classified to this day.

A few weeks later, John Whiteman died by drowning in his bath. His body was surrounded by alcohol and prescription drugs - though none were found in his system.

Less than a month later, in March 1987, David Sands packed his car with containers of petrol and drove very fast into an empty restaurant. He died in the ensuing fireball. He was on his way to work, wearing his seat-belt, when he made the sudden U-turn and drove at speed into the building. Sands worked for Elliott Automation Space and Advanced Military Systems Ltd – a sister company of Marconi. His family and friends all agreed that he was not showing any signs of stress or strain. His death was ruled suicide.

Less than a month later, in April 1987, Stuart Gooding, an employee of the Royal College of Military Science , died when he slammed his car head-on into a truck on the island of Cyprus. Colleagues of Gooding expressed doubt at the accidental death verdict.

On the very same day Stuart Gooding died, David Greenhalgh also died, after falling (or being pushed) off a railway bridge in Berkshire. Greenhalgh just happened to be working on the same program as David Sands. Greenhalgh survived for a few days but had no recollection of why he jumped or if he was pushed.

It is here in the timeline that Shani Warren was found dead. It should be noted that David Greenhalgh and Shani Warren died in the same week. They also lived around the corner from each other.

On the same day as Shani died, George Kountis travelled over 3000 miles to Liverpool, and drove his car into the river Mersey. His sister has always maintained something sinister happened. The Coroner ruled suicide by drowning.

One week later on April 24th, Mark Wisner was found dead in a house he shared with two colleagues. He had several metres of cling film wrapped around his face, and a plastic bag on his head. Wisner Was a Software Engineer for the Ministry of Defence. The Coroner said the death was an accident from sexual misadventure.

One week later on May 3rd 1987, Michael Baker, a Digital communications expert working on a defence project at Plessey, died when his car crashed through a barrier near Poole in Dorset. Plessey are important because the previous year they had been bought by Marconi. The Coroner's verdict was Misadventure.
One month later, in June 1987, Frank Jennings, an Electronic Weapons Engineer with Plessey, was found dead from a heart attack. There was no inquest.
On March 25th,1988, Trevor Knight, a Computer Engineer with Marconi Space and Defence Systems, was found dead at his home in Hertfordshire. He was in the garage, at the wheel of his car with a hosepipe connected to the exhaust. Knight's friend, Miss Narmada Thanki found three suicide notes written by him. Miss Thanki mentioned that Knight disliked his work but she did not detect any depression that would have driven him to suicide. Coroner's verdict: Suicide.
In August 1988, Alistair Beckham, a Software Engineer with Plessey, was found dead after being electrocuted in his garden shed with wires connected to his body and a handkerchief stuffed in his mouth. Apparently after doing some light gardening on a Sunday afternoon, he entered his shed, placed a Handkerchief in his mouth, attached wires to his body then jammed the wires into a power socket. The Coroner recorded an open verdict. His wife refuses to believe he took his own life. Hours after his death, men from the Ministry of Defence turned up at his home and removed files and folders.
In the very same month Beckham died, Peter Ferry, an Assistant Marketing Director with Marconi, was also found dead by electrocution. In his company flat, he stripped some wires, then jammed them into his tooth fillings, before inserting the other end into a plug socket. The Coroner recorded an open verdict.
One month later, in September 1988, Andrew Hall, an Engineering Manager with British Aerospace, was found dead of Carbon monoxide poisoning in a car with a hosepipe connected to the exhaust. I'm unable to determine the location. British Aerospace and Marconi amalgamated to create BAE Systems. Death ruled a suicide.

In late 1991, Malcolm Puddy, who worked for Marconi, told his bosses, in an excited state, that he had "found something amazing". A week later he was pulled out of a canal dead. He had a painter's palette tied around his neck. All of his work computers had been emptied

No doubt much of the above is speculation. Finding out about the Government Defence employees is always extremely difficult, and a lot of misinformation will have been thrown into the mix.

(the following is copied from https://www.nickdavies.net/1999/10/05/getting-away-with-serial-rape-the-story-of-clive-barwell/ )
Clive Barwell.
At about half past two in the afternoon on May 14 1993, a 23-year-old woman from Leicestershire drove her mother’s car into the centre of Nottingham and parked on the ground floor of the concrete multi-storey car park which squats on the edge of the Broadmarsh shopping centre. For a few moments, she sat there, sorting through her handbag.
A man suddenly pulled open the door beside her, clamped his left hand over her mouth, pushed the blade of a knife against her throat and shoved her across the car into the footwell. He threw her coat over her head, threatened to slit her throat and drove off. For a while, he seemed to be intent on theft, rifling through her handbag and pulling her watch and rings off her when he stopped at traffic lights. He asked her if she was religious, and she told him she was a Catholic. “You’d better start praying,” he told her.
After a while, he drove away from the city and turned off down a long gravel path where he raped her, doing his best to cause her pain and to terrify her with his knife. When he had finished, he tied her naked in the footwell of the car, drove to a bank where she told him her PIN number so he could use her credit cards to take her money, and then he stopped again in some rural spot and, while she lay naked and bound in the car, he took the cap off the petrol tank and attempted to set fire to it. He failed and, a little later, he abandoned the car, with the 23-year-old woman crying alone inside it.
This was a strong woman. Despite all that happened to her that afternoon, she has gone on to marry and to rebuild her life, a battle with pain which has been made none the easier by the discovery by detectives last year that the man who assaulted her with such unbridled ferocity was supposed to have been locked up in prison at that very moment, serving a 16-year sentence for armed robbery.
Clive Barwell was eventually arrested for sex attacks after a highly successful inquiry of unprecedented scale, named Operation Lynx and led by the head of Notts CID, DCS Phil Davies. But by the time they arrested him, in March last year, Barwell had been able to spend some 16 years years traveling the country abducting, raping and attempting to murder women, profiting along the way from a series of blunders by detectives who originally dealt with his crimes and, most alarmingly, by the prison service who had been entrusted with locking him up when he was caught for other, non-sexual crimes.
Barwell has become the latest in an unsettling history of notorious cases in which serial sex offenders have left the law looking foolish: the Yorkshire Ripper who killed 13 women while police followed false clues; Denis Nilsen who killed 15 young men before the police even realised a crime had been committed; Operation Orchid which traced the paedophile murder of up to nine young men, only to have most of the cases dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. The murders of nine prostitutes, some allegedly by the ‘Midlands Ripper’, remain unsolved; and the National Crime Faculty at Bramshill, Hants has been investigating some 200 unsolved murders of women, some of which are also believed to be the work of undetected serial killers.
In retrospect, the problems with Barwell can be traced right back to his first known sex attack, in December 1982, when he drove into the middle of Bradford on a dark and foggy night and waited in a car park on derelict land behind St George’s Hall until he saw a woman alone in a car. It was a symbolic location: Bradford had been a regular hunting ground for Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, who had been jailed the previous year, and the West Yorkshire police were still reeling from criticism over their mishandling of the case. Their competence was about to be challenged again.
When the 30-year-old woman, half naked and weeping, went to police later that night and described how a man had forced his way into her car and driven her off and raped her, West Yorkshire detectives checked the local airports, searched the lane where the woman was raped, checked records of cars which had been stolen or abandoned that night and got nowhere. By embarrassing chance, the inspector who dealt with the woman was one Brian Harry Jackson who was later to be sent to prison himself for indecently assaulting young girls.
A month later, on January 3 1983, Barwell was back on their patch. He was visiting his girlfriend, Alwyn, who was in Leeds General Infirmary with appendicitis, but in the car park that night, he forced his way into a 26-year-old woman’s car, drove her off, threatened to shoot her in the back of the head and raped her. When he had finished with her, he gagged her and bound her ankles and wrists with electric cable, pulled a shopping bag over her head and drove her to the banks of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, where he shoved her in. The woman was out of her depth in freezing water which rapidly filled the bag over her head. Barwell stood on the bank and watched her struggling. Kicking out, the woman felt a large stone on the floor of the canal and managed to get her feet onto it and to push her face above the water. She wriggled free from the cable and took the bag from her head. Barwell cursed her from the bank and, in fear, she turned and thrashed through the water to the far bank and safety. Barwell fled in her car, which he abandoned and torched.
West Yorkshire police rapidly realised the two offences were linked and set up an incident room to catch the serial rapist. They re-interviewed the first victim, ran an extensive inquiry, knocked on 14,153 front doors in search of witnesses but got nowhere. Along the way, they made mistakes. Some were small: a Leeds man saw the second woman’s car in flames and got a close look at a man who walked away, but when he went to West Yorkshire police to tell them, he complained he was treated more like a suspect than a helpful member of the public.
Other errors were worse. West Yorks police knew the rapist had used a stolen blue Ford Cortina before and after the abduction of the second victim. They knew, too, that someone had stolen a car in Leeds a week earlier in very similar locations and then gone on a shopping spree with a credit card from that car. If the two incidents were linked, this would yield a harvest of clues: there might be a pattern to the use of the credit card which could indicate the home area of the rapist; possibly he had even used the card in a shop where his name was known. The inquiry sent off for copies of all of the vouchers that had been used in the shopping spree – 20 of them. One of these vouchers proved there was indeed a link: it had been used to buy petrol for the stolen Ford Cortina driven in the second rape. The garage assistant had carefully written the Cortina’s number on the back of the voucher. But the detective who checked the vouchers simply missed the clue and reported that there was no link between the stolen credit card and the rapist. The harvest of clues remained untouched. The officer responsible has since been promoted to superintendent.
With both rapes, West Yorkshire police followed correct procedure in gathering numerous swabs and body hairs and other evidence from the victims and their cars but, when they failed to find their attacker, even though they knew it was highly likely that their serial rapist was still at work, they simply threw out the lot. When Operation Lynx re-opened the two cases, they had no usable scientific evidence to work with. The first woman had produced a photo-fit of her attacker, but West Yorkshire police had lost it.
Barwell continued to enjoy his liberty, living with his wife and two young sons in Leeds, committing armed robberies and stealing cars to order and, from time to time, abducting and raping women. Police are still putting together the full picture of his career. It is known that some 15 months after getting away with his rapes in Bradford and Leeds, he waited in a car park in Leicester until he saw a 20-year-old woman parking. Once again, he abducted her in her own car, drove her away and raped her, using his knife to cut her breasts, belly and neck. Leicestershire Police investigated but soon became embroiled in embarrassment.
This victim was so horrified by her experience that she never told her husband and reported it to the police on condition that they would protect her identity. However, her husband worked occasionally for police in a civilian role and subsequently walked into a CID room to find the intelligence board displaying pictures of his wife as a rape victim, naked to reveal her injuries. When he confronted his wife, she was furious and withdrew her co-operation from the inquiry. In the meantime, a detective inspector had stolen papers dealing with her rape and started visiting her at home, apparently hoping to have sex with her. This inspector, like his predecessor in West Yorkshire, was subsequently jailed for separate indecency.
The Leicestershire police contacted West Yorkshire to point out the similarity between the three attacks but, although they agreed to stay in touch, they set up no joint inquiry and, when they failed to find their man, Leicestershire like West Yorkshire before them gave up the hunt and threw out all of the scientific evidence which they had collected. Barwell carried on raping.
On November 15 1985, he marked the birth of his daughter by attacking a 20-year-old woman who was parking her car in central Doncaster. South Yorkshire police made no link between this and Barwell’s other offences, failed to make any progress with the inquiry and lost or destroyed every single piece of evidence and every single piece of paperwork from the case. When Operation Lynx finally solved the crime, they had to go to the files of the local newspaper to get a contemporary account of the victim’s ordeal.
Barwell was now working as a long-distance lorry driver, using his spare time to referee football matches in the Northern Counties League and also to attack women. His next known attack raised new worries. Shani Warren, aged 26, disappeared on April 17 1987. She had been mowing the lawn at her home in Stoke Poges, Bucks and had apparently set off in her car to dispose of the grass cuttings. She never returned and, the next day, she was found dead, in Taplow Lake, Berks. A Home Office pathologist, Dr Ben Davies, found that she had died of drowning. However, he also discovered that she had been sexually assaulted; she had a strangling mark around her neck, which had been probably been made with a car jump-lead; a jump-lead had been used to bind her wrists and ankles; and she was gagged. And yet Dr Davies concluded that she had committed suicide.
Thames Valley Police tried to start a murder inquiry. When an inquest was held, Shani’s mother insisted that her daughter was not suicidal, a psychiatrist who had examined her diaires agreed, but Dr Davies – who had earlier been removed from the approved list of Home Office pathologists and then reinstated – insisted that this was a case of suicide. Faced with such a conflict, the coroner recorded an open verdict, and little more effort was made to trace her attacker.
Operation Lynx has since established that on the day of Shani Warren’s death, Clive Barwell was driving near her home in Stoke Poges and also near Taplow Lake, which is some 25 miles away. They also noted the similarity between her death and the attempt by Barwell to kill the woman who was thrown into the Leeds and Liverpool canal. But at the time, Barwell once again was allowed to slip away.
Six and a half months later, however, on November 6 1987, Barwell’s career as a sex criminal finally ran into trouble when he was arrested for using a sawn-off shotgun to rob half a dozen security vans and for stealing numerous cars – including 16 from one car park in York in a single day. He was denied bail and when his trial ended, on January 13 1989, he was sent to prison for 16 years as a Category B security prisoner. The police had not begun to suspect that he was a serial rapist but they had at least locked him up where he could do no more harm to women. And yet within three and a half years, he was able to rape again – from within prison.
Barwell behaved like a model prisoner, obeying the rules and taking educational courses; persuading prison officers, governor grades and probation officers that he was trustworthy and reformed. After only two and a half years, he was reduced to Category C and, a year later, on August 24 1992, he was reduced to Category D, the lowest possible security status, and sent to an open prison, in Sudbury, Derbyshire. According to Prison Rules, he was not entitled to go on home leave until he had complete a third of his sentence, in March 1993. In fact, he was immediately allowed to return home on ‘resettlement licence’, which also allowed him to work locally as an electrician. On January 7 1990, he went to Leeds to visit his sick father on a four-day leave and at ten o’clock the next night, he attacked a woman who was leaving her car in Belgrave Street in the city centre.
The woman fought him off. She told police he had grappled her towards her car door, holding a butcher’s knife at her throat and ordering her to get in. She had no doubt he was trying to abduct her and later suffered severe bouts of depression and anxiety, but West Yorkshire police not only failed to find her attacker but recorded the incident as an attempted robbery, apparently an attempt to reduce the level of reported sex crime on their patch. Her car, which had been touched by Barwell, was never examined for prints. Her clothing, which had been torn, was never examined for body hairs. Four months later, Barwell left the prison on a day release to go to work as an electrician, ignored his job, travelled to Nottingham and abducted, raped and attempted to burn to death the 23-year-old woman whom he found in the multi-storey car park there. The Prison Service say there is no trace of his being disciplined for failing to go to work.
Although he was still only five years into his 16-year sentence, Barwell continued to enjoy a life of liberty. On one of his many trips to Leeds, he met a 33-year-old divorcee, Margaret Teasdale. Barwell had divorced his former wife and, on Valentine’s Day 1994, he and Margaret were married in Leeds register officer. The two of them then set up home not far from Sudbury Prison, in the Beresford Arms Hotel, in Ashbourne, where they worked as managers. Barwell – still supposedly a prisoner – regularly slept in the hotel for up to three nights at a time, drew a salary of £10,400 a year, bought a car for himself and, according to Home Office sources, was disciplined for parking in the governor’s reserved space on one of his occasional visits back to the prison. A year later, Margaret was pregnant with his son. The Prison Service now say that they were aware of all his activities, which broke no rules and were explicitly approved as part of his resettlement programme.
Detectives want to question Barwell about a number of unsolved rapes which were committed in the area during his time in Sudbury. On June 19 1995, seven and a half years after his arrest, Barwell was released on parole. Five weeks later, at around midday on July 26, he pounced on a 22-year-old student as she went to get into her car in a multi-storey carpark in the middle of Leeds. He tied her up, smeared superglue over her eyes and drove her off to a remote spot where he started cutting off her clothing. She fought with him and he abandoned the attempt to rape her, leaving her tied up in her car.
West Yorkshire police made more errors. A passer-by who found the victim in her car made notes of what she said, but the police lost them. An ambulance officer also made notes of what she said but destroyed them several months later when police failed to ask for a statement. A detective inspector from Notts contacted them to suggest that the abduction of this student could be linked to the abduction of the 23-year-old woman from the multi-storey car park in Nottingham. West Yorks detectives, in the words of one police source, “told him to fuck off”. However, despite the errors, this time, they also made a breakthrough.
Struggling with his victim, Barwell had cut himself and left a trace of his blood in the car. Searching through her handbag, he had left a finger print on an envelope. In January 1996, forensic scientists in Wetherby matched the DNA in the blood sample from the car in Leeds with the DNA in semen taken from the Nottingham victim. Now, at last, police from the two forces began to work together in what became Operation Lynx. Reviewing the records of unsolved rapes, they made links to the rapist’s behaviour in three of the earlier attacks, one of them in Leicestershire, whose detectives now also joined the inquiry.
They knew their best leads were the blood and the fingerprint they had found. Offender profilers suggested they were likely be dealing with a known sex offender. The pattern of offences suggested he was linked to Leeds. They took saliva samples for DNA comparison from 2,177 suspects – but Barwell had no history of sex offences. They ran the fingerprint through the Automatic Fingerprint Recognition system. Barwell’s prints were in there, but they found no match because the print they were working with was only partial. They decided to order a manual search, a potentially enormous exercise. To narrow the field, they turned once again to offender profilers and hit a new problem. Possibly inspired by the errors of the Yorkshire Ripper inquiry, where the entire hunt had been pushed off course by misleading tapes and letters, Barwell had deliberately left false clues as to his background.
He had spoken in a strong Scottish accent, although his real accent is Yorkshire. He had cursed his wife as ‘a blonde bitch’, although she was dark. He had referred to his Catholicism, when he was brought up a Protestant, and he had crashed car gears and driven erratically, even though he was a professional driver. The immediate result was that detectives asked the fingerprint labs to check through the records of Scottish men with links to Leeds. They found nothing. Then they searched through all men with links to Leeds who had criminal records for stealing cars. There were thousands of them.
While that search ground on, Lynx officers made another appeal on Crimewatch and linked two more rapes and the murder of Shani Warren, bringing South Yorkshire and Thames Valley into the operation. This was now a very big inquiry involving 180 officers from five forces. Apart from the 2,177 suspects whose saliva was tested, a further 9,945 were checked and excluded. Detectives raised 24,324 actions and entered 33,628 names (‘nominals’) on their computer system, more than in any other inquiry in the history of British policing. And on March 19 1998, after 940 hours of sifting manually through more than 7,000 prints, a specialist in Leeds came up with a name: Clive Barwell. He was arrested the next day.
Barwell turned out to be a very ordinary man: father a delivery driver; mother a cleaner and bar woman; the second of five children; truanted and did badly at school; a record of petty crime since he was eleven; good at swimming and running. If there were clues to his disposition, they lay in childhood incidents – father reportedly beating mother in front of the children and recruiting the 12-year-old Clive to keep guard on her, the mother walking out with the children but leaving Clive behind with the father, Clive stealing money from her to punish her and being beaten by her when she found out. He had been married three times, and although he had shown some signs of violence, none of his wives had suspected his true nature.
Now, he starts his life sentence, leaving police once more to review the errors of their ways. While he was waiting for his trial, the woman he tried to burn to death in Nottingham gave birth to a child. She says it marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in her life.

It doesn't mention in this article but the knot used to tie Shani's hands behind her back, is a knot commonly used by lorry drivers. The area where Shani's car (and close to where her body) was found, is a dead end road, popular with lorry drivers, as a place to park up and sleep. That coupled with the fact he was in the vicinity of Shani's last known location (delivering car parts), are the reasons the police suspect he is the killer.
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2019.09.08 21:29 Justwonderinif Delphi Timelime IV

<<< Delphi Timeline III
September, 2017
October, 2017
November, 2017
December, 2017
January, 2018
February, 2018
April 5, 2018
May, 2018
June, 2018
July, 2018
August, 2018
September, 2018
October, 2018
November, 2018
December, 2018
December 27, 2018
January, 2019
February, 2019
Delphi Timeline V >>>
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2019.08.30 16:57 Littlephocups Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 1 Frequency List

I removed very common words. Try to remove Proper names (failing sometimes right now). I also put the source sentence.
My favorite phrase "On s'est juste... roulé quelques pelles"
Have fun my friends. I am testing my nlp I will create anki decks soon from these. Image gathering is the issue I have right now (automated, correct images and not be nudity) Any advice where you get images for decks would be greatly appreciated!
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2019.05.23 23:27 Marsupilami_316 How would you describe the TV channels from your country?

This might be fun.

RTP 1: State owned channel. Oldest TV channel in Portugal, launched in 1955. It airs a variety of programs. From news, to documentaries, to talk-shows, to a few foreign tv series, etc. And despite being state owned it has commercials. It also stil lairs the Portuguese version off the Right Price after all these years.
RTP 2: Second oldest channel in the country. Also state owned. The least popular of the non-cable channels. It's the channel where all the cultural programs and movies air. Although stuff like The Simpsons has aired in the channel for years as well. I suspect that's the main reason most people would watch RTP 2. Otherwise it's that channel a lot of people claim to love... and yet don't watch and that shows in the ratings stats.
SIC: The first private Portuguese channel. Launched in 1992. It was THE king of Portuguese TV throughout the 90s with its TV contests and Brazilian soap operas. But lost the number 1 spot to TVI at the turn of the century. It tries to be like TVI by also making their own reality shows and airing soap operas, but fails. It's a poorman's TVI. Both channels suck and are the two most popular ones in the country.
TVI: The second private owned Portuguese channel and the fourth overall channel. Launched in 1993. Originally aired a lot of good American series from the 80s and 90s such as MacGuyver, Knight Rider, Seinfeld, A-Team and also aired a lot of football games from the Spanish and Italian league. I remember watching Figo's Barcelona games on TVI when I was a kid lmao. But then, at the turn of the century, the channel changed for the worse and thus became the number 1 channel in Portugal. With the reality tv show Big Brother alongside a bunch of Portuguese soap operas, the channel became atrocious in quality... but VERY popular as well. It's like it sold its soul, which is funny because this channel was originally owned by the fucking Catholic Church iirc. Yet now it was airing reality shows, soap operas, etc. with cursing, borderline nudity etc.
Canal Panda and Panda Biggs: They show cartoons for kids. A lot of them rather obscure.
SIC Radical: In the previous decade, this was THE cable channel all teenagers and people in their 20s watched. WWE, Balls of Steel, Kenny vs. Spenny, anime, borderline pornos, Portuguese comedy shows for aspiring Portuguese comedians, MAD TV, Seinfeld, South park, Black Books, The Daily Show, Family Guy... so yeah, as you can see, this channel had everything males between the age of 15 and 25 like to watch on TV. Nowadays it's not a very reelvant channel anymore and doesn't seem to have a theme anymore. They air a bunch of strange American reality shows alongside some good stuff like Breaking Bad.
Sic Mulher: Its target demographic is women. Hence the name. "Mulher" means woman in Portuguese. It has the Portuguese version of Masterchef which is quite popular. Also known as the channel that aired shows like Sex and the City, Dr. Phil and Oprah.
SIC Notícias: News only channel. And quite good. It's the best Portuguese channel for news, imo.
TVI24: TVI's version of SIC Notícias, basically. News channel.
Canal Q: A comedy channel, basically. Full of Portuguese created shows starring Portuguese comedians.
CMTV: The TV channel of the newspaper Correio da Manhã, the most popular newspapetabloid in the country. So it's like a tabloid newspaper but on TV. Know what I mean? Sensationalist news and such. Also, it airs porn movies around 2AM or something.
Sport TV: The Portuguese version of Sky Sports I guess. It's a sports subscription channel.
Benfica TV/BTV: Benfica's official tv channel. Airs Benfica's home league games there and other programming related to Benfica.
Sporting TV: Sporting's official tv channel.
Porto Canal: Owned by the football club Porto, but also airs news and other stuff about the city of Oporto and the northern region of Portugal.

There's a few others, but never really watched them or know much about them, so I won't talk about them.
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2019.03.03 22:04 Mr_Oof_The_Man A list of 1,000 things because I was bored

  1. 1
  2. 1 BALL
  3. 1$
  4. 10$
  5. 100$
  6. 100£
  7. 1080p
  8. 10£
  9. 12345
  10. 1234567890
  11. 144p
  12. 1772
  13. 1950
  14. 1961
  15. 1980
  16. 1981
  17. 1990
  18. 1991
  19. 1p
  20. 1st Law Of Motion
  21. 2 BALL
  22. 2$
  23. 20$
  24. 2000
  25. 2001
  26. 240p
  27. 2nd Law Of Motion
  28. 3 BALL
  29. 3.14
  30. 3.14159262
  31. 360p
  32. 3rd Law Of Motion
  33. 40£
  34. 5 BALL
  35. 68
  36. 69
  37. 70
  38. 701
  39. 720p
  40. 8 BALL
  41. 8t
  42. 9 BALL
  43. ?
  44. A
  46. AM
  48. AVI
  49. Aardvark
  50. Aardwolf
  51. Abort
  52. About
  53. Abraham Lincoln
  54. Absolute
  55. Absolutely
  56. Absolutely Not
  57. Adam
  58. Adult
  59. Advice
  60. Aeroplane
  61. Afghan
  62. Afghanistan
  63. Agapanthus
  64. Agender
  65. Agon
  66. Agony
  67. Airplane
  68. Airpod
  69. Airpods
  70. Albert Einstein
  71. Alive
  72. All Caps
  73. Alphabet
  74. Alphabets
  75. Also
  76. Alt
  77. American
  78. And
  79. Angus Oblong
  80. Anniversary
  81. Anything
  82. Apollo
  83. Apollo 11
  84. Apple
  85. Apples
  86. April
  87. Arabia
  88. Arabic
  89. Argon
  90. Asain
  91. Asia
  92. Asian
  93. Attacc
  94. Attack
  95. August
  96. Augusta
  97. Autism
  98. Avi
  99. Avsterbone
  100. B
  101. BFB
  102. BFDI
  103. BFDIA
  104. Bad
  105. Baden
  106. Bar
  107. Barack Obama
  108. Barney
  109. Bart
  110. Bbbb
  111. Beep Boop
  112. Beesechurger
  113. Beethoven
  114. Belgian
  115. Belgium
  116. Beter
  117. Bi
  118. Bicycle
  119. Big
  120. Big Mac
  121. Bigender
  122. Bigger
  123. Billy Mays
  124. Bing
  125. Bj
  126. Black
  127. Bleep
  128. Blue
  129. Blue Moon
  130. Bollywood
  131. Boris
  132. Boron
  133. Bow
  134. Box
  135. Boxxy
  136. Brabus
  137. Brain
  138. Broadcasting
  139. Bug
  140. Bugs
  141. Bulbasaur
  142. C
  143. C Is For Cookie and Cookie is for me
  144. CJ
  145. CNN
  146. Camera
  147. Can
  148. Canal
  149. Caps
  150. Carbon
  151. Cartoon Characters
  152. Cartoon Network
  153. Catch Me Ousside How Bow Dah
  154. Cement
  155. Cemetary
  156. Cespacitdo
  157. Chair
  158. Chant
  159. Cheeseburger
  160. Cherries
  161. Cherry
  162. Chi
  163. Chij
  164. Child
  165. Chile
  166. Chilly
  167. Chin
  168. China
  169. Chinaball
  170. Ching
  171. Chocolate
  172. Chong
  173. Christopher Columbus
  174. Click
  175. Clip
  176. Close
  177. Closed
  178. Cloud
  179. Co
  180. CocaCola
  181. Coffee
  182. Cog
  183. Cogs
  184. Cold
  185. Color
  186. Colorful
  187. Colorfully
  188. Colors
  189. Colour
  190. Colourful
  191. Colourfully
  192. Colours
  193. Columbia
  194. Comedic
  195. Comedy
  196. Comic
  197. Comic Book
  198. Comic Sans
  199. Comics
  200. Communism
  201. Communist
  202. Cone
  203. Congrats
  204. Congratulations
  205. Congress
  206. Control
  207. Cookie
  208. Cool
  209. Copy
  210. Cory
  211. Cory In the House
  212. Countries
  213. Country
  214. Crab
  215. Creep
  216. Creepy
  217. Cringe
  218. Cringr
  219. Cruel
  220. Cruel Bombs
  221. Ctrl
  222. Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  223. Ctrl+C
  224. Ctrl+V
  225. Cucumber
  226. Cucumbers
  227. Cud
  228. Cuddle
  229. Cuddling
  230. Cup
  231. D
  232. D or D
  233. Dab
  234. Daffy
  235. Dank
  236. Dank Meme
  237. Dead
  238. Death
  239. December
  240. Desert
  241. Despacito
  242. Despacito 2
  243. Desserts
  244. Dic
  245. Dictionary
  246. Dimitri Mendeleev
  247. Ding Dong
  248. Dinosaur
  249. Disc
  250. Dodd
  251. Doggo
  252. Doll
  253. Dollar
  254. Dominos
  255. Donald
  256. Donald Trump
  257. Donate
  258. Donkey Kong
  259. Doodle
  260. Dord
  261. Doris
  262. Dos
  263. Double
  264. Dox
  265. Dr. Suess
  266. Dubai
  267. Duck
  268. Dun
  269. Duper
  270. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  271. Dwayne Johnson
  272. E
  273. East
  274. Ee
  275. Eek
  276. Egg
  277. Eggloo
  278. Ego
  279. Eiffel Tower
  280. Episode
  281. Epistemology
  282. Eureka
  283. Euro
  284. Europe
  285. Everything
  286. Ey
  287. F
  288. F7U12
  290. Facebook
  291. Fanatic
  292. Fat
  293. February
  294. Filipino
  295. Filth
  296. Filthy Frank
  297. Fine
  298. Finn
  299. Fire
  300. First Quarter
  301. Flavor
  302. Flavour
  303. Flip
  304. Flock
  305. Fluid
  306. Fone
  307. Font
  308. Ford
  309. Fortnite
  310. Foto
  311. Four
  312. Fox
  313. France
  314. Frank
  315. Fraternity Twin
  316. French
  317. French Guiana
  318. Friend
  319. Frire
  320. Frog
  321. Fuck
  322. Furry
  323. G
  324. Game
  325. Game and Watch
  326. Gameboy
  327. Gatttttt
  328. Gay
  329. Gears
  330. GenderFluid
  331. German
  332. Germangender
  333. Germany
  334. Germanyball
  335. Gertz
  336. Gif
  337. Giza
  338. Glock
  339. Gnat
  340. Goanimate
  341. Gogg
  342. Goo
  343. Google
  344. Google Doodle
  345. Google.com
  346. Googlecom
  347. Googol
  348. Googolplex
  349. Googolplexian
  350. Googolplexianth
  351. Got
  352. Grab
  353. Grade
  354. Grammar
  355. Grammer
  356. Grandma
  357. Grandpa
  358. Ground
  359. Grounded
  360. Grow
  361. Grown Up
  362. Gru
  363. Grus Plan
  364. Guard
  365. Guilt
  366. Gym
  367. Gyro
  368. Gyroscope
  369. H
  370. Had
  371. Hafnium
  372. Hagney
  373. Hamburg
  374. Hamood Habibi
  375. Hannukah
  376. Has
  377. Heaven
  378. Helium
  379. Hella Gay
  380. Hello
  381. Help
  382. Here
  383. Hersheys
  384. Hertz
  385. Hey
  386. Hey hey
  387. Heyy
  388. Hhgregg
  389. Hi
  390. High
  391. High Definition
  392. Hire
  393. Hiroshima
  394. Ho
  395. Hoe
  396. Hollywood
  397. Homer
  398. Homo
  399. Homo Sapien
  400. Honduras
  401. Hot
  402. House
  403. Houses
  404. How
  405. HowMuchWoodWouldAWoodChuckChuckIfAWoodChuckCouldChuckWood
  406. Human
  407. Hundred
  408. Hydrogen
  409. I
  410. IDFB
  411. IHOB
  412. IHOP
  413. Ice
  414. Ice Climbers
  415. Iceberg
  416. Icy
  417. Idubbbz
  418. Idubbz
  419. Idubz
  420. Igbo
  421. Illinois
  422. Imaginary Friend
  423. Imaginary Number
  424. Income
  425. Income Tax
  426. India
  427. Indonesia
  428. Indonesian
  429. Info
  430. Ingo
  431. Internaut
  432. Internet
  433. Invisible
  434. Iran
  435. Iranian
  436. Iraq
  437. Iridium
  438. Is
  439. Is This Loss
  440. Isaac Newton
  441. Isolate
  442. Isolated
  443. Isolation
  444. J
  445. Jack Paul
  446. Jacksepticeye
  447. Jake
  448. Jake Chudnow
  449. Jake Paul
  450. Jake Tapper
  451. January
  452. Japan
  453. Japanese
  454. Jar
  455. Jas
  456. Jcpenney
  457. Jif
  458. Jiffy
  459. Job
  460. JonTron
  461. Joy
  462. Juch
  463. July
  464. June
  465. Just
  466. Jygggggg
  467. K
  468. KFC
  469. Kaybow
  470. Kazakh
  471. Kazakhbrick
  472. Kazakhstan
  473. Ken
  474. Kevin
  475. Key
  476. Kiddo
  477. Kill
  478. Kim Jong Un
  479. Kim Kardashian
  480. King
  481. Kiss
  482. Know
  483. Knuckles
  484. Konkey Dong
  485. Kool
  486. Korea
  487. Kuwait
  488. Kuwaiti
  489. Kwanzaa
  490. L
  491. LET ME IN
  492. LGBT
  493. LGBTQ
  494. Lao
  495. Laos
  496. Last
  497. Lavender
  498. Laz
  499. Lazy
  500. Like
  501. Lilac
  502. Lincoln
  503. Lincoln Logs
  504. Line
  505. Literal
  506. Living
  507. Log
  508. Logan Paul
  509. Lol
  510. Lolol
  511. Loss
  512. Ludvig
  513. Ludwig Von Beethoven
  514. Luigi
  515. Luigugu
  516. M
  517. M&Ms
  518. MPAA
  519. Mac OS
  520. Machine
  521. Madden
  522. Magazine
  523. Mahatma Gandhi
  524. Mandela
  525. March
  526. Marf
  527. Mariam Webster
  528. Mario
  529. Mario Kart 8
  530. Mario Kart Wii
  531. Markiplier
  532. Math
  533. Maths
  534. Matrix
  535. Matt
  536. Max
  537. May
  538. McDonalds
  539. Me
  540. Melee
  541. Memeology
  542. Memo
  543. Miami
  544. Mic
  545. Michael
  546. Michael Stevens
  547. Michelle Obama
  548. Mickey Mouse
  549. Micro
  550. Microsoft
  551. Microwave
  552. Midway
  553. Mike
  554. Millard
  555. Minion
  556. Minions
  557. Minnie Mouse
  558. Missing
  559. Missing Missing
  560. Mississippi
  561. Misspell
  562. Mom
  563. Mommy
  564. Momo
  565. Mongolia
  566. Mongolian
  567. Moore
  568. More
  569. Much
  570. Mum
  571. Mummy
  572. MyMMs
  573. N
  574. NASA
  575. NES
  576. NSFW
  577. Nagasaki
  578. Nambia
  579. Narrow
  580. Navy
  581. Needle
  582. Needy
  583. New Jersey
  584. New Moon
  585. New York
  586. New Zealand
  587. New Zealander
  588. News
  589. News
  590. Newspaper
  591. Newton
  592. Niger
  593. Nigeria
  594. Nigerian
  595. Nigga
  596. Nile
  597. No
  598. No U
  599. Nobel
  600. Nobel Prize
  601. Non
  602. Normie
  603. North
  604. North America
  605. North American
  606. North Carolina
  607. North Dakota
  608. North Korea
  609. NorthEast
  610. NorthWest
  611. Northern
  612. Norway
  613. Nothing
  614. Noun
  615. Novel
  616. November
  617. Nozzle
  618. Number
  619. Nuuuuu
  620. Nuzzle
  621. O
  622. OMG
  623. Obligate
  624. Oblong
  625. October
  626. Ohio
  627. Oklahoma
  628. Old
  629. Olive
  630. One
  631. Option
  632. Orager
  633. Orange
  634. Our
  635. Outer Space
  636. P
  637. PM
  638. Pablo
  639. Pakistan
  640. Pakistani
  641. Pan
  642. Panama
  643. Pancakes
  644. Pangender
  645. Papyrus
  646. Paul
  647. Pbs
  648. Peace
  649. Peacock
  650. Peanut
  651. Pedal
  652. Peru
  653. Peruvian
  654. Petal
  655. Pewdiepie
  656. Pewds
  657. Phaneron
  658. Phantom
  659. Phil
  660. Philippines
  661. Phillip
  662. Phone
  663. Photo
  664. Pi
  665. Picket Fence
  666. Picture
  667. Pie
  668. Pikachu
  669. Pine
  670. Plant
  671. Please
  672. Pluto
  673. Plutonium
  674. Poke Poke
  675. Pokemon
  676. Poland
  677. Polish
  678. Poo
  679. Poop
  680. Pounds
  681. Pretty
  682. Pride
  683. Primary
  684. Print
  685. Pronoun
  686. Protecc
  687. Protect
  688. Proverb
  689. Public
  690. Pupper
  691. Puppy
  692. Purple
  693. Pyongyang
  694. Pyramid
  695. Q
  697. QQ
  700. Quanah
  701. Quantum Physics
  702. Qwerty
  703. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
  704. Qwort
  705. R
  706. Dankmemes
  707. Memes
  708. Place
  710. Racist
  711. Radium
  712. Radius
  713. Red
  714. Reddit
  715. Redditor
  716. Reeeeeee
  717. Reesburcher
  718. River
  719. Rock
  720. Rofl
  721. Roman
  722. Romania
  723. Romanian
  724. Rooooo
  725. Rope
  726. Rotate
  727. Rotation
  728. Rule
  729. Ruler
  730. Ryu
  731. S
  732. SFW
  733. SLL
  734. SML
  735. SNES
  736. Salami
  737. Samuel Morse
  738. Sanic
  739. Satellite
  740. Sauce
  741. Saudi Arabia
  742. Say
  743. School
  744. Scorbunny
  745. Seed
  746. Seeds
  747. Seek
  748. September
  749. Service
  750. Servicer
  751. Setting
  752. Shit
  753. Shitty
  754. Shona
  755. Simpson
  756. Six
  757. Sixteen
  758. Sleek
  759. Slice
  760. Slovak
  761. Slovakia
  762. Slovakian
  763. Small
  764. Smoke
  765. Smokey
  766. Sneeze
  767. So
  768. Sobble
  769. Soe
  770. Solipsism
  771. Solipsistic
  772. Somali
  773. Some
  774. Sonic
  775. Soon
  776. South
  777. South America
  778. South American
  779. South Carolina
  780. South Dakota
  781. South Korea
  782. South Park
  783. SouthWest
  784. Sox
  785. Sp00py
  786. Space
  787. Spell
  788. Spiral
  789. Sploon
  790. Spooky
  791. Spoon
  792. Spoopy
  793. Springfield
  794. Springy
  795. Sprite
  796. State
  797. Stock
  798. Stool
  799. Stop
  800. Stress
  801. Stressed
  802. Strontium
  803. Strontium 98
  804. Student
  805. Sub To Pewds
  806. Subaru
  807. Subscribe To Pewdiepie
  808. Sulfur
  809. Sulfuric
  810. Super
  811. Super Bowl
  812. Super Mario Bros
  813. Super Mario Maker
  814. Super Smash Brothers
  815. Swede
  816. Sweden
  817. Switzerland
  818. Switzerlandish
  819. T
  820. T-Series
  821. TAWOG
  822. Tab
  823. Tails
  824. Tall
  825. Taller
  826. Tandem
  827. Tandem Bicycle
  828. Tardigrade
  829. Teleport
  830. Telomere
  831. Terrance
  832. The
  833. The Adventures Of Dallas
  834. The Amazing World Of Gumball
  835. The Best
  836. The Gambia
  837. The Matrix
  838. The Meaning Of Life
  839. The Moon
  840. The Oblongs
  841. The Observable Universe
  842. The One And Only
  843. The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog
  844. The Simpsons
  845. The Thing
  846. Third Quarter
  847. Tho
  848. Thora Birch
  849. Thot
  850. Though
  851. Thought
  852. Three
  853. Ti
  854. Tie
  855. To
  856. To Kf
  857. Toad
  858. Too
  859. Touch
  860. Touching
  861. Tour
  862. Tow Truck
  863. Tower
  864. Towers
  865. Town Hall
  866. Toy
  867. Toyota
  868. Track
  869. Tract
  870. Tractor
  871. Tranbbic
  872. Trans
  873. Transgender
  874. Tree
  875. Trees
  876. Tres
  877. Trump
  878. Trumpet
  879. Tuba
  880. Tweet
  881. TweetSauce
  882. Twin
  883. Twinkie
  884. Twitter
  885. Two
  886. Ty
  887. Type
  888. Typewriter
  889. Tyrone
  890. U
  891. U.S.S.R.
  892. UK
  893. URL
  894. US
  895. Ulgo
  896. Ultra
  897. Ultraviolet
  898. Um
  899. Umbreon
  900. Unidentified
  901. United Kingdom
  902. United States
  903. United States of America
  904. Uno
  905. Unto
  906. Update
  907. Ur
  908. Ur Mom Gay
  909. Urb
  910. Urban
  911. Urdu
  912. Use
  913. Uzbek
  914. Uzbekistan
  915. V
  916. Venusaur
  917. Verb
  918. Virgin
  919. Virgin Islands
  920. Vow
  921. Vowed
  922. Vowing
  923. Vsauce
  924. Vyond
  925. W
  926. WTF
  927. WTH
  928. Waah
  929. Wabber
  930. Waluigi
  931. Waning Crescent
  932. Waning Gibbous
  933. Wario
  934. Wash
  935. Water
  936. Water Bear
  937. Water Bottle
  938. Waxing Crescent
  939. Waxing Gibbous
  940. Way
  941. Weast
  942. Week
  943. Werewolf
  944. West
  945. West Virginia
  946. Where
  947. Window
  948. Windows 10
  949. Windows 7
  950. Windows 8
  951. Windows 8.1
  952. Windows 95
  953. Windows 98
  954. Windows XP
  955. Wobble
  956. Woggo
  957. Women
  958. Wood
  959. Wooden
  960. Woods
  961. Woody
  962. Woof
  963. Word
  964. World Wide Web
  965. X
  966. XXXTentacion
  967. Xd
  968. Xenon
  969. Xointong
  970. Xylaphone
  971. Xzy
  972. Y
  973. Ye
  974. Yeah
  975. Yeet
  976. Yell
  977. Yelling
  978. Yes
  979. Yolks
  980. Yolo
  981. Yosh
  982. Yoshi
  983. Yote
  984. Youtube
  985. Youtuber
  986. Yup
  987. Z
  988. ZOMG
  989. ZXCVBNM
  990. ZZZZZ
  991. Zambia
  992. Zebra
  993. Zen
  994. Zero-G
  995. Zimbabwe
  996. Zone
  997. Zox
  998. Zygote
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    2. A few months ago, I asked for prayers for my daughter, Emma, who recieved a diagnosis of Neuroblastoma. We're now 5 rounds into chemo and she's doing great! God is working a wonderful thing. Please continue to remember us as we continue her treatment. Three rounds and a surgery to go! (280 points, 22 comments)
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    1. TIL that Butch Hartman, animator for the Fairly Odd Parents, is a Christian and he and his wife run a ministry called Hartman House. (63 points, 30 comments)
    2. Today, August 24, marks the 446th anniversary of the beginning of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, which resulted in the martyrdom of tens of thousands of Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants) at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church. (58 points, 7 comments)
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  3. A few months ago, I asked for prayers for my daughter, Emma, who recieved a diagnosis of Neuroblastoma. We're now 5 rounds into chemo and she's doing great! God is working a wonderful thing. Please continue to remember us as we continue her treatment. Three rounds and a surgery to go! by nanobot93 (280 points, 22 comments)
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2018.07.15 00:01 DrGazooks Howard, forever the underduck

Let me tell you something about film critics. It's easy to pick faults in someone else's work, even if you do not have it in your power to create an equal work of art. The average film critic, by his very nature, is just a pretentious know-it-all who is quite frequently talking from the wrong end of his alimentary canal. When HTD came along in 1986 it was the first true victim to the pop culture critic. George Lucas was a juggernaut of filmmaking and there were many who want to see him fall.
For 30 years it has been called 'the biggest flop of all time' and other such terrible labels. Well, it cost $30 million dollars (nothing compared to today's budgets, inflation or no inflation) and took $37 million worldwide and that's not even counting the higher-than-you-think rental revenue. Add it altogether and HTD is most definitely NOT the flop it is accused of being. But since it was a rather eccentric (and occasionally raunchy) family comedy (an easy target) and one of the first films to significantly under-perform at the domestic box office (George Lucas expected the returns to be astronomical) it became a scapegoat for bad studio spending and taste.
I guess that the world needs something or someone to blame when pop culture goes wrong and the jackass critics I mentioned already seized upon Howard's failings to make a name for themselves. Derogatory soundbites are easy to come up with and everyone who hated the film used some kind of duck-themed insult to put it down and make themselves feel clever. But, when you think about it, these are basically the same people who will deliberately give a bad film a great review just to see their own name on the poster. You ever see a recent M. Night Shyamalan movie with quotations on the poster? They exist.
The film also suffered a further bad rep when George Lucas publicly disowned the film. It's under-performance forced him to sell off a part of his company which went on to become Pixar (think of how much he could have earned if he didn't) and it really made him quite angry. Wouldn't you be? But I consider this a good thing as Lucas owning Pixar would have been disasterous. Howard's failure stopped Lucas from having too much power and I am happy with that.
I am a huge fan of the late Steve Gerber's comic-books. HTD was basically the first BIG comic-book movie and came surprisingly soon after he found success in his own series. Howard first appeared in an issue of Man-Thing and starred in a few other issues of Conan and even Spider-Man before Marvel gave him his own wings in the late 70s. The comic-book stories are the most surreal, archaic and satirical I have ever read and it's a shame that they had to tone it down for the movie, but that's to be expected.
As an ordinary duck working for an advertising company on his home planet of Duckworld, Howard is blasted across the universe right out of his living room by an experimental laser developed by Dr. Jenning (Jeffrey Jones). He lands in Cleveland, where he meets Beverly Switzler (a super-duper cute Lea Thompson) a rock singer who takes him under her wing...I mean arm. Now trapped in a world he never made the one attempt at sending him back home unleashes the forces of the Dark Overlord of the Universe on Earth through the possession of Dr. Jenning and he intends to bring more of his demons through the portal. Yeah, that sounds pretty heavy. (Weight has nothing to do with it)
I'm actually a sucker for duck-related stuff. I don't know why. Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Duckman etc. The list goes on and on. What I particularly like about the HTD movie is how most people seem to be completely at ease at talking to a humanoid bird and Howard himself is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.
Some of the fairer critics claimed that the film might have been a bigger hit if they had used CGI or traditional animation to bring Howard to life, but I must disagree. Part of the appeal of Howard is the fact that he is actually physically there and not some ghost who has been photo-shopped in afterwards. I love the duck suit, to me it is completely convincing and Chip Zien's voice work is perfect. I'd totally love to have Howard as a pal. The special effects are also a perfect mix of genuine stuntwork, optical fireworks from ILM, and outlandish stop-motion creatures courtesy of Phil Tippett.
No joke, this film has a unfairly notorious history and a totally wrong perception by the general public or those who turned their noses and beaks up when it came out in 1986. Clear your head of any preconceptions that you might have and enjoy it on its own level. Though we really could have done without that silly narration over the opening title.
The Blu-ray looks great in 1.85:1 1080p with DTS HD-MA 5.1 sound and a lot of good extras. Totally worth buying.
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2018.04.19 14:01 osasunista Dave Meltzer's personal tribute to Bruno Sammartino from this week's WON

As ever, highly recommend anyone to subscribe to the Observer, things like this make it worthwhile. This tribute isn't actually in the Observer, but it's still in the subscriber section. However, as it's not part of the newsletter, I think it's alright to post it. The full 14,000 word obituary to Bruno can be found here: https://www.f4wonline.com/april-24-2018-wrestling-observer-newsletter-death-bruno-samartino-256091
I’ve said many times that of all the guests I’ve had on talk shows, my favorite is Bruno Sammartino. I would hardly be the only person to say this. At times he was controversial, and for years, we weren’t always friends. In the 1980s, Sammartino was very much anti-steroids. He had a lot of problems with what wrestling turned into, feeling that the heavy steroid and drug usage in the business would turn into a morbid body count. I felt the same way. Nether of us got any solace in history proving us more right than we ever imagined. Mark Madden, a Pittsburgh reporter who at the time was friends with Sammartino, and later became an announcer for WCW and is now a well-known sports talk show host in the city, was working on a piece and Bruno had noted that he was against steroids as was everyone in his family, including his twins who were strength athletes, and oldest son David, a pro wrestler at the time. That wasn’t true, as David, who was estranged from his father, then told Madden that he had used steroids and his father was aware of it, and it was a major reason they no longer spoke. His father hated it, and, sadly, the two never made up. David also stated one of his younger brothers used steroids, which Bruno didn’t believe, adamantly denied, and felt that David had gone too far in fingering his brother, saying it wasn’t true and felt David was trying to hurt him and his public image. Madden wrote the story and Sammartino was furious at him. I was covering the story and he was furious at me as well. Years later, things calmed down. We had met a few times, including a backstage story on the Phil Donahue show in 1992.
Vince McMahon was under fire for the steroid use in pro wrestling, stemming from the aftermath of the trial of Dr. George Zahorian, who distributed steroids to a significant percentage of the roster, including McMahon and Hulk Hogan. There were other issues as well, including a scandal involving a ring boy who was fired after he claimed he turned down homosexual advances from Terry Garvin (Terry Joyal), a WWE Vice President at the time. McMahon and Sammartino were on the Larry King show and went back-and-forth. Sammartino was the honest one of the two, but King seemed to side with McMahon. Sammartino brought up the claims of the WBF announcer that he was fired for not giving into a pass by someone in the company. As it turned out, that person was a lifelong con man, which Sammartino didn’t know at the time. With the benefit of hindsight, other claims, particularly from the ring boy, which led to a quick out of court settlement by the company, with hindsight appeared to have credence. Joyal and Mel Phillips were both fired, and never brought back, and have never been mentioned again by the company. The claims about steroids, which Sammartino was vocal about, were largely and obviously true. McMahon in points made Sammartino look bad, making him look foolish by saying the man in question was never a WBF announcer (even though he did the announcing for the first WBF show) and that Phillips, the ring announcer who headed the ring crew, had never even been an employee of the WWF. In actuality, Phillips was technically an independent contractor, but worked for them almost every day (which McMahon later admitted a few days later). In fact, his license listed his home address as the company’s corporate offices.
Fast forward a few days. Sammartino and myself were booked together on the Phil Donahue show, at the time the most popular afternoon talk show in the country. At the last minute, Vince McMahon agreed to go on the show. The people involved in the show had set up a seating chart. The two biggest names, McMahon, and Sammartino, were to sit next to each other in the center. Sammartino, who was 56 at the time, was furious about the Larry King show because he felt he was honest, that McMahon had lied, and to many watching, made Sammartino look to some like he was out-of-touch, when the opposite was the case.
He told the producers that he didn’t think having them sit together was a good idea. He said he would try to be calm, but if McMahon lied, he would probably lose his temper and didn’t know if he could contain himself from punching him. The producers were aghast. Everyone froze. The producers looked at me, because I was the one on the show who was thought to be the voice of reason and asked if I thought Vince would lie. I said that I would sit next to McMahon because no matter what he said, there would be no problems. That’s why Sammartino was put on the last seat on the right.
I had talked with him from time-to-time over the next several years, and we booked him to appear on our first internet radio show on Eyada. We did the show, and after it was over, he said he wanted to talk to me off the air. Without going into detail of what he said, he said that he was taught to dislike me for all the years, and that there were problems in the past having to do with his son David. But he wanted to apologize. I was long past any issues and told him that. He insisted saying that he was very wrong in what he thought about me. If I ever called, he’d always get back to me. If I ever asked him to do a show, he’s make sure to do it, even rearranging his schedule to do so. And it was long past time to do another show together.
My own memories of Sammartino are very similar to that of Lance Russell. There is a lot of eeriness. In late June of 2014, I had written down that the first thing I was going to do the next day was call both of them. As it turned out, Russell’s wife Audrey passed away that morning or the day before, and I found out when I woke up. I called Sammartino, and found out that his close friend Marty Lozarro, who was making a documentary on his life and was the key person behind pushing for a full-length motion picture on his life, had suddenly passed away a few days earlier.
I actually hadn’t spoken to Sammartino in some time. What can I say? You need more hours in a day unfortunately. Last summer I wanted to talk to him about his last trip to Italy, particularly about them naming a wing in the hospital in the city he was born after his mother. Chris Cruise would tell me to talk to Bruno. I loved talking with him. But there was always tomorrow. There was always his birthday, which I would call him that week every year, but time ran out this year. October turned into Christmas. It was always on the to do list, although it unfortunately wasn’t until Tuesday night of this week when it was first thing on the Wednesday morning to-do list.
We all love our mothers, but Sammartino’s bond with his mother was herculean because of the story. For all of Sammartino’s exploits in the ring, the most notable story in his life was his harrowing time in Italy and his mother saving his life, and risking her life for him and his older brother and sister.
I remember talking to him when my mother had a stroke, as he would always marvel at how long she and my father were married, even longer than he and his wife were. While noting how lucky I was to have both of my parents live to an old age, he talked at the time about the death of his own mother, who lived to be 97 but not a day went by when he didn’t miss her greatly and that sadness never went away, even when people consoled him that she lived a long life and had to be proud of how her son turned out.
About once a week, he’d go to the cemetery and talk to her tombstone.
“I was 59 at the time,” he said in an interview talking about his mother’s death. “I was so devastated that I can’t even put it into words. People say to me, My God Bruno, she was 97.’ I say,Does that mean I love her any less and miss her any less? She was a peasant woman. She never went to school. She worked in the fields. But she was my hero.”
For whatever reason, because Bruno’s father was 93 when he passed away and his mother was 97, and because Bruno trained so hard and didn’t have the excesses so many had, I thought that he would be around for a long time. The reality is that while he lived a charmed life in many ways as an adult, he took great physical punishment working an insane schedule and not missing time and working through so many injuries because of his feeling he owed his good fortune to the fans and never wanted to cheat them.
I’m not sure why, but there were two things about him that I always think of with him. The first is that he moved into his home in Pittsburgh in 1962, and never moved. This was before he won the WWWF title in 1963 and became the highest paid pro wrestler in the world over the next eight years. While he never made anywhere near the money that current stars made, he was one of the highest paid athletes in the country in the 60s, and while other athletes salaries escalated in the 70s, he made great living in that decade as well. He could have lived high, bought a new place, but he never did. He casually mentioned to me once about how he moved into his home in 1962, before he won the title and started making what was huge money for that time. He mentioned that he had offers from people who would have built him a house for free on Long Island in New York, but he liked where he lived.
His home was equipped with a gym, and maybe that was all he needed. When he retired, money never seemed to be a major issue. He said he wasn’t rich, but he didn’t need to be rich, and he would say he was well off and his needs were not extravagant. A newspaper story last summer listed his net worth at $4 million, so some would say that he was rich–certainly well off. He could have made a lot more being aggressive with signings and appearances, or making up with WWE years earlier. But he never was, and he seemed completely content with that. He told me as long as he could spend time with his wife, kids and their families, train every morning, and go out on his Saturday night date, life was good. And he was grateful for his wife, and his life.
The other, was that in recent years, when he and WWF made their business deal for him to come back, and he was portrayed as the legendary wrestler that he deserved to be, he started getting new opportunities for personal appearances from the company. His rule, no matter how much was offered, is that he wanted to be home that night if possible. But if the appearance was on a Saturday, he had to be home early enough to go on his weekly date to his favorite restaurant with his wife. He made the exception WrestleMania week. He started having trouble with his legs again three years ago at the WrestleMania in Santa Clara, and he was no longer able to train the way he wanted to much after that.
As he got older, he would talk about the frustrations of being a life-long athlete and his health issues in recent years. The same mentality that built him from 84 pounds to 270 pounds was still there when he couldn’t walk due to back and leg problems. Instead of running eight miles, his goal was to walk 20 feet, and then 25 feet, and then 50 feet, just a little more each day But hearing him talk of walking 100 feet before his legs would give out was sad because he was the legendary Bruno Sammartino, but he never sounded bitter, just matter-of-fact, that it goes with age. It was a reminder that no matter how hard you work at it, you never truly own your body, you only rent it, and even if you do things right, you only have so much control. He always asked me how my training was going, and I always asked him how his was. In recent years, he’d start telling me to keep training, but don’t focus on going so heavy. We’d talk about the pains in our shoulders and how he had to give up many of his favorite exercises and which ones he could still do into his early 80s. He’d tell me about the problems he was having with his back and legs. He was not a complainer and these subjects only came up when I asked about his training.
Tuesday night I went to bed. I still had a story to write about Johnny Valiant. Tom Sullivan had passed away when he was run over very close to Bruno’s home. In addition, Tom Sullivan’s start in wrestling was as a fan watching Bruno, and one day knocked on his door around 1967 because he wanted to get into wrestling. Bruno opened the door for him to get in, not just the house, but the business itself. Sullivan’s greatest fame as part of the Valiant Brothers was because the team had several wins over the super team of Dick the Bruiser & Sammartino, and Sammartino was their main foe in tag team matches when they headlined and sold out Madison Square Garden. Sammartino set him up to be trained, started him out in Pittsburgh and sent him on his way. Before writing the story on Wednesday, I was going to, first thing, call up Bruno. Even though we have a mutual good friend in former WCW announcer Chris Cruise, I had no idea he had been hospitalized for the past two months.
I was asleep Wednesday morning. There was a knock on my door. “Bruno just died.”
It was the worst feeling when I went to my computer, and had a message from Cruise. I can only compare it to the death of Lance Russell. It was going to be a tough week anyway, as Thursday would have been my father’s 91st birthday, meaning it was the first time in many years I wouldn’t be spending it with him.
Bruno lived an incredible life. He touched millions. He was loved in a way that few wrestlers were. Right or wrong, he had his opinions and the courage of his convictions. He wasn’t afraid to get people mad at him if he felt that what he said was important. Yet at the same time, when he would do media interviews from people who would sympathize with him on a subject that he felt strongly about, but then they moved on to the next story without any resolution, he would get frustrated. But he was gracious to the Pittsburgh media, and they paid him back by keeping his name alive to where he became one of the cities true cultural icons.
Years ago, when he had a private audience with the Pope, he would remark about how hard it was for him to come to grips with the idea that someone like him could get a private audience with the Pope. Perhaps more than anything else, that was something he was proud of the most. Even then, he never fully understood that the Pope was talking about how he got a private audience with Bruno.
There have been times, in passing, where the thought entered my head that this day would come. But for whatever reason, I expected it many years from now. The only conversation I can ever recall in this direction was with Georgiann Makroplous, who was a lifelong friend of Bruno’s and who ran his fan club during his career. Georgiann was a sweet woman, kind of like an aunt to me, who it hit hard when wrestlers would die, especially in the era where we both would know wrestlers who were dying far too young. One day we were talking and she brought up Bruno, and just said, that she didn’t think she could ever handle if that happened. Instead, it was Bruno who came on our show and spoke eloquently about Georgiann, how she was a great friend, and how she was a giver who never wanted anything in return.
He was a man who worked very hard. He got some lucky breaks. He was the right superstar at the right time. He connected with people in a way few ever could, and likely nobody in this business going forward ever will. It’ s a different business and a different world. It’s not saying things were better in his day, or this day. He never fully understood how or why, but was grateful for it. You will hear stories about how gracious he was to fans. You will hear stories from people who grew up in the Northeast about what an impact he had on their childhood, or on families bonding around his triumphs.
People often said he was bitter. I never saw him that way. I thought he was a man who tried to be honest, while also trying to adhere and live by the codes of an often-dishonest world. He tried to claim his matches were real long after the modern wrestlers gave up on it, but eventually did come to grips with discussing it publicly. He still had his stories that he would stick to in public, although less and less as the years went down, and was a lot more open about them to his friends.
He traveled a lot for decades, but always tried to be a good son. After his career was over, he tried to make up for lost time and be a good husband and father. I had wished things worked out better for he and David. With hindsight, I’m glad Paul Levesque and he made their business deal. He and I talked about it when it was in the negotiations process and he was matter-of-fact about it. He had his price and if they agreed to it, fine. If not, he wouldn’t give it any more thought. He thought, in the end, that Vince wouldn’t agree to his terms, but he did. WWE obviously felt it was worth it, both for the credibility of their Hall of Fame, and for the ties to the legacy of the company. While he never fully warmed up to Vince McMahon, when we talked about McMahon in recent years, there was no hate, and it was more funny stories and amusement. He had his view on Vince, and there were times he very much hated him, but seemed more amused by his peculiarities. He seemed to like and respect Paul Levesque, but was not a fan of modern wrestling. Even though his return was a business decision, it was still Dr. Joseph Maroon who played a big part in his agreeing to return by vouching for the legitimacy of the company’s drug testing program.
In 2001, while used to living with back pain and doing his road work (running miles around his neighborhood), suddenly, he began to get numbness in his legs and had difficulty waling, and then even standing. His back was so bad that he couldn’t even walk to his mailbox. An MRI noted all kinds of problems, including severe lumbar stenosis, or narrowing of the lumber spinal canal. Maroon did the surgery, and five weeks later, Sammartino was up to walking six miles and said he was pain free.
In a local newspaper article in 2010, just after his 75th birthday, a reporter came to his home to watch his daily workout. He got up at 5:30 a.m., walked downstairs, got the newspaper and brewed some coffee. He read the newspaper and then started warming up. He then started his workout, with 185 pounds on the bench for ten reps. To him that was nothing, but that kind of poundage for a 75 year old man is still ridiculous. He then did four more sets, each time adding weight. And yes, his shoulders did hurt from the wear-and-tear of 60 years of bench presses.
Maroon told him that the testing WWE did was keeping the guys off steroids. I don’t know that he fully believed it, but he did believe the testing was real. He achieved so much natural that he’s look at guys who, honestly, were likely doing GH, and to him, he was bigger and thicker than they were, so could accept them as clean. But he wasn’t so naive to not see through the obvious neon signs. But it had changed from the 80s.*
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ATX Fishin https://www.youtube.com/usemeris3515 Casual Carolina Fishing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLbwb6B9M6H5iZgRqTfFPw St.Gramz: https://www.youtube.com/useGramz2542 Max Starzeff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXIxCSKPPZMcrDHXMkh_bsA Rach Loo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg8c6OC4M4EHj1k4NSWqOfA Small YouTuber 1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXtJ2VI2LZV-Gt1VsVBVbvw The GOODsell LIFE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvPzzpSpaHJ-ncSs_JQgy5g Einarihusky https://www.youtube.com/useifernando895 SOL Mireya https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNHVz2YhHqAjQJP4DcsaEFg T.A.J.S Paranormal and more: https://www.youtube.com/usecoolbunny231 ZynxeQGames - CSGO & more!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClpqr9Mk8KDDg203xohx0ow TSJtv: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQmiYero_84RboussROwGng Heart Family: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0APTCuYLx08d0sFcybPTQ Muzyka Instrumental Videos: https://youtu.be/6PlVI78RxL4 Cloud Vaping: https://youtu.be/q_HqWZFudl0 Pusa Studios: https://youtu.be/QLtDY4lWq58 Ronnie Ocampo: https://youtu.be/7xlCwQNfenM BOOM & BIGZ TV: https://youtu.be/QOdUrUYx-1A Snoop Fails: https://youtu.be/Xq9K32r75k4 Jah DeBeaute: https://youtu.be/rNkS0KhX9AE COLOutsideWave: https://www.youtube.com/useCOLOutsideWave OneLegVlogs: https://www.youtube.com/useOneLegVlogs Geek Freak Show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKQvbZ4j1HIBR7G6KOdWmTw Steven J. Downey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ByMCoX1SDGuWtYbVTZRKw Hateley Motorsport V60: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvnZa0JCgQi-YPJCJcgXX1w HD Gamer: https://www.youtube.com/useBeybladeMaster7697 UnkindRaven505: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTod3SMjzOjVwFWE3HzEXw Seth Smith: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg0KtImNyH9QjzIBRcao_NQ The Edge Radio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTpHeAM93uinb9DiKBjYPbQ Scotch and Things: https://youtu.be/kiVDYsMSl1U The Fishing Hobby: https://youtu.be/MUt0yS_u8Rg Eagle Feather Bushcraft: https://youtu.be/-F1GJp3dia0 Working Class Outdoors: https://youtu.be/0ojdwdEBI1M Broknex: https://youtu.be/2grErcMfEno kellyr kid fun: https://youtu.be/ZokQ1umZykc Musky Hans: https://youtu.be/dNcEBwYrnIk YAKKin TV: https://youtu.be/9jra57ebmE4 Living Coast to Coast: https://youtu.be/XlSQ8QtBuy4 bnsamulakTV: https://www.youtube.com/useBigBenSammyTV saneauto: https://youtu.be/DPrwt4L6bAM Ferintosh Farms Photography: https://youtu.be/asDjQvymSjo Alfredo Luciano: https://youtu.be/qydkhuNPqU0 Scott'sJourneys: https://youtu.be/QOWRAk_UCeU Marble & Demin Dancing: https://youtu.be/BJSe10qgfhI SelfTaught Beauty: https://youtu.be/rEzIqpi4qFE Hecky Renny: https://youtu.be/GYwQbDmjMLU KoozieTV: https://youtu.be/ovtz1ZiPiIU Ronnie Ocampo: https://youtu.be/7xlCwQNfenM BOOM & BIGZ TV: https://youtu.be/QOdUrUYx-1A Snoop Fails: https://youtu.be/Xq9K32r75k4 Jah DeBeaute: https://youtu.be/rNkS0KhX9AE NahumtheMayham: https://youtu.be/TzHPJVwMPU0 The Fishin' Dad: https://youtu.be/LIQaMwjTD1k Beautybliss101: https://youtu.be/yVvq0Dn2584 Jimmy’s Tractor: https://www.youtube.com/useflguy32501 Nartea Bay: https://youtu.be/4bu2MI6f7d4 Mama Style: https://www.youtube.com/useTigressCleopatra Bruno lele: https://www.youtube.com/useKaponez CGravity Fair: https://www.youtube.com/useGravityFair Natalie Secret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb_qCB2bcUU Rotti’s Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Edj_4BoWAw Ruby Rogue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfBI5Dtrd-8 BiloxiBeauty82: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HYWA3S5EDI Erica Pelayo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ182w_YGjU Leiny Munez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AnS5XMYCho The Sleepy Teacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1lKKy_IQb0 Charmedwench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWkxZmAz8WU Kimmy Unlimited: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuOh8z2CHUg Karen Maria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3riT7tXnXQ Nattily Style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqPZWW8OzXg Janett Taylor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqOVxzuJpOo Glammommy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O0IxHq0rqA Lecialicious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9Sumagl4H8 Bria Simone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzwcbRvKwi4 Beauty by Jes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weiurz06O5Q FeelGood within: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7yykbbDTbU Chaos Paddler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upcg3mEI2mU Good Vibes Only SC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6mUyca18EU pAnty mYthon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiMKOiF3ReI Leelizzo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w9cyOT-3bA GrayPower 60: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4-w_dOGyao The4 heartsranch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8akoFAeO1Y Makeup Your Mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_z6HfpTppE Helluvnails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAaUejAYdGU Glamour Guru Nea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-10YI2RPskA Somecallmecoco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tRy4ZauvJU MrTgaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRxrZZoOGVU Frugal Madre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUr19Ux7yDQ The Peeping Egg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7fT-V5Ole8 Tony's Brick House: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHPxCPWv44w Candi Denis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtvrj09e6Vk Toshinator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtRsqGTrVxA the cookie corner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuxjZDsae4g Unicorns Are Real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEdbHqxmEPQ Fantum Ultra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqc3PgUNN5k Kimberly Cochran: https://youtu.be/AKuX7rC7zJY Domienico Alessi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzKyeY8kymU Dynamic Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7RmLFvPKNw Flippettirob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BumXtmYrl-A KIDS IN Funny Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_3ooU4T-40 MY DEMİR SAKAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70Nn54do0pk poison pixie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXfoDxiHD18 Free Karaoke Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGXX8c8Iy8w Margorud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBnaA6_KmTA CuTe ViEwS HaPpY LiFe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxaOzXaNZSo DongAltron https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMNmtTmHShbHb0-xNR3QbA/feed FragJamsey: https://www.youtube.com/useFragJamsey White Horse Farms: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZiaEiS1lk62uyjy7NECOfg LIVEst: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6CldKvkNkitODwE4A4reBA Mr Soandso: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9XTr1ObmW-RnIOCIlpvPg Shruti Prakash: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9XTr1ObmW-RnIOCIlpvPg UncaBilly: https://www.youtube.com/usebillya1951 Kasual706 Transformer Video Review & MORE: https://www.youtube.com/usekasual706 Konner Dent: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2cQiRy30vAkrUQ4ZpzJmMA Ninja_Miner_1 Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2cQiRy30vAkrUQ4ZpzJmMA RPHXX: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTQ6iDhSNt7lYBKgvSGVzPw Mill Hill Mud Mower: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEqSupZW8UuXd_yrBptjjKQ Emi ToyReview: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKB857yq0Kj74iblSyhSpUA Gwyneth: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCszLdHw04TLpUDb4gSq2XAg In The Lyme Life: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTnvIAz-donRfDiul6Kva_Q Ruby Rouge: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdrWMRK8QbuWraQiueR21nA CutieRific: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3bMRr_pDFvqweHt4nqjrBg ThePa1nter: https://www.youtube.com/useThePa1nter Angie and Pat Show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqCbbREIsEOqVXdVt_T3gGA MistFaith: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFhCK31yvCblQrzSPBqhacw Photopuppet: https://www.youtube.com/usephotopuppet PhysEntertainment: https://www.youtube.com/usePhysEntertainment Cornish Walking Trails: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw7F59-eueXcpeQ6g67OFQA Vintage Revivals Home & Garden Decor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa1uZr9itJ9HOtRjr2nPOiA Komputar: https://www.youtube.com/useFollowDoNot CheapskateProjects: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwww9tLR8AKPSXzeengQt3g TechCoreDuo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVcVmrcZmPfKtSeiU2kLWg COLOutsideWave: https://www.youtube.com/useCOLOutsideWave Thomas Harden Fishing Do it yourself repairs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyHmx3YTqLn7PdU4Qw6a_2Q madprofessor https://www.youtube.com/useMartinMpr Mr. Jay Jay Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC875BePqkhxOEMsElQJRjOw Poplar Picker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfQpKliipjUkaKtQsjLmnig

Popularfoods (this is a creator not just a hashtag) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_eIODGGdYROM-19TEHTA9A

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https://youtu.be/xKhajNdicGw Inclusive Model Designs: https://youtu.be/MEGgQwJ3fzk GetOutTheHouseGoFish: https://youtu.be/SNuYehvR2v8 Janie2Shoes: https://youtu.be/MG8_IzXwmnY Bingo4063: https://youtu.be/tsD8tqMdmMg Mom’s channel: https://youtu.be/HQK0Q4zBGH8 Kilonda graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMmYSePQfB8 Wicked Spray: https://youtu.be/YklzHV-orxY Mikey Dee: https://youtu.be/8v1P8wrgPUE OutlawClient: https://youtu.be/cobQJHp2iic Silly Me: https://youtu.be/mihJV8v9Zu4 Phillip Riggins: https://youtu.be/mgq4vPa24a0 Kimberly&Gracie's Journey https://youtu.be/gIDL9bXjEgs netbuysonline https://www.youtube.com/usenetbuysonline thechoicefactor https://youtu.be/t6g8EVCSqR4 Chill with Del: https://www.youtube.com/useledorosairacpoles 2sis fun Tv https://youtu.be/pK0omVe7uS0 Austin W Studios: https://youtu.be/NeUxrxMsk8Y frenchranis https://youtu.be/GUDThHeO7Us The Sweely Life https://www.youtube.com/useSweelyPhotography panaprium https://youtu.be/0P0VIMQ0D6s Animal Tales: 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2018.01.21 18:12 barb4ry1 Bingo review: Lost Lore. A Fantasy Anthology.

Lost Lore: A Fantasy Anthology Bingo squares: short-story, self-published My rating: 3/5
The short story is a wonderful art-form entirely different from the novel. And yet, sometimes it's treated as an hors d’oeuvre, tasty but not as satisfying as a full meal. I guess that's one of the reasons anthologies aren't, in general, very popular.
I love the idea of anthologies. I've bought quite a few of them over the years, but I’m always left feeling a little disapointed with them. I tend to approach them with high hopes and big appetite, expecting my mind to be blown and literary tastes buds fully satisfied.
However, it never happens. Usually, the change of pacing, tone from story to story is jarring. Some short stories are exciting and brilliant, others not so much. As a result, when you've just read something brilliant and want to sustain this state of enjoyment a bland short story appears. And suddenly, you loose appetite.
That's why I read Lost Lore one story at a time and gave each story time to settle before reading the next.
Ratings: my personal belief is that many people give 5* too easily. I know it's oftentimes a sign of sympathy and kinship. I know most of these writers from fantasy (AMAS, interactions) but there'll be no special treating for them. You guys are awesome. All of you. But I'll be blunt and honest. I'll stick to goodreads scale (1 - I didn't like it; 2 - it was ok; 3 - I liked it; 4 - I really liked it; 5 - it was amazing).
Dr Love, Ph.D. Preface was quite hilarious. As a gentle reader I don't want to get into specifics of how ten SPFBO authors multiplied into much more. Mark is right. Some questions are better left unanswered.
No Fairytale by Ben Galley - 3/5
Hereni has a knack for magick. The problem is magick is forbidden and prosecuted. Also, she may have misinterpreted the way magic works in this world. As a result she's draws attention od opposing sites of the ongoing conflict.
The story is nicely written and set in the world of Emaneska. I haven't read the novels, so I didn't know some of the characters that, Uncle Google says, appear in the series. I liked the prose, the way the magic was introduced and a bigger conflict hinted. I might be interested in Hereni's future - will her future count or will she become one of many gifted youngsters who'll die in the background og bigger events? I'd like to know that.
The story feels like a setup for the novel. Hereni comes to terms with her place in the world and chooses sites a bit too easily. I would say this short story would work better as novella. Or maybe my questions are answered in Emaneska series?
Overall, I liked it but didn't love it.
And They Were Never Heard from Again by Benedict Patrick - 4/5
A story is a dangerous thing(...). We must value them, we must be careful with them. Set one loose on the world, and you lose all control over your own creation
There was a boy and there was a girl. The boy dreamed about the girl. He wanted to meet her and he brought his little brother for a trip through dangerous forest. Things didn't go exactly as planned.
The story reads a bit like a dark fairy tale. It's the aspect of Benedict Patricks prose I enjoy. Despite short length, dialogues and characters felt nicely established. The story didn't feel rushed and feels self-contained in a nice way. At times quite poetic, at times more precise the prose added to the story's slightly disquieting ambiance.
My only cryticism is a glaring example of using Deus ex Machina to solve the problem. In order to fully understand the situation, knowledge of They Mostly Come Out At Night is helpful.
All in all, not predictable and memorable.
A Tree Called Sightless by Steven Kelliher - 3/5
A boy called Maro isn't a thinker. Instead, his fast and skilled fighter who wants to win a prize - Emerald Blade. In order to do that, he'll probably have to slay his competitors.
Steven Kelliher's prose is good. Some nice ideas are here. On the other hand, there's also quite a bit of info-dumping and way too many characters for such a short read. My belief is that short stories are best when they're made simple. This one tried to do too many things.
Barrowlands by Mike Shel - 2/5
Trio of morons plans to raid the tombs of the lost nation. When a stranger appera near their campfire, they change plans. They consider selling him and the disturbing content of his bag.
Dialogue felt off to me. I didn't connect to any of the characters. None of them intrigued me. There was quite a bit of info-dumping and unnecessary descriptions. Once they're in the tombs pacing becomes breakneck but I felt nothing. No thrill. No fear. Nothing.
I'm sorry to say it but tomorrow, when I wake up, I won't remember it.
Into the Woods by Timandra Whitecastle - 4/5
Jelena changes. After her first blood appears her mom sends her on an errand to her grandma.
The story has drawn me in. I enjoyed descriptions of the forest and the story inside the story was quite creepy and disturbing. There's a sudden shift in a language and the tone of the story. Dark fairy story turns into very dark and not so fairy story.
It's a story about changes in the woman body. The changes we're shown, though, were more than unexpected. I like this one.
Paternus: Deluge by Dyrk Ashton - 2/5
On the one hand, it’s impressive. It seems Dyrk Ashton possesses encyclopedic knowledge of world mythology and is able to wove it into short story retelling Deluge. On the other hand, there’s just too much of everything.
It's, undoubtedly, an interesting combination of myths known around the world. They're connected in an interesting way. As a short story, though, it just doesn’t work for me. Changes in POV are jarring, there’s way too many names mentioned to keep track of them. It’s just not what I expect from short story as a literary art-form.
I, Kane by Laura M. Hughes - 5/5
I, Diabolos kane, shall hereby tell of the final great events of this blue planet. This account will include a full description of the fell cat - No!No, I was most definitely NOT about to utter the word "cataclysm".
It was awesome. Witty, surprising and intelligent. And self-contained.
The story is told from first-person perspective of Kain. He’s inhuman. He’s pompous and delightfully supercilious. It seems that people have somehow managed to capture him and plan to execute him. Chained and seemingly defeated, he delivers his final testimony to an interrogator and a scribe. Kain speaks, corrects himself, his style of speech and makes a bit of haughty fun of puny humans.
I loved his voice. I loved the twist. I laughed loud few times.
It’s excellent, short story with more than a spark of brilliance. I’ll have to keep an eye on this Hughes gal and her literary endeavors.
The Huntress by Michael R Miller – 2/5
Human and dragons fight. During fights people die. Such is a fate of Elsie’s beloved one. We observe as Elsie copes with personal and professional issues in a time of war.
The story is well written but it didn’t manager to engage me. It felt a bit linear and simple - despite being divided in chapters / parts dealing with different things. There’s more than a fair share of world-building that didn’t particularly impress me. All in all, it just didn’t engage me.
The Prisoner by Phil Tucker – 3.5/5
Probably the shortest story in the anthology. Young lord Enderl wants to lead his father’s company of cruel, battle hardened warriors called Black Volves to battle. The thing is his upbringing and idealistic scholarship may not fit well the needs of war. He must embrace darker side of humanity in order to lead. In just few hours of action Enderl makes a transition that’ll change him forever.
It was violent and brutal story. It’s done skillfully and doesn’t feel rushed. It doesn’t feel like a setup to a bigger story. It works well on its own.
A Simple Thing by Bryce O’Connor -5/5
Killing a man is a simple thing
I loved this one. It’s written with bravado and dark humor. An experienced assassin writes in and to his journal about his first job. The assassin tries to learn his Walker daily routine in order to be prepared for every turn of events. Prepare. Plan. Plot. These words were instilled in him by his Master. He treats them seriously.
I enjoyed the voice of assassin. It felt light and humorous, even though the subject of first kill shouldn’t be treated as such. I enjoyed the plotting and excellent internalizations. There’s more than few great sentences in here and, above all, I felt totally immersed in the story and assassin’s voice – even though I don’t even know his name.
Excellent short story and an author to follow.
Palesword by T L Greylock - 3/5
There’s too little fantasy books and worlds inspired by Norse mythology. Fjords doesn’t appear often enough in fantasy literature. But have no fear, T.L. Greylock is here. And she brings some Nordic-inspired goodies.
Eyja is a fisherman’s daughter and a priestess in training. The thing is she’s also feisty, impulsive and, sometimes, careless. Soon, she finds herself in bad books of a local priest. There’ll be a price to pay to make things right.
It’s nice to see strong and determined female characters like Eyja and Gunnlief. On the other hand, I didn’t genuinely care for them. Truth be told, I found Eyja a bit irritating. I’m sure many readers will root for her. I’m not one of them, though.
The Light in the Jungle by Jeffrey Hall - 4/5
I really liked this one. And it’s surprising as it contains more than a bit of world-building and a gallery of monstrosities. And yet, I was literally glued to the pages.
Imagine a band of inhuman adventurers on a quest. Not a noble one, though. Their goals are more egoistic – they want to plunder the treasures of forgotten city. Each band member has different goals and desires – some want money, some more power, others different things. Their inhuman, although we don’t learn about the races – whiskers and tusks are mentioned but the author focus lies elsewhere.
Even though the story structure was simple, almost D&D alike, I loved it. Characters motivations were varied and the ruins of Hathis had something each of them desired. It wasn’t cheerful story and it probably made some shortcuts. What I read, though, is enough to add the author’s work to my TBR list.
Black Barge by J. P. Ashman - 3/5
Tips’ is a gnome who, together with her family, rides a steam powered barge down a canal. The travel turns much darker and dangerous than expected and some secrets are unraveled.
Lively action scenes are one of the story's strengths - the atmosphere is fraught with tension and danger. Despite this, I didn’t feel fully immersed In the story. It was lacking something I can’t precisely describe.
Making a Killing by David Benem 2.5/5
Fencress Fallcrow teams up with Karnag Mak Ragg to do a killing job in The Dead Messenger inn. She thinks seriously about her career and is motivated to kill. As usually in this kind of jobs things don’t go exactly as planned. Killing a man is easy, really. Except, of course, when it isn’t.
While the story was well written and concise I didn’t enjoy characters and tone of the story.
The First Thread by Alec Hutson 3/5
The story has unique, oriental setting. Jhenna is a consort of the Emperor. The ways and traditions of the Empire are cruel and bloody. Emperor’s son Prince Ma wants to change it.
There’s quite a lot of world building, a bit too much to my liking. The prose is good and it flows nicely through descriptions and dialogue. Overall, it’s nice story. In places it feels slightly inflated and it lacked a punch that would left an imprint on my mind.
So. Here we are.
The end.
Final thoughts?
Yes, a few. It’s fantastic that Lost Lore was published. There’s a lot of skilled writers who self-publish their work. Short story format allows the readers to check their writing styles and see if they enjoy it. Most stories were enjoyable for me. I’d like to name four (and four makes for 25% of this book!) favorites. They left a mark on me and I’ll definitely reread them.
I, Kane by Laura Hughes – exceptionally entertaining. A great mix of humor and underlying terror. There’s more than a spark of brilliance here.
A Simple Thing by Bryce O’Connor – humorous, well plotted, entertaining. Many quotable sentences. Excellent.
Into the Woods by Timandra Whitecastle – strong and bold story with darker story placed in the story. Very good.
And They Were Never Heard from Again by Benedict Patrick – nice story with disquieting ambiance.
Many of the stories in this anthology should be treated as an introduction to the various worlds each of the writers has cultivated in his own series. And that’s part of the problem. Some of these stories loose punch when a reader doesn’t know the lore.
Outside of those that I loved or liked, the stories generally felt a bit rushed or contained way too many informations. Lots of these stories come from series / lores with loads of world-building associated with them, and writing a short story in a setting like that without alienating / disorienting new reader isn’t an easy task to accomplish.
Issues I had with some of the stories ranged from there not being enough information to understand fully what was going on or the significance of what was going on, to getting all of that information in a massive info-dump. Or to having too many characters to keep track of.
Ok, that’s enough. You may get an impression I disliked the anthology and it’s simply not true. It’s good anthology with mostly entertaining stories. I give it three stars and it means that I liked it. It also means that not all stories worked for me. They can work for you, though. Given that the Lost Lore is free in most places and 0.99$ on Amazon there’s no risk involved.
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2017.09.10 08:33 autotldr Storm Surge Warnings: Life-threatening, Will Cover a House

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
Large hurricanes tend to create greater storm surge over a broader area, and coastal features such as bays can act like funnels and back water up into rivers and canals, said Jamie Rhome, head of the U.S. National Hurricane Center's storm surge unit.
The Atlantic coast from Miami to Isle of Palms, South Carolina, could see up to 6 feet of storm surge.
The hurricane center's storm surge maps, showing deep inundation for Naples, worried Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach.
DEADLY WATERS. Storm surge has accounted for half the U.S. deaths from hurricanes, tropical storms and cyclones over the last half-century, according to a hurricane center study.
Storm surge flooding up to 28 feet above normal tide levels were associated with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, directly or indirectly causing at least 1,500 deaths, according to the hurricane center.
Hurricane Sandy lost its tropical characteristics before making landfall in 2012, but its enormous size drove catastrophic storm surge onto the New Jersey and New York coastlines.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: storm#1 hurricane#2 surge#3 Florida#4 flood#5
Post found in /news.
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2017.06.10 15:44 feedreddit Japan Built ‘Underwater’ Aircraft Carriers to Launch a Second Pearl Harbor

Japan Built ‘Underwater’ Aircraft Carriers to Launch a Second Pearl Harbor
by Warfare History Network via The National Interest
URL: http://ift.tt/2sO0JrQ
Warfare History Network
Security, AsiaLieutenant Commander Stephen L. Johnson had a problem on his hands; a very large problem. His Balao-class submarine, the Segundo, had just picked up a large radar contact on the surface about 100 miles off Honshu, one of Japan’s home islands, heading south toward Tokyo. World War II in the Pacific had just ended, and the ensuing cease fire was in its 14th day. The official peace documents would not be signed for several more days, on September 2, 1945, aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
As Johnson closed on the other vessel, he realized it was a gigantic submarine, so large in fact that it first looked like a surface ship in the darkness. The Americans had nothing that size, so he realized that it had to be a Japanese submarine.
This was the first command for the lanky 29-year-old commander. He and his crew faced the largest and perhaps the most advanced submarine in the world. The Japanese I-401 was longer than a football field and had a surface displacement of 5,233 tons, more than three times the Segundo’s displacement. More troubling though was the sub’s bristling weaponry that included a 5.5-inch gun on her aft deck, three triple-barreled 25mm antiaircraft guns, a single 25mm gun mounted on the bridge, and eight large torpedo tubes in her bow.
The large sub displayed the mandatory black surrender flag, but when the Segundo edged forward, the Japanese vessel moved rapidly into the night. The movement and the continuing display of the Rising Sun flag caused concern. Johnson’s vessel pursued the craft that eventually slowed down as dawn approached. He brought his bow torpedo tubes to bear on the craft as the two vessels settled into a Mexican standoff.
Johnson and his crew had received permission by now to sink the reluctant Japanese vessel if necessary, but he realized he had a career-boosting and perhaps a technologically promising prize in his sights. Much depended on this untried American submarine captain and his wily opponent in the seas off Japan.
Little did Johnson know that the Japanese submarine was a part of the I-400 squadron, basically underwater aircraft carriers, and that the I-401 carried Commander Tatsunosuke Ariizumi, developer of the top-secret subs initially designed to strike the U.S. homeland in a series of surprise attacks. Ariizumi was considered the “father of the I-400 series” and a loyal follower of the emperor with years of experience in the Japanese Navy, so surrender was a disgrace he could not endure.
Johnson also had to contend with Lt. Cmdr. Nobukiyo Nambu, skipper of the I-401, who traced his combat experience back to Pearl Harbor. He now commanded the world’s largest submarine designed to carry three state-of-the-art attack planes in a specially built hanger located atop the vessel. These secret Aichi M6A1 planes were initially designed for “a second Pearl Harbor” or another surprise attack, possibly even against New York City or Washington, D.C. The I-400 series submarines were themselves full of technological surprises. They was capable of traveling around the world one and a half times without refueling, had a top surface speed of 19 knots (or nearly 22 miles per hour), and could remain on patrol for four months, twice as long as the Segundo.
Neither Nambu nor Commander Ariizumi readily accepted the emperor’s surrender statement when it was broadcast on August 15. The subsequent communiqués from Tokyo were exceptionally confusing, especially Order 114, which confirmed that peace had been declared but that all submarines were to “execute predetermined missions and attack the enemy if discovered.”
The I-400: Weapon For a Second Pearl Harbor:
It was Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of Japan’s Combined Fleet and developer of the Pearl Harbor attack, who called for the construction of the I-400 series some three weeks after Pearl Harbor. The insightful Yamamoto, who was later killed when his aircraft was shot down by U.S. fighter planes, had toured the United States years before and had warned against a prolonged war with the highly industrialized United States.
However, once Japan was committed to war, he believed that submarine aircraft carriers dropping bombs “like rain” over major U.S. cities would surely cause the American people to “lose their will to fight.” A second surprise attack with even more to come would prove psychologically devastating to the Americans, Yamamoto believed, and perhaps would be the best way to get the Americans to sue for peace.
The Japanese had previous experience with plane-carrying submarines, but these were float planes used largely for reconnaissance. The float planes could be easily shot out of the sky by American fighters, and each submarine carried only one plane, hardly enough to prod the Americans to the negotiating table. Yamamoto always thought big, and he called for a submarine that could travel 40,000 nautical miles without refueling, or nearly four times the range of a Balao-class submarine like the Segundo.
In addition, the I-400 series submarines would carry 1,750 tons of fuel, food for four months at sea for its crew of 147 to 157 men, and two attack planes with a speed of 220 miles per hour and a range of some 600 miles. The hangar atop the sub would need to be at least 100 feet long to initially accommodate two aircraft and be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the deep and a possible attack from enemy planes when surfaced.
Yamamoto’s I-400-class submarines would displace some 6,560 tons submerged, about three times the displacement of the largest U.S. subs, and would be slightly more than 400 feet long, making them about the size of a small cruiser. Because one of the submarines was larger than a destroyer, it “wasn’t an exaggeration, then, to say that Yamamoto was asking for something akin to a small underwater aircraft carrier,” noted one observer.
Yamamoto called for the construction of 18 of the massive submarines carrying a total of 36 attack planes. The plan was rushed through the traditionally slow-moving Japanese naval bureaucracy by June 1942, with construction of the first five subs to begin in January 1943. The name of the special submarine class was abbreviated to Sen-toku.
The attack planes had to be designed from scratch. The need for speed, range and a decent sized bomb payload required tradeoffs. The wings had to be foldable to fit inside the tube, or hangar, atop the submarine. The design work, testing, and building of the plane was outsourced to the Aichi Aircraft Company.
To maximize range and speed, floats were removed from the planes. The crew would circle back after an attack, ditch the plane, and be picked up by the sub. Each plane had a pilot/bombardier in front and a radioman/navigatotail gunner in the back. Initial plans called for a fixed, front-facing 7.7mm machine gun and a rear-facing 13mm Type 2 gun that was belt fed and handled 300 rounds.
The I-400 program did have its detractors in the heavily bureaucratic Imperial Japanese Navy. After the defeat at Midway in early June 1942, Japan became more focused on defending the homeland and far less on possible attacks on the U.S. mainland using the large submarines. The death of Yamamoto in mid-April 1943, just weeks after his 59th birthday, played further into the hands of conservative Japanese commanders. Cutbacks were ordered in the number of submarines to be built, although the I-400s’ striking ability was to be increased by adding a third attack bomber to the large vessels and adding a second plane to two smaller submarines, the I-13 and I-14.
Equally important, Japanese naval officials realized that with the loss of Guadalcanal, the nation’s defensive perimeter was at dire risk. New York and Washington were dropped as targets for the underwater aircraft carriers in favor of attacking the Panama Canal. A successful attack on the canal would choke the American war machine in the Pacific and buy time for the Japanese to regroup and strengthen the nation’s defensive perimeter.
“Storm From a Clear Sky”
The first test flight of the Aichi attack plane occurred on November 8, 1943. The plane, called Seiran or “storm from a clear sky,” reportedly handled fairly well as the world’s first sub-borne attack bomber. The Japanese began compiling limited available information on the heavily fortified Panama Canal. Their analysis showed that destroying the gate opening onto Gatun Lake would create a massive outpouring of water, destroying the other gates in its path while rushing toward the Caribbean Sea.
The United States had an estimated 40,000 troops defending the canal. The approaches were heavily mined, and there were major fortifications at Colon, Margarita Island, Toro Point, and Fort Sherman. The latter had 16-inch cannon with a range of some 25 miles. Antiaircraft batteries, radar stations, searchlights, nine aircraft bases, and 30 aircraft warning stations rounded out the canal’s defenses.
After weeks of planning, the Japanese came up with a strategy to attack the Gatun locks at dawn when the gates were closed and presumably the defenses were lax. The attack would occur during the dry season because it would take Gatun Lake longer to refill and would be carried out with a combination of bombs and torpedoes. Initially, it was not to be a suicide attack; the pilots would circle back to the submarines and be picked up after ditching their planes.
The planners had nearly a full year to formulate the attack for early 1945. But there were problems ahead because none of the submarines were complete and the planes were not yet in the production stage. Thanks to the virtual blockade thrown around Japan by the U.S. Navy, steel was in particularly short supply in Japan, causing officials to cut back the scheduled production of I-400 subs to five plus the two smaller I-13 and I-14 submarines.
Despite the problems, planning went ahead, revealing how strongly the Japanese believed in the plan to knock out the Panama Canal and thereby stop the increasing flow of American men and war matériel toward Japan. The loss of the Panama Canal might prompt the Allies to modify their demand for unconditional surrender.
Biological Weapons Considered For the Sen-toku Squadron
The Japanese labored on, and by the end of 1944 the I-400 and the smaller I-13 were completed and turned over to the Navy. In early January 1945, the I-401 was commissioned and the I-14, the last of the underwater aircraft carriers, was put into service by mid-March 1945.
The Seiran airplanes were still undergoing testing in late 1944, with the manpower shortage so severe that many of the aircraft workers were 12- to 15-year-old schoolgirls. The Japanese pressed ahead despite problems with the plane’s engines, two earthquakes, and numerous American air raids that slowed production.
As an important aside, it should be noted that while preparations for the attack on the Panama Canal went forward, Vice Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa, vice-chief of the Naval General Staff, floated another idea for the use of the Sen-toku submarines. He suggested arming the Seiran planes with biological weapons to be unleashed against a populated area on the West Coast of the United States.
Dr. Shiro Ishii, Japan’s top virus expert and head of the Army’s notorious 731 unit in Manchuria, was consulted. He recommended that the planes drop plague-inflected fleas, something he had tested with success in China, on the United States with San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego suggested as targets. The plan was discarded in late March by the head of the Army’s general staff who called it “unpardonable on humanitarian grounds.”
In effect, the Japanese Army, which had led the development of biological weapons and had tested them on Chinese and American captives, nixed the idea of using the weapons late in the war on American civilians, perhaps in the belief that the war was already lost.
Training For the Raid
The relentless American onslaught had taken a toll. By early 1945, the Japanese Navy had only 20 modern submarines left, including those in the Sen-toku squadron. Problems arose as the two available I-400 subs began test launching their Sieran planes. Each submarine was required to surface and get its three planes unlimbered and aloft within 30 minutes, but actual training showed that it took some 45 minutes. Those additional 15 minutes exposed on the surface could mean the difference between life or death to the pilots and the crews. They also encountered operational problems in getting the aircraft to sputter to life in a timely fashion. Fuel for the submarines and the Sierans was also in short supply. The presence of mines made matters increasingly difficult for the Japanese commanders.
Because of an increasing sense of urgency, the Japanese further modified their plans. A torpedo attack was ruled out because the pilots had not yet acquired the requisite skills. It was decided that each of the 10 planes designated for the Panama Canal mission would carry one 1,760-pound bomb, the largest in the Navy’s arsenal and similar to the one that sank the battleship USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. In essence, the pilots would now also be on a suicide run because they were to crash their low-flying planes against the locks, thereby ensuring the success of the mission. The pilots quietly accepted the decision.
The departure date was set for mid-June. With continued training, the crews of the larger subs were able to catapult the first two planes off in about four minutes each. With a bit of a struggle, the third plane could be launched in 20 minutes, bringing the total launch time to just under half an hour, which constituted nearly a lifetime when surfaced and bobbing about in heavily patrolled enemy waters.
The Seiran pilots made practice bombing runs in Nanao Bay against a full-sized replica of the Gatun gates. The pilots by now knew what was a stake because the real attack would entail flying in low and fast without floats and with live bombs firmly attached to their planes. Debugging the planes was proving difficult, with nine men killed in crashes and another lost in a nonflying mishap. Training aboard the I-14 proved particularly difficult because it was the last of the four Sen-toku subs to be commissioned and the crew had the least training time.
The Submarines at War’s End
The fall of Iwo Jima in March 1945 and the American attack on Okinawa increased the angst among the Japanese planners as the Americans closed in on the home islands. The war had leaped ahead of the planners, and the slated attack on the Panama Canal was canceled. As noted, there were discussions about possibly using the planes in a surprise attack on San Francisco or Los Angles, but those, too, were put aside in favor of a plan to attack enemy carriers at Ulithi, a large staging area near the island of Truk in the Carolines that was used by the Americans.
The two large subs were to proceed toward Ulithi independently for safety and then rendezvous near the target and launch the attack in mid-August. The I-14 and the I-13 were to reach Japanese-held Truk, get their planes into the air, and report on conditions at Ulithi to ensure that the American carriers were present. The I-13 never made it to Truk and was correctly presumed lost. The I-14 arrived at Truk on August 4, and its planes flew over Ulithi the following day.
Shortly thereafter word reached the submarines that an atomic bomb had destroyed Hiroshima, and on August 15 the Japanese seamen heard the broadcast from the emperor asking his warriors to lay down their arms. Subsequent orders from the homeland were confusing, with one commanding all submarine captains to execute their predetermined missions. On August 16, the underwater aircraft carriers received explicit orders that their planned attack on Ulithi had been canceled just hours before the I-401 was to launch its planes. The subs were ordered to Kure, and the I-401 turned course toward its fateful encounter with Lt. Cmdr. Johnson and the Segundo.
Strategic Successor to the Ballistic Submarine
The Japanese eventually surrendered the I-401 and the other two remaining underwater aircraft carriers. Commander Ariizumi, the developer of the top secret subs, took his own life aboard the I-401 and was quietly buried at sea by the crew. Before encountering the Americans, Nambu had meticusouly followed orders from Japan to raise the black flag of surrender and dispose of the vessel’s weapons, including the planes that were catapulted into the sea. Logbooks, codebooks, and the like were loaded into weighted sacks and tossed overboard. The torpedoes were jettisoned, with one causing alarm as it circled back toward the large submarine before disappearing harmlessly into the depths.
The three submarines drew considerable attention when they made it back to Tokyo Bay. Many Americans initially believed the large hangars atop the subs had been designed to haul supplies to troops on distant islands despite the clearly observed catapults. The Americans did receive some assistance from the Japanese crews as they tried to comprehend the purpose of the extraordinary submarines, and by the end of September the Americans had taken the submarines out for cruises. However, none was taken underwater.
The submarines were then taken to Hawaii for further study. The U.S. Navy gleaned what it could from them, and then all three were deliberately sunk by early June 1946 to keep them away from the prying eyes of the inquisitive Soviets.
One of the Seirans did make it to the United States after the war and was eventually restored at an estimated cost of $1 million. It is now on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Although the U.S. Navy was somewhat dismissive of the massive submarines, it did take a keen interest in the sound-protective coatings used on the vessels.
There is little doubt that the I-400s were the strategic predecessors to today’s ballistic submarines, especially to the Regulus missile program begun about a decade after World War II that carried nuclear warheads inside waterproof deck hangars. In short, Yamamoto’s plan lived on with “new and improved” versions that helped the United States win the Cold War.
This first appeared on the Warfare History Network sitehere.Phil Zimmer, who authored the piece, is a former newspaper reporter and a U.S. Army veteran. He writes on World War II topics from Jamestown, New York.
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2016.09.03 16:23 SAGrimmas Greatest Wrestler Ever (2016 Version)

In 2006 Smarkschoice did a greatest wrestler ever poll and in 2016 Prowrestlingonly.com did their own version.
I helped put it together, and I noticed that only the honourable mentions were posted here, so I thought I would post the actual top 100. The process was 18 months of debate with a little over 150 ballots coming in. The criteria was based on footage and focused on ring work. Anyways, here is the list:
100) Daisuke Ikeda (2251 points, 45 ballots, 50.98 avg, high: 11 - Microstatistics, 2006: 245)
99) Virus (2255 points, 44 ballots, 49.75 avg, high: 10 - Matt D, 2006: 364)
98) Kerry Von Erich (2274 points, 69 ballots, 68.04 avg, high: 21 - Chris Powell, 2006: 233) 97) The Destroyer (2276 points, 45 ballots, 50.42 avg, high: 20 - Yo-Yo's Roomie & Tim Cooke, 2006: 25)
96) L.A. Park (2358 points, 72 ballots, 68.36 avg, high: 4 - Dean Rasmussen, 2006: 125)
95) Sangre Chicana (2400 points, 46 ballots, 48.84 avg, high: 9 - stunning_grover, 2006: 194)
94) Shinsuke Nakamura (2424 points, 64 ballots, 63.13 avg, high: 14 - BackToBionic, 2006: unranked)
93) Bob Backlund (2495 points, 57 ballots, 57.40 avg, high: 5 - Scott Bernard, 2006: 76)
92) Dusty Rhodes (2503 points, 62 ballots, 60.66 avg, high: 7 - Kelly Nelson, 2006: 110)
91) Too Cold Scorpio (2521 points, 74 ballots, 67.27 avg, high: 1 - Mando>Eddie, 2006: 145)
90) Ron Garvin (2541 points, 73 ballots, 66.19 avg, high: 28: El Boricua, 2006: 237)
89) Atsushi Onita (2551 points, 65 ballots, 61.78 avg, high: 7 - anonymous, 2006: 129)
88) Sami Zayn (2600 points, 66 ballots, 61.62 avg, high: 8 - Mrzfn, 2006: unranked)
87) Cesaro (2603 points, 69 ballots, 63.28 avg, high: 14 - Mrzfn, 2006: unranked)
86) Hiroshi Tanahashi (2637 points, 51 ballots, 49.53 avg, high: 5 - ShittyLittleBoots & Lauren McKell, 2006: 370)
85) Manami Toyota (2684 points, 52 ballots, 50.10 avg, high: 1 - The Great Puma, 2006: 29)
84) The Undertaker (2776 points, 59 ballots, 53.95 avg, high: 14 - Trent Williams, 2006: 132)
83) Roddy Piper (2786 points, 67 ballots, 59.84 avg, high: 3 - John Steffy, 2006: 153)
82) Steve Williams (2807 points, 79 ballots, 65.47 avg, high: 17 - The Great Puma, 2006: 52)
81) Yoshihiro Tajiri (2813 points, 80 ballots, 65.84 avg, high: 15 - El Dragon, 2006: 294)
80) Tito Santana (2945 points, 74 ballots, 61.20 avg, high: 14 - Coffey, 2006: 208)
79) Terry Gordy (2945 points, 66 ballots, 56.14 avg, high: 8 - Lisa Lewis, 2006: 47)
78) Dynamite Kid (3037 points, 64 ballots, 54.19 avg, high: 2 - ChuckScumm, 2006: 14)
77) Rick Rude (3072 points, 83 ballots, 64.00 avg, high: 8 - Andrew Lacelle, 2006: 85)
76) Hiroshi Hase (3109 points, 73 ballots, 58.41 avg, high: 10 - anarchistxx, 2006: 33)
75) Hulk Hogan (3155 points, 78 ballots, 60.65 avg, high: 6 - Chris Powell, 2006: 86)
74) Atlantis (3197 points, 68 ballots, 54.04 avg, high: 6 - Frankensteiner, 2006: 94)
73) Chris Jericho (3220 points, 71 ballots, 55.65 avg, high: 16 - BlackToBionic, 2006: 84)
72) Brian Pillman (3275 points, 86 ballots, 63.06 avg, high: 3 - Mando>Eddie, 2006: 88)
71) Dick Togo (3280 points, 66 ballots, 51.30 avg, high: 12 - stunning_grover, 2006: 98)
70) Yuki Ishikawa (3287 points, 54 ballots, 40.22 avg, high: 6 - A Stock, 2006: 174)
69) Blue Panther (3397 points, 65 ballots, 48.77 avg, high: 7 - anonymous, 2006: 32)
68) Kurt Angle (3398 points, 64 ballots, 48.36 avg, high: 3 - Derek C & BackToBionic, 2006: 80)
67) Jack Brisco (3431 points, 65 ballots, 48.28 avg, high: 6 - John Steffy, 2006: 48)
66) Keiji Mutoh (3535 points, 74 ballots, 53.31 avg, high: 5 - Chris Powell, 2006: 53)
65) Shinjiro Ohtani (3616 points, 80 ballots, 55.80 avg, high: 21 - GOTNW & anonymous, 2006: 27)
64) Sgt. Slaughter (3768 points, 87 ballots, 57.69 avg, high: 14 - Kelly Nelson, 2006: 99)
63) Giant Baba (3768 points, 80 ballots, 54.10 avg, high: 2 - jackwebb, 2006: 30)
62) Kiyoshi Tamura (3880 points, 55 ballots, 31.11 avg, high: 2 - anonymous, 2006: 63)
61) Bull Nakano (3902 points, 72 ballots, 46.81 avg, high: 9 - Bill Thompson, 2006: 43)
60) Volk Han (3913 points, 68 ballots, 44.60 avg, high: 1 - Frankensteiner & anonymous, 2006: 42)
59) Samoa Joe (4098 points, 103 ballots, 61.21 avg, high: 18 - Woof & mprice, 2006: 116)
58) Owen Hart (4103 points, 94 ballots, 57.35 avg, high: 10 - Mando>Eddie & Scarlet-Left, 2006: 37)
57) Bill Dundee (4215 points, 87 ballots, 52.55 avg, high: 11 - Parties, 2006: 136)
56) Jim Breaks (4338 points, 67 ballots, 36.28 avg, high: 7 - Matt D, 2006: 115)
55) Curt Hennig (4624 points, 100 ballots, 55.05 avg, high: 1 - Lisa Lewis, 2006: 45)
54) Greg Valentine (4691 points, 99 ballots, 53.62 avg, high: 13 - Dean Rasmussen, 2006: 170)
53) Dick Murdoch (4799 points, 92 ballots, 49.03 avg, high: 3 - Dean Rasmussen, 2006: 51)
52) Akira Hokuto (4850 points, 76 ballots, 37.45 avg, high: 3 - Badlittlekitten, 2006: 15)
51) Andre The Giant (4971 points, 105 ballots, 53.81 avg, high: 5 - Mando>Eddie, 2006: 164)
50) Billy Robinson (5066 points, 91 ballots, 45.37 avg, high: 6 - Rob AnimalGlue, 2006: 36)
49) Aja Kong (4085 points, 83 ballots, 39.89 avg, high: 3 - anarchistxx, 2006: 18)
48) Fit Finlay (5216 points, 101 ballots, 49.30 avg, high: 6 - El Dragon, 2006: 55)
47) Brock Lesnar (5265 points, 110 ballots, 53.32 avg, high: 2 - Scott Bernard, 2006: 143)
46) CM Punk (5334 points, 105 ballots, 50.22 avg, high: 7 - jpchicago23, 2006: 425)
45) Harley Race (5374 points, 93 ballots, 43.78 avg, high: 1 - Manatee, 2006: 12)
44) Tully Blanchard (5610 points, 109 ballots, 49.64 avg, high: 3 - Scarlet-Left, 2006: 57)
43) Rick Martel (5636 points, 104 ballots, 46.82 avg, high: 8 - anonymous, 2006: 96)
42) Ted DiBiase (5637 points, 110 ballots, 49.77 avg, high: 7 - anonymous, 2006: 40)
41) Riki Choshu (5647 points, 97 ballots, 42.79 avg, high: 8 - GOTNW, 2006: 100)
40) Yoshiaki Fujiawara (5647 points, 81 ballots, 32.64 avg, high: 1 - A Stock, 2006: 119)
39) AJ Styles (5759 points, 109 ballots, 48.20 avg, high: 6 - Hasan Mulla, 2006: 301)
38) Mick Foley (6003 points, 121 ballots, 51.44 avg, high: 5 - Beast, 2006: 70)
37) El Satanico (6041 points, 83 ballots, 29.73 avg, high: 2 - Elliot, A Stock & Micostatistics, 2006: 89)
36) Buddy Rose (6142 points, 92 ballots, 34.66 avg, high: 2 - Devon Hales, 2006: 239)
35) El Dandy (6368 points, 96 ballots, 34.70 avg, high: 7 - Tim Evans, 2006: 67)
34) Chris Benoit (6396 points, 93 ballots, 32.88 avg, high: 2 - anarchistxx & Mrzfn, 2006: 3)
33) Ricky Morton (6613 points, 116 ballots, 43.99 avg, high: 13 - anonymous, 2006: 75)
32) Dustin Rhodes (6861 points, 124 ballots, 45.69 avg, high: 7 - jackwebb, 2006: 137)
31) Shawn Michaels (7187 points, 111 ballots, 38.11 avg, high: 1 - Jimmy Redman & ElHijodeGorgeousGeorge)
30) John Cena (7502 points, 126 ballots, 41.70 avg, high: 3 – James Derbyshire, 2006: unranked)
29) El Hijo del Santo (7579 points, 95 ballots, 22.52 avg, high: 1 – Jetlag, 2006: 20)
28) Bobby Eaton (7630 points, 128 ballots, 41.39 avg, high: 13 – Matt D & anonymous, 2006: 49)
27) Jun Akiyama (7686 points, 114 ballots, 33.97 avg, high: 3 – Tanner Teat & Alan Counihan, 2006: 50)
26) Akira Taue (7850 points, 121 ballots, 36.16 avg, high: 6 – Ismael Retena, 2006: 26)
25) Barry Windham (7987 points, 130 ballots, 39.56 avg, high: 10 – John Steffy, 2006: 28)
24) Steve Austin (9001 points, 139 ballots, 37.02 avg, high: 1 – DMJ, 2006: 16)
23) Shinya Hashimoto (9107 points, 119 ballots, 25.45 avg, high: 1 – GOTNW, 2006: 24)
22) Negro Casas (9251 points, 108 ballots, 19.03 avg, high: 1 – JR Goldman, tim, cubbtmark & Sam DiMascio, 2006: 38)
21) William Regal (9422 points, 138 ballots, 33.01 avg, high: 2 – Phil Rippa, 2006: 54)
20) Tatsumi Fujinami (9429 points, 124 ballots, 25.94 avg, high: 2 – Kris Zellner, 2006: 58)
19) Arn Anderson (9443 points, 144 ballots, 35.49 avg, high: 5 – Lisa Lewis, 2006: 34)
18) Randy Savage (10548 points, 138 ballots, 26.46 avg, high: 1 – Goodear, Chris Powell, Scott Bernard & Kelly Nelson)
17) Bret Hart (10757 points, 138 ballots, 26.14 avg, high: 1 – Andrew Lacelle, NoyJayTabb, Scalret-Left, Beast, BAMbtb, Hasan Mulla, jpchicago23, The Chief & anonymous; 2006: 9)
16) Nick Bockwinkel (10799 points, 132 ballots, 21.41 avg, high: 1 – Matt D & Lee Casebolt)
15) Ricky Steamboat (11050 points, 144 ballots, 24.64 avg, high: 2 – Derel C, 2006: 13)
14) Vader (11140 points, 148 ballots, 26.24 avg, high: 2 – anonymous, 2006: 17)
13) Genichiro Tenryu (11318 points, 131 ballots, 17.51 avg, high: 1 – Tanner Teat, Dean Rasmussen, djhaigh, Microstatistics & anonymous)
12) Eddie Guerrero (11369 points, 146 ballots, 24.16 avg, high: 1 – Gus_Mcrae, 2006: 6)
11) Jumbo Tsuruta (11538 points, 135 ballots, 19.29 avg, high: 1 – El-P, Brass Ring Club, Yo-Yo's Roomie, Dave Musgrave, Dylan Harris, 2006: 1)
10) Jerry Lawler (11603 points, 136 ballots, 18.76 avg, high: 1 – goc, Tim Livingston, Phil Schneider, benj, Polish_Hammer, goodhelmet, 2006: 41)
9) Toshiaki Kawada (11784 points, 129 ballots, 13.19 avg, high: 1 – ChuckScumm, anarchistxx, AstroBoy, AndyLFC & anonymous; 2006: 2)
8) Kenta Kobashi (11898 points, 135 ballots, 16.62 avg, high: 1 – Alan Counihan, Lauren McKell, Marty Sleaze, Winged Eagle, anonymous & anonymous; 2006: 5)
7) Rey Mysterio Jr. (11910 points, 146 ballots, 20.92 avg, high: 1 – El Dragon, Zero & donsem43, 2006: 22)
6) Jushin Liger (12291 points, 145 ballots, 18.03 avg, high: 1 – BuryWindham/VicVenomBytes, 2006: 4)
5) Daniel Bryan (12302 points, 142 ballots, 17.63 avg, high: 1 – Danny Kichler, @jamesie_2015, ShittyLittleBoots, James Derbyshire, Venegas, Dan Rice, Quentin Skinner, Mrzfn & anonymous, 2006: 117)
4) Mitsuharu Misawa (13216 points, 137 ballots, 10.23 avg, high: 1 – Tim Cooke, Ismael Retana, Chad Campbell, Dustin Hales, Rob AnimalGlue, The Thread Killer, stunning_grover, Andrew79 & anonymous X3, 2006: 7)
3) Stan Hansen (13813 points, 143 ballots, 11.06 avg, high: 1 – Bill Thompson, Coffey, InYourCase, Childs, Devon Hales, overbooked, Stiva, KB8, Phil Rippa, MoS & anonymous, 2006: 10)
2) Terry Funk (14452 points, 148 ballots, 11.36 avg, high: 1 - Joe G, TravJ1979, Elliott, Laney, Grimmas, The Russian Daydream, PeteF3, Josh Ritter, Trent Williams, Kris Zellner, topropepodcast, ShipCanal, Jimbo Tsuruta, simen oem, John Steffy, Dr Ackermann, Jon Burr, Parties, victory, benjaminkicks, JAEDMC, The Man in Blak, El Boricua, & Dylan Waco, anonymous; 2006: 11)
1) Ric Flair (15261 points, 148 ballots, 7.95 avg, high: 1 - TheU_2001, Loss, Derek C, Moonsault Marvin, Tim Evans, Jerryvonkramer, BackToBionic, Paul Cooke, Woof, supremebve, anchor, mprice, Justin Webb, Cross Face Chicken Wing, Timothy Buechner, Steven White, Paul Völsch, Danish Dynamite, Shoe, Conker8, Fishbaugh, Ricky Whittenburg, Brad, Floyd, JazeUSA, MikeF , Badlittlekitten, & peachchaos, and anonymous 2; 2006: 8)
Here is the reveal thread, with pictures, recommended matches, and comments, etc..
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2016.06.12 07:36 iminterestingplease I have to make a new list

It seems I've reached the maximum 40,000 characters Reddit will allow me to type, so from 160 and beyond. I will be making a new list tomorrow with everybodys new Mandela effects they've sent me that I've neglected to add and I'll still be updating it with numbers and links. That'll be all for now.
(Mandela Effect:Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 80's, then in 2013. Hence the name.)
160.(Tennis Player name change.)Chris Everette/Chris Everet/Chris Evert
(Couldn't find a good article that related to this.)
161.(Football Player.) Walter Peyton/Walter Payton
162.(Reversed Reality.)Peace sign upside down from what it is today.
(Like shown above.)
163.(Frozen Food name change.)Gordon's Fish/Gorton's Fish
164.(Movie Quote change.)"Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape."/"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape."
165.(Movie Quote change.)"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."/"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
166.(Spelling change.)Vacumn/Vacuum
167.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Gene Wilder died, but is now suddenly still alive.
168.(Grammar change.)Ofcourse/Of course
169.(University name change)John Hopkins University/Johns Hopkins University
170.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Betty White dying a while back only to find out she's alive.
171.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Danny DeVito dying a while back only to find out he's alive.
172.(Movie Quote change.)"Hello Clarice"/"Good evening Clarice."
173.(Cereal Company name change.)Kellog's/Kellogg's
174.(Snack name change.)Rice Crispies/Rice Krispies
175.(Toy Company name change.)Playschool/Playskool
(Nothing good on it.)
176.(Light Fixture name change.)Light Bright/Lite Brite
177.(Beer name change.)Anheiser-Busch/Anheuser-Busch
178.(Amusement Park name change.)Disney World/Walt Disney World
179.(Anatomy change.)Rib cage is now closed instead of open like people remember.
180.(Earlier or later than remembered.)The song "Pumped Up Kicks" came out earlier than people recall.
181.(Different date.)Columbine Massacre happened in 1999 instead of 1996 like people remember.
182.(Different date.)Segways were around before 1999 according to some people.
183.(Things that have "always" been a certain way.)People don't remember a gimp being in the Pulp Fiction movie.
184.(Geography change.)South America is further east and not under North America where people remember it.
185.(Geography change.)New Zealand is closer to Asia than people remember.
186.(Date change.)Chemtrail reports from dates as early as the 60's are popping up when people remember them starting around the 90's.
187.(Writer name change.)Edgar Allen Poe/Edgar Allan Poe
188.(Movie change.)Grease movie car is white/red
189.(Electronic Company name change.)Phillips Electronics Company/Philips Electronics Company
190.(Coffee or tea name change.)Andersons Tea/Sandersons Tea
191.(Laundry Detergent name change.)Downing Laundry Detergent/Downy Laundry Detergent
192.(Laundry Detergent name change.)Cheers Laundry Detergent/Cheer Laundry Detergent
193.(Online Company name change.)Aplica Application Portal/Applica Application Portal
194.(Flag change.)The French flag used to go horizontal, when it's always been vertical.
195.(Movie Quote change.)"That's another fine mess you've gotten us into."/"Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into."/"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."(Laurel and Hardy quote.)
. (Numerous articles with text, but not relating to the actual quote being mentioned.)
196.(Geography change.)People don't remember Sicily being stuck to Italy's toe.
197.(Geography change.)People don't remember the gulf of Carpentaria being so spiky.
198.(Sports Brand name change.)Reeboks/Reebok
199.(Ramen Noodle name change.)Cup 'O' Noodle/Cup Noodles
200.(Geography change.)The Panama Canal going North and South instead of East and West.
201.(Geography change.)The Bermuda Islands are closer to Florida than people remember.
202.(Geography change.)People don't remember islands off the coast of California.
203.(Geography change.)Asian islands closer to Australia than people remember.
204.(Geography change.)England is East of France while people remember it North.
205.(Geography change.)Iceland is closer to Greenland than people remember.
206.(Geography change.)Poland is farther west of Germany than people recall.
207.(Geography change.)Australia is now closer to Indonesia.
208.(Historic Landmark change.)The faces of Mount Rushmore are looking in different directions than before.(That is also new.)
209.(Beer name change.)Bud Lite/Bud Light
210.(Clothing Brand name change.)Haines/Hanes
211.(Candy name change.)Balmer Chocolate/Palmer Chocolate
212.(Store name change.)Roch Bros/Roche Bros
213.(Store name change.)Tommy HillfigeTommy Hilfiger
214.(Shampoo or lotion name change.)Finess Shampoo/Finesse Shampoo
215.(Fictional Character name change.)Spike from Gremlins/Stripe from Gremlins
216.(Toy name change.)Playdough/Play-Doh
217.(Action Figure or doll name change.)Cupie doll/Kewpie doll
218.(Famous Singer name change.)Laura Brenigan/Laura Branigan
219.(Famous Singer name change.)Bob SegaBob Seger
220.(Restaurant name change.)Western SizzleWestern Sizzlin
221.(Toothpaste name change.)Colegate Toothpaste/Colgate Toothpaste
222.(Earth or outer space change.)Jupiter being more than 11 times bigger than Earth.
223.(Celebrity death that happened or didn't.)Jeff Buckley dying in 1997 even though people remembered him being alive past that, while other people remembering him dying years after this.
224.(Celebrity death that happened or didn't.)Conrad Brain(Star of Different Stokes.) has died numerous times and dates.
225.(Celebrity death that happened or didn't.)Mesach Taylor(For those of you who know him.) has died a couple different times.
226.(Celebrity death that happened or didn't.)Jack Palace has died on more than one occasion according to some. (The guy who told me he and some people remember Dennis Miller saying in an interview with Bill O Reilly "Is it me, or does Jack Palace die every year?")
227.(Reversed Reality.)Chevron logo red on top, blue on bottom./Chevron logo blue on top, red on bottom.
228.(Reversed Reality.)One way signs have the colors reversed now.
229.(Way something once was is now no longer that way.)Soft Suds having a dishwasher soap, and not just auto soap(There's only one supposed picture of Soft Suds dish soap, but after researching, I couldn't find it.)
230.(New characters that have always existed.)The characters in Alice in Wonderland are new, and they don't recognize them.(I don't about this one, I remember all of the "new" characters. What do you guys think?)
231.(Confused Dates.)Many people have issues with agreeing on a date for the Challenger explosion.(1984, 1985, and 1986 are years people remember it happening.)
232.(Changed or altered T.V Show or movie title.)Ghost Hunters(Was it called TAPS before? People remember it being called TAPS.)
(The team is called TAPS, so that may be enough evidence.)
233.(Double change name and different date.)Mother Theresa/Mother Teresa(Was she a saint before 2016? Some people remember her being one before then.)
234.(Missing person actually found.)Many recall Agatha Christie never being found in 1926. However, "we all know" she was found 10 days later, but we were never given an explanation on how she was found.
235.(Death that never happened.)Brian Dennehy dying, but he's still alive.
236.(Death that never happened.)Charles Spencer died, he's still alive though.
237.(Name change.)The Cohen brothers/The Coen brothers.(John Coen, Rob Coen, and Charles S. Coen.)
238.(Death that never happened.)The death of David Soul, he's still alive.
239.The death of Dick Clark, others remember another death of the same Dick Clark.
240.(Death that happened before the actual day of the death.)Dick Van Patten(Died before his death in June of 2015.)
241.(Died more than once.)Dom DeLuise's numerous deaths.
242.(Death that never happened.)Don Rickles dying even though he's still alive.
243.(Death that happened before the real death.)Ernest Borgnine(Dying before his death in 2012.)
244.(Died before actual death.)Forrest J. Ackerman(Different death dates from his "actual" death in 2008.)
245.(Died before actual death.)Mister Rogers dying before his death in 2003.
246.(Died before actual death.)Helen Thomas dying a different date then her 2013 one.
247.(Died more ways than one.)Henry Ford's not agreed upon numerous causes of death.
248.(Died before actual death.)(Jayne Meadows Allen(Dying in 2015 or earlier.)
249.(Died then came back to life.)Jerry Lewis(Not Jerry Lee Lewis.) dying in late 2013, early 2014, but still alive as of October of 2014.
250.(Died more ways than one.)Jim Henson's not agreed upon numerous causes of death.
251.(Died then came back to life.)Jimmy Swaggart passing away even though he's still alive.
252.(Died more than once and in multiple areas.)John Denver's not agreed upon date and location of death.
253.(Died before actual death.)John Lennon passing away a different date from the one he actually died on.
254.(Lunch meat name change.)Oscar MeyeOscar Mayer
255.(Position change.)The sun's position in the Milky Way has moved from the outskirts to halfway from the center.
256.(Died before actual death.)Do you remember Shirley Temple's death as a child? You might be shocked to hear she lived until 2014.
257.(Geography change.)The Bahamas are closer to Florida and Cuba and are inside the Bermuda Triangle now.
258.("New Geography" that's always been there.)Venezuela now has always had a lake known as Lake Maracaibo, which has lightning storms every night.
259.(T.V Host name change.)Kathy Lee Gifford/Kathie Lee Gifford
260.(Singer name change.)Kate Perry/Katy Perry
261.(Different Date.)Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar before 2016.
262.(Died then came back to life.)Li Qi(Chinese comedian.) still alive as of early 2014 even though people thought he died.
263.(Died then came back to life then died again.)Muhammad Ali's 2009 death that never happened as he's still alive which now he's dead again.
264.(Died on different dates.)Did Neil Armstrong pass in 2012, or 2013? People remember both years as his death year.
265.(Was alive after death)Patrick Swayze making a full recovery and not dying, but he's dead in this reality.
266.(Was dead even though still alive.)Peter Fonda dying while he's still alive.
267.(Death that never happened.)Richard Chamberlain died in the 1990's, but came back to life.
268.(Death that never happened.)Robert Crumb didn't actually die in the 1990's and is still alive.
269.(Death before death.)Robert Stack died earlier than his actual death.
270.(Died in more ways than one.)Rodney King died numerous times.
271.(Actual death before supposed death.)Terry Pratchett dying in 2013 instead of 2015.
272.(Alive after death.)The actor William Daniels still alive even though he passed in the early 2000's.
273.(Died before actual death.)The athlete Yogi Berra dying earlier than his actual death date.
274.(Divorced while still together.)Some of you remember Will Smith and Jada Pinkett divorcing, but they're actually still together.
275.(Different Date.)Not agreed upon date when writers' strike in Hollywood happened.(2007 or 2008.)
276.(Certain way before it was a different way.)Adam's Bridge being fully above sea level in the late 20th century, while it's been partially submerged underwater ever since the 15th century.
277.(Movie change.)Alternate ending to the movie Big.
278.(Fictional Character Appearance change.)Carmen Sandiego used to wear a yellow trench coat people recall, none remember her having a red one.
279.(Altered or different characters.)Characters in Cinderella that are no longer there, and never have been.
280.(T.V Show name change.)Different Strokes/Diff'rent Strokes
281.(Altered or different characters.)Characters missing from big scene in Independence Day.
282.(Altered or different scenes.)A scene is now missing from Jurassic Park.
283.(Altered or different characters.)Some of the members of the Justice League are new or missing.
284.(Altered or different actors.)Nicolas Cage starring in K-PAX, it's actually Kevin Spacey in that role.
285.(More than one actor recalled being in a role.)One character played by two people in Married...With Children.
286.(Dead character alive later in a series.)An important character dying in MASH dying, while it never happened at all in the story in this reality.
287.(Different numbers.)Mystery Science Theater numbers in title(2000,3000, or 4000.)
288.(Dead character alive later in a series.)Star Trek character Chakotay dying, even though it never happened in the story.
289.(Different or altered scenes.)Important scene missing from Star Wars movie.(Never existed.)
290.(Altered scenes, endings and predictions.)Scenes and endings from Terminator that didn't happen, as well as predicted scenes that existed, but never made it to the final movie.
291.(Different or altered title, and ending.)Different title and ending with Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
292.(Altered powers.)Alternate abilities of Professor X of X-Men.
293.(Different pronunciation of words.) Arnold Schwarzenegger pronouncing "I'll be back" with a thicker accent on back in Terminator 2. Now, it sounds completely different than people remember.
294.(Popular natural occurrence name change.)Haley's Comet/Halley's Comet
295.(Different Dates.)Flushed Away before its release in 2006.
296.(Died in different ways and died more than once.)Abraham Lincoln dying differently and his son Tad dying on a different date.
297.(Died in different ways.)Martin Luther King Jr. dying differently than being shot with a gun.
298.(Dying before actual death and not dying at all.)Gaddafi dying before he did and others say he fled his country.
299.(Altered Appearance.)Benito Mussolini looking completely different than he's depicted today.
300.(Death before it happened.)Osama Bin Laden's death before it happened.
301.(Different deaths, causes of death and time being something.)Ronald Reagan's not agreed upon time of presidency, time of death, and how he died.
302.(Commercial Quote change.)The Mikey Life Cereal commercials.("Mikey likes everything."/"Mikey eats everything."/"Mikey eats anything."/"Mikey hates everything.")(Which one was it to you, people remember them all.)
303.(Commercial Quote change.)"Nobody does it like Sara Lee."/"Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."
304.(Spelling change.)Liason/Liaison
305.(Soft drink name change.)Coke Zero/Coca-Cola Zero
306.(Spelling change.)Stalagtite/Stalactite
307.(Vacuum name change.)Bissel/Bissell
308.(Restaurant name change.)IHOPS/IHOP
309.(Beer name change.)Johnny Walker Whiskey/Johnnie Walker Whiskey
310.(Altered Character Appearance.)Didn't Dolly from Moonraker wear braces in the opening part of the movie?She no longer does.
311.(Toy name change.)Rubix Cube/Rubik's Cube
312.(Soft Drink name change.)Mt Dew/Mtn Dew
313.(Restaurant name change.)The Olive Garden/Olive Garden
314.(Author name change.)J.R.R. Tolken/J.R.R. Tolkien
315.(Website name change.)eBay/ebay
(It's still on the link, but when you enter, the B is lower cased.)
316.(Vinegar name change.)Bragg's/Bragg
317.(Celebrity Quote change.)"You like me. You really like me."/"You like me. Right now. You like me."(Sally Field at the 1995 Oscars.)
318.(History change.)Dwight D. Eisenhower on U.S dime./Franklin D. Roosevelt on U.S dime.
319.(Celebrity Actress name change.)Sally Fields/Sally Field
320.(Soap name change.)Mr. Bubbles/Mr. Bubble
321.(Singer name change.)Axel Rose/Axl Rose
322.(Singer name change.)Pete Townsend/Pete Townshend
323.(Theme song lyric change.)"Catch the pigeon."/"Stop the pigeon."(Dick Dastardly theme song.)
324.(Water name change.)Poland Springs/Poland Spring
325.(Altered Appearance of animal.)Russian Blue Cat commonly has blue fur and blue eyes, now they commonly have green eyes instead.
326.(Alive after death.)Kirk Douglas passing away even though he's alive.
327.(Candy name change.)Taffy Taffy/Laffy Taffy
328.(Beer name change.)Captain Morgan's Rum/Captain Morgan Rum
329.(Production Company name change.)Metro-Goldwyn MeyeMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
330.(Store name change.)K-Mart/Kmart
331.(Famous Actress name change.)Katherine Hepburn/Katharine Hepburn
332.(Movie name change.)The Adams Family/The Addams Family
333.(Makeup name change.)Maybeline/Maybelline
334.(Gelatin name change.)Jello/Jell-O
335.(Store name change.)Sav a lot/Save a lot
336.(History change.)The John F. Kennedy assassination happens differently now.
337.(History change.)Hawaii became a part of the union in the 1950's instead of earlier as you may remember.
338.(History Change.)The Vietnam War happened in 1955 instead of the 60's.
339.(Fictional Mascot altered appearance.)The Count Chocula mascot looks different, but has always looked the way it does now.
340.(Soft Drink name change.)Cocacola/Coca-Cola(Coke Cola for some as well.)
341.(Soft Drink name change.)Dr. PeppeDr Pepper
342.(Store name change.)Lowes/Lowe's
343.(Company name change.)Vick's/Vicks
344.(Restaurant name change.)Quizno's/Quiznos
345.(Chip Brand name change.)Lays/Lay's
346.(Medicine name change.)Peptobismol/Pepto-Bismol
347.(Redirects to something different.)Mandela Effect in Wikipedia or Wiki now redirects to confabulation instead which is misunderstood memories, made up memories, and altered memories.(So, they basically say we have a shitty memory like we haven't heard that before.)
348.(T.V Show name change.)The Andy Griffin Show/The Andy Griffith Show
349.(T.V Show name change.)Bewitched-Darrin and Samantha Stevens/Darrin and Samantha Stevens
350.(Snack name change.)Marshmellow/Marshmallow
351.(Quote change.)"Dearly Beloved, we are here to celebrate this thing called life."/"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life."
352.(Quote change.)"There's something else, the afterlife, a life of never ending happiness."/"There's something else, the after world, a world of never ending happiness."
353.(Actor name change.)Andy Griffin/Andy Griffith
354.(Movie title change.)Bridget Jones' Diary/Bridget Jones's Diary
355.(Gum change.)Orbitz Gum/Orbit Gum
356.(Restaurant name change.)Lil' Ceasar's/Little Caesar's
357.(Synthesizer name change.)Moog Lil' Phatty/Moog Little Phatty(Personal Mandela effect messaged to me.)
358.(Frozen Food name change.)Tostino's/Totino's
359.(Candy name change.)Cow Tails/Cow Tales
360.(Company name change.)
361.(Geography change.) The Great Pyramid Of Giza changed position from the two lesser sized ones.
362.(Movie title name change.)Transformers:Dark Side of the Moon/Transformers:Dark of the Moon
363.(Candy name change.)Blue Ribbon Chocolate/Blue Riband Chocolate
364.(Song lyric change.)"We are the champions." then ends./"We are the champions of the world." then ends.
365.(Inventor change in Appearance.)Eli Whitney(Inventor of Cotton Gin.) Caucasian/Eli Whitney(Inventor of Cotton Gin.) African American
366.(Celebrity death that never happened.)Ricky Tomlinson(U.K Actor.) is now alive even though he died a few years ago.
367.(Painting change.)Mona Lisa appears to be smiling even more now than before.
368.(Energy Bar name change.)Cliff Energy BaClif Energy Bar
369.(Internet Tool name change.)Piccasa Web Albums/Picasa Web Albums
369.(Pickle name change.)Vlassic/Vlasic
370.(Geography change.)The Island of Malta is one lone island./The Island of Malta shares water with another distinct island known as the Island of Gozo.
371.(Song Lyric change.)Michael Jackson's Billie Jean "The child is not my son."/The kid is not my son."
372.(Song Lyric change.)Phil Collins's In the Air Tonight "Hold on."/"Oh no."/"Oh lord."
373.(Store Logo change.)Staples has normal white text./The Staples L is shaped to look like a staple.
374.(Beer name change.)St. Paulie Girl/St. Pauli Girl
375.(Car Logo change.) Buick logo colors are different Blue White Red/Red White Blue
376.(Mascot History change.) Mr. Clean is slowly losing all evidence of him being a genie.
377.(Mascot appearance change.) Brawny Man no longer has a beard or axe.
378.(Cereal name change.)Coco Puffs/Cocoa Puffs
379.(Pill name change.)Alieve/Aleve
380.(Bandage name change.)Curaid/Curad
381.(Candy Bar name change.)Hershey BaHersheys BaHershey's Bar
(The article links say Hersheys, but in the actual article, it says Hershey's and nothing on Hershey.)
382.(Toilet Paper name change.)Scott's/Scott
383.(Hardware Company name change.)Cool MasteCooler Master
384.(Celebrity Actor name change.)Gene WildleGene Wilder
385.(T.V Show name change.)It's Gary Shandling's Show/It's Garry Shandling's Show
(Already said it was Gary Shandling.)
386.(Bandage name change.)Bandaid/Band-Aid
(The article links say Bandaid, but the actual paper say Band-Aid.)
387.(Beer name change.)Jim Bean/Jim Beam
(It says Jim Bean on the links, but the actual papers Jim Beam.)
388.(Condiment name change.)Nutrella/Nutella
389.(Famous Magician name change.)Henry Houdini/Harry Houdini
390.(Famous Author name change.)Dr. Suess/Dr. Seuss
391.(Spelling change.)Occurence/Occurrence
392.(Spelling change.)Yesturday/Yesterday
393.(Company name change.)Osborne Book Co/Usborne Book Co
394.(Movie Title name change.)Suddenly 30/13 Going On 30
395.(Fictional Character name change.)Snuffaluffagus/Mr. Snuffleupagus
396.(Movie Quote change.)"It's lunch time."/"It's breakfast time."(The Hills Have Eyes.)
397.(Protein drink name change.)Up'n'Go/Up & Go
398.(Soap name change.)Murphy's Oil/Murphy Oil
399.(Book Title change.)The Portrait of Dorian Gray/The Picture of Dorian Gray
400.(Movie Title change.)The Picture of Dorian Gray/The Sins of Dorian Gray
401.(Geography change.)Alaska is no longer connected to the U.S.
402.(Ending change.)Lost ends with everyone being fine and getting off the island./ Different people survive and others who originally survived die.
403.(Celebrity death before actual one.)Bob Marley alive after reported death.
404.(Different causes of death.)Bob Marley killed by firearm./Bob Marley overdoses./Bob Marley dies of skin cancer.
405.(Anatomy change.)Wrist Pulse check is in middle./Wrist Pulse check is in the inside.
406.(Historical change.)All the new photos of Abraham Lincoln that have now recently popped up(Search for yourself.)
407.(Celebrity appearance change.)Marilyn Monroe's famous mole has changed location.
408.(Word definition change.)Opaque meaning changes to meaning not see through from what it was before.
409.(Video game change.)2 or 3 magic meter upgrades in A Link To The Past./1 magic meter upgrade in A Link To The Past.
410.(Movie Artwork change.)The Scream dark sky./The Scream orange sky.
411.(Disney Park change.)Entering the Magic Kingdom through the castle, and the castle was closer to the end of Main Street.
412.(Disney Park change.)Taking a monorail from the Orlando Airport to Disney World, it's now a train and it doesn't take you to Disney World.
413.(Disney Park change.)A separate theme park in Orlando that itself is smaller that Walt Disney World and is not Universal Studios.
414.(Space change.)Mars has no moons./Mars has 2 moons.
415.(Political Figure name change.)Condoleeza Rice/Condoleezza Rice
416.(Plant Species name change.)LavendaLavender
417.(Movie Ending change.)The ending of Rosemary's Baby shows Satan's eyes flash over the screen when it used to show a demonic baby.
418.(Pronunciation change.)"Welcome to Earf."/"Welcome to Earth."(Independence Day)
419.(Added, altered, or missing characters.)A mysterious fifth character in The Young Ones.
420.(Disney Park change.)A monorail at Disney World not all remember, but it's always been there.
421.(Cleaning Product name change.)Dettox/Dettol
422.(War Criminal name change.)Adolph HitleAdolf Hitler
423.(War Criminal name change.)Josef Stalin/Joseph Stalin
424.(Famous Person appearance change.)Hitler's mustache being much smaller than it is today.
425.(Phantom item.)McDogs still being sold today in one timeline, not being around for a while in another, and not existing in another.
426.(Geography change.)Sandy Island being on numerous maps, websites, etc despite not even existing when people actually went to the area it supposedly was at.
427.(Cereal name change.)Coco Krispies/Cocoa Krispies(Take a look at the previous mention of it being Crispies as well.)
428.(Apparel Brand name change.)Osh Gosh B'gosh/Osh Kosh B'gosh
429.(Logo change.)Yves Saint Lauren logo being different than today with letters going from up to down and not words going left to right.
430.(Logo change.)Compaq logo being different than today with a different looking q.
431.(Logo change.)The vo5 logo being different than today with a different sized o5 and no red over the v.
432.(Logo change.)T.J. Maxx logo being different than today with the last x being in line with the other letters.
433.(Painting change.) 1350 painting of humanoid in aircraft now looking behind himself instead of forward.
434.(Board Game change.)Monopoly's Ventura Ave/Ventnor Ave
435.(Movie Quote change.)"You dirty rat!"/"You dirty yellow bellied rat!"
(Not exactly referencing the film, but the articles seem to name it that phrase if it means anything.)
436.(Chocolate Milk name change.)Yoohoo/Yoo-Hoo
437.(Medicine name change.)Immodium/Imodium
Add-On: Crispy Creme as well as the others on here I can't find.
Add-On: Cup 'O' Noodles as well as the others on here I can't find.
438.(Character Appearance change.)Mickey Mouse no longer seems to have shoulder straps.
439.(I can't think of a name.)Daylight Savings Time/Daylight Saving Time
440.(Actor name change.)Lyle WagoneLyle Waggoner
Add-On: Steven Segel as well as the others on here I can't find.
441.(Laundry Detergent name change.)Tide Clean And CleaClear And Gentle
442.(Animal change.)Cats now have a rough ridge around the ears.
443.(Geography change.)Kazakhstan is much bigger now than before.
444.(Painting change.)American Gothic woman is no longer looking straight, but instead right. She is also claimed to have had wrinkles and was the farmer's wife, not daughter.
445.(Fictional Character name change.)Cousin It/Cousin Itt
446.(Dessert name change.)Joey Louis/Joe Louis/Jos Louis
(Nothing on Joey Louie.)
447.(Famous Area name change.)Bridge Over The River Kwai/Bridge On The River Kwai
448.(Board Game name change.)Candyland/Candy Land
449.(Game Company name change.)Bethseda/Bethesda
450.(Actress name change.)Shannon Doherty/Shannen Doherty
451.(Musician name change.)Desi Arnez/Desi Arnaz
452.(Musician name change.)Meatloaf/Meat Loaf
453.(Shampoo name change.)Nivea used to have a hyphen which is no longer there.
454.(Anatomy change.)There may have not been a brain stem in your memory.
455.(Candy Bar name change.)Babe Ruth/Baby Ruth
456.(Candy Bar name change.)Jaw Breakers/Jaw Busters
457.(Gum name change.)Fruit Stripes/Fruit Stripe
458.(Cigarette name change.)Marboro/Marlboro
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2016.04.17 14:45 ThunderSnooze As Requested: The "Pipe Bomb" as someone getting their prostate examined.

Doctor, while you sit there, hopefully as uncomfortable as you possibly can be with your finger in my ass, I want you to listen to me. I want you to digest this because before I leave in 3 minutes with a sore anus, I have a lot of things I want to get off my chest.
I don’t hate you, Doc. I don’t even dislike you. I do like you. I like you a hell of a lot more than I like most people who finger my butt.
I hate this idea that you’re the best prostate examiner. Because you’re not. I’m the best. I’m the best in the world. There’s one thing you’re better at than I am and that’s fingering Dr McMahon’s ass.
You’re as good as fingering Dr McMahon’s ass as Dr Hogan was. I don’t know if you’re as good as Dr Dwayne though. He’s a pretty good ass fingerer. Always was and still is.
Whoops! I’m breaking the fourth anal cavatie!
Punk waves to the Nurse
I am the best ass fingerer in the world.
I’ve been the best since 2 minutes ago when I walked into this examination room. And I’ve been vilified and hated since that minute because Dr Heyman from fecal studies saw something in me that nobody else wanted to admit. That’s right, I’m a Dr Heyman guy. You know who else was a Dr Heyman guy? Poop Lesnar. And he sharted just like I’m sharting. But the biggest difference between me and Poop is I’m going to leave with the sorer anus.
I’ve grabbed so many of Dr Vincent K. McMahon’s imaginary brass butt plugs that it’s finally dawned on me that they're just that, they’re completely imaginary. The only thing that’s real is me and the fact that day in and day out, for almost six years, I have proved to everybody in the world that I am the best on this examination table, in that anal canal, even in urology! Nobody can touch me!
And yet no matter how many times I prove it, I’m not on your lovely little semen collector cups. I’m not on the cover of the hospital magazine. I’m barely promoted. I don't get to be a sperm donor. I’m certainly not on any crappy show on the hospital radio. I’m not on the poster of Breast Cancer Awareness. I’m not on the signature that’s at the bottom of this prescription. I’m not on Dr Phil. I’m not on Dr Dave. But the fact of the matter is, I should be.
This isn’t sour grapes. But the fact that you get to finger my ass and I don't makes me sick!
Oh hey, let me get something straight. Those of you who are cheering me from the waiting room, you are just as big a part of me leaving as anything else. Because you’re the ones who are sipping on those sperm cups right now. You’re the ones that buy those hospital magazines that my face isn’t on the cover of. And then at five in the morning outside the Urology Department, you try to shove it in my face and get an autograph and try to sell it on eBay because you’re too lazy to go get a real job.
I’m leaving with a sore ass in a few minutes. And hell, who knows, maybe I’ll go defend it in the Hospital down the street. Maybe…I’ll go back to fisting myself in the butt.
[Punk looks at the nurse and waves]
Hey, Butt Cabana, how you doing?
The reason I’m leaving is you Doc. Because after I’m gone, you’re still going to pour lube into people's asses. I’m just a spoke on the dildo. The dildo is going to keep pumping and I understand that. Dr McMahon is going to make prostates healthy despite himself. He’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire. You know why he’s not a billionaire? Because he surrounds himself with rubber-handed, KY Jelly using, douchebag (censored) butt men, like Dr Laurinaitis, who’s going to finger everything he wants to have fingered, and I’d like to think that maybe this hospital will better after Dr McMahon is dead. But the fact is, it’s going to be taken over by his anus fisting daughter and his butt obsessed son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family.
Let me tell you a personal story about Dr McMahon alright. We do this whole butt plug campaign...
[Microphone cuts off]
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2016.02.21 19:00 Sweepstakes_Bot Contests Ending This Week Week of February 21, 2016

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Bleep bloop. I am a generated post. Please contact my creator if you have any questions.
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2015.10.04 17:22 kaaaatef I graduated! Induced at 39 weeks, birth story!

When I was pregnant, I read these birth stories ALL the time and they really helped me envision what I might experience. I always appreciated everyone who took the time to write it out, and now it's my turn! My son, Jack, was born on September 25, which is one week and two days ago, which is the fastest 9 days of my entire life.
So, my whole pregnancy, Jack was measuring ahead of schedule and I was always told that he could be a 10 lb baby or more and that I might have to get a C section. At my 38 week appointment, the doctor told me she was going to make an appointment for me the next week to be induced so my chances at delivering vaginally would be higher. Week 39 came, I was only 1 cm dilated, and the hospital was full (all those Christmas babies!) so I was waiting every day that week for a call from the hospital to come in. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all came and went and my SO and I were becoming super impatient. Thursday afternoon I had basically given up after receiving a call that morning from the hospital saying they were still full. I was watching Dr Phil, hadn't washed my hair since Sunday, had just eaten the weirdest combination of foods ever (coffee, two and a half oranges, and a freezer burrito....whatever) when my phone rang and the nurse told me to come to the hospital right NOW. I completely freaked, had to call my SO home from work, rushed to shower and finish up all our loose ends.
Once we got to the hospital and I was admitted, after doing paperwork and questions and all that hospital mumbo jumbo, the first step of my actual induction was getting the foley bulb catheter. I had read SO much about this, and I was terrified. Everything I read said how excruciating and unpleasant it was. Well, if it gives anyone hope, it didn't hurt...at all. The doctor said it would take around 12 hours and it would fall out fine on its own. So basically my job for the evening was to chill. Well, 4 hours later, I really needed to go #2. I was kind of putting it off, since I had that bulb inside of me and it made going to the bathroom awkward. Well, once I sat down and went, the bulb fell right out into the toilet! I freaked out a little since it was so soon, but it was fine. The nurses kept calling me an overachiever. I was convinced this meant that Jack was going to come really soon. At 11, they started me on pitocin. They also gave me ambien so I would be able to sleep through the night and have some energy the next day. I slept decently through the night, woke up at least every hour to shift or have the nurse adjust the monitors on my belly.
At 7am, the doctor came in to check me. I was 5cm dilated. She broke my water...which feels like huge gushes of warm water just...shooting out. Honestly, my water broke for about 4 hours. I had a LOT of fluid. Once they realized that, they were like "oh....maybe your baby isn't so big after all". Great to know! I got the epidural around 11am that day. I agonized a lot over when to get it, I really wasn't sure how long to wait or when I "should" do it or not. All the nurses told me basically that I would know and that they'd tell me if they thought it was too soon. So that's when I did it. It didn't hurt, I don't even really remember how it felt. It was uncomfortable to hunch over the side of the bed, but that's mostly because I was 9 months pregnant. After the epidural, my day was just long. There was discomfort when I laid on my side, so I spent most of the day sitting up on my bottom. There was a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on, so my poor SO was subjected to that all day. There was minimal pain or pressure, and I had a catheter in, so I didn't get up or do anything besides wait.
Finally, at 8pm (yeah! It took THAT long) shit started to get real. Even with the epidural, I was NOT feeling okay. My SO had left to get food, and when he came back he knew something had changed. The nurse had me on my left side, and it HURT. I was pissed about it. I wanted to lay on my back, but she wouldn't let me. Apparently, you labor better on your side. She was totally right, as it turns out, but at the time, I didn't care. She was my enemy. There was soooo much pressure downstairs. Truly, the feeling was poop. I felt like I was going to poop myself. But not like a little "I could poop" feeling, it was like an explosive, projectile poop feeling and I kept being told not to push and to just let my body do what it had to. I was horrified I was going to expel shit all over room, and it HURT. The pressure was enormous. Over the course of the 8 o'clock hour, I was checked several times, and I was dilating fast. I had been 5cm since 7am, and now I was at 8. My SO left the room for a brief moment to update his family downstairs, and I was having a normal conversation with my friend between contractions, when all of a sudden, mid sentence, I stopped, gripped the bed railings, and told her to go get the nurse NOW. I just knew it was time. It felt like an actual bowling ball was pressing on my butthole. The nurse ran in, checked me, I was 10 cm, it was time to go.
At this point, my right leg was totally numb, as in I had zero control over it. So my awesome nurse was on that side, helping me hold it up as I began pushing. My SO helped on the other side. As it turns out, pushing doesn't come as naturally as I expected. I was doing it, but I didn't feel like I was doing anything, and it took a few tries to get the hang of it. So don't be alarmed to feel useless at first. But also keep in mind that once you get to pushing, the feeling is super relieving. Again, I had an epidural, so I'm not sure how it feels without one, but once I got past that hour of feeling like my butt was going to explode, when I was finally able to push, it was amazing to work on relieving that horrible pressure. The whole beginning of this hour (I started pushing at 9), the doctor and nurse were pretty discouraged. The doctor said it looked like it might still be a C section. Several times when I pushed, I could see him and the nurse exchanging looks - like, "this isn't happening". He said there was no room for a baby to come out of me, then asked if he could do an episiotomy. Did I want one? Um, no. But my only birth plan was to go with the flow and get the baby out healthy. So I told him yes. Honestly, the sound of that...scarring. My SO can't even talk about it without shuddering. Anyway, kept on pushing. No progress. Pushing. Nothing. Pushing. THEN...bam! He was out! He literally skipped all the birth canal, crowning, blah blah blah and just shot out of me. Of course, because of this (and the episiotomy) I got a 4th degree tear.
No matter what, once your baby is on your chest, nothing else matters. I'd read that a hundred times by the time I was in the hospital and you won't realize how true it is until you're finally looking down at your baby. I felt such an intense euphoric sense of accomplishment - I had made him, carried him, then I pushed him out! I did it! He was so beautiful, only cried for a few seconds then sat on my chest staring at me. It is instant love and truly indescribable. The doctor spent the next HOUR stitching me, but honestly, all I really remember is my baby. After all the fuss about size, he was 8 lb 11 oz and 21.5 inches long. He has a head full of hair and the longest fingers and legs.
Sorry for the long post! Just so excited for it to be my turn :). Good luck to all of you still waiting! It's so worth it!
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2013.07.06 09:42 veggie_girl The lesser talked about issue of Vagina size.


What I want to talk about is genital length, and why its important.

I scratched the surface of this in another post on theredpill but figured it was worth some more discussion with the redpill women. Please note I am not going to discuss width (diameter), because even the smallest adult vagina is capable of expanding to fit virtually the largest of penis' as far as girth is concerned, and it can be contracted via kegels to be tight around a small penis.
I know genital size isn't something that many people think of when talking about a successful relationship, but sex is one of the most important components of maintaining a relationship and that goes for both genders. And a successful sexual relationship means good sex where all parties are satisfied and happy with the sex. Here's what the media says about the importance of sex in a relationship:
sexless marriage is a hopeless cause. For Emma N., it’s simple: being sexual is just part of her definition of a relationship. Celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw agrees, saying the loss of desire often has severe consequences for a marriage.
For one man in France, those consequences were financial. He was ordered to pay $13,300 to his ex-wife after he withheld sex for years. That’s an unusual case, but it certainly demonstrates that a lack of intimacy can be emotionally damaging.
There's probably plenty of better sources for this but: --- A stable romantic relationship needs a solid foundation of good hearty sex for the relationship to succeed and both parties to find happiness in it. Let's look at the size component of sex.
There was a good scientific study done measuring vagina sizes here: http://humrep.oxfordjournals.org/content/21/6/1618.full
It turns out that the human vagina varies in size from person to person just as much as the penis does. And it isn't always related to height, it can be totally random, just like penis size.
  • On average the human vagina is 2.47 inches (62.77mm) long. During arousal the vagina increases in length approximately 2" to 4 inches, making the average aroused vagina length ~5.47 inches.
  • Vagina lengths vary from 1.61" to 3.74 inches (40.8mm to 95mm)
  • Add arousal expansion to the above lengths and you get 3.61" to 8.74" inches long during arousal (117.1mm to 222mm)

What does this mean? It means that the average human penis (5.45 inches) is the exact perfect size for the average vagina.

But are you average or are you deepeshorter? And is your man longer or shorter than your depth?
I have been told first hand that when a man is incapable of fully inserting his penis, he receives less pleasure during sex. This has been verified by posters on /bigdickproblems and is a legitimate concern for many of the guys who are largely endowed.
Now just imagine if that man has a longer penis ranging above 7" to 10 inches, and your vagina is on the shallower end being only 3.61 inches in depth once aroused. This means that he will not ever be able to fully insert it because it will be stopped at your cervix and result in pain for both of you if he pushes against the cervix with much force. If your depth is insufficient for his length he will not ever be able to feel the pleasure of fully inserting himself into you, and if he has experienced that in the past he will likely know what he is missing out on sexually.
The conclusion is that penis length and vagina depth are two variables worth considering in a sexual relationship. I think we all know the pedestal that many people place a giant penis on, but as a woman it may be a good idea to measure yourself while aroused and realize that a man's pleasure will be limited if his penis is too long to fit into you. This is a case where bigger is not always better. For myself and just about all other humans sex is not entirely physical, there are psychological elements to it. For me one of those psychological elements is knowing that my man is enjoying it. So if you're a small-vagina gal that still leaves you with a few options when your otherwise perfect man has a penis that is just too long for your vagina.
  • There is always oral/anal if the guy is too long to fully fit into the vagina but that may require some uncomfortable distension... (see deep throating, etc)
  • Finding additional ways to please him may be something to look into. Creativeness, kink, etc. Sex is psychological for men as well and you may be able to rock his world that way.
  • Finding a man with a more compatible penis size.
  • Finding a largely-endowed man who is sexually inexperienced. Then he will never have felt any other vaginas to compare it to.
Just keep in mind that if length/depth is an issue in your sexual relationship that the man is very unlikely to bring it up as a problem/complaint, even if it bothers him. (come on, would we bring up a problem with his penis size? that would be a tough conversation to start) But if he is long-endowed and he does bring it up, take it very seriously because he is probably not being satisfied from the sex.
The reverse also implies. If you have a deep vagina and the guy is too short to satisfy, don't be afraid to speak up and try to work it out, or find a guy that is more compatible with your anatomy vs. being frustrated for the duration of the relationship. (if the guy is too short, sending him to this post might be the best way to let him know.. there are gals with short vaginas out there who would be better for him, same goes if the guy is so big that its painful... there are big vaginas out there)
TL;DR - As women we can be perfectly satisfied with taking half the length of a penis if that is all that will fit. A man however will not likely be satisfied with never being fully able to insert all of his manhood. Also, having the cervix banged against = painful.
Bonus: Why does the cervix hurt so much if its pounded during sex? And is it possible to go passed the cervix? Why is it dangerous to have it pounded too much?
First off the cervix is at the end of the vaginal canal and is the gateway to the uterus [sorta NSFWish image link]. The cervical opening is known as the OS and it is very small being less than 2mm in diameter at all times; during a period it is at its largest (which is still under 2mm). A penis cannot fit into the cervix nor push past it, nor would it be safe as the uterus beyond is a normally ~sterile environment. The exterior of the cervix that connects to the vagina is made of hard tissue called the ectocervix and it does not stretch except for during childbirth or during a medical procedure to dilate the cervix. The ectocervix connects to the OS opening via a cell group called the Squamous Junction (AKA transformation zone). This junction is what is sensitive to pain and susceptible to bruising if it is hit with enough force. If enough bruising happens the resulting swelling can lead to infection due to mucus and other material being trapped within the OS.
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